Biden's Power of Executive Order

I saw this morning that Biden is going to sign a Presidential Executive Order taking another step on controling firearms.
Check your Tv news for details or search online.
Gets me how one elderly man thinks he can order his free citizens around like this.
I’ve heard this expression somewhere before, TYRANT.


My coffee mug


Guess who’s not tuning in?
The local gunrunner


This delirious, old madman needs to be taken away in a straight-jacket to a mental institute, and RETIRED. WE NEED REAL LEADERSHIP IN THIS COUNTRY. :angry:


I think politicians lead in the way they think people will follow if we could convince people to follow us. I think the politicians would lead in that direction.


There are SO MANY HARDCORE ANTI-2A Politicians EMBEDDED in Resident Joke Bite Me’s Deministration that STRONGLY support his AGENDA and all these gun-control laws being CRAMMED down on law-abiding citizens is NOT going to change the violence that criminals are committing as long as they’re running around loose.


I know it is a scary thought to many people. Until we can get them(anti gun) to calm down and look at it rationally nothing will change. We have to calm down and look at it rationally to be able to calm them down. I hope we can do that. If we can convince anti gun to be anti criminal gun violence the anti gun politicians will not get elected.
That way we will have more people fighting criminal gun violence.


Nice mug, it looks like it would fit my cup of coffee in it, maybe a bit more. How many ounces is it?

[edit] Mine is 18 ounces.


Calm them down?
Won’t happen.
We’re at war with them.
The earlier we realize that, the better we fight.


We are at war with the criminally violent. They( anti gun)are our opponents or competitors. With out them we would have no competition. If we want to win we have to change their hearts. They think we are the enemy. If we stay calm we can see this and work together to stop criminal violence.


This will clearly be struck down by the courts. No president can EO away a Constitutional Right. By the Way, Executive Orders ONLY apply to those employed by the Executive Branch of the government. Thus, presidents cannot legally/constitutionally enact legislation through Executive Order. So the president cannot tell private gun store owners (who are legally licensed too) how to market their products. Sure he can have an agency look into how products are marketed, but they cannot force retailers into marketing one way or another, unless, as j0e claims, FFLs are marketing firearms to minors. I’m pretty sure this is NOT happening. And yes, it will take a long time, but the courts WILL strike this down.


That is correct. Commies/socialists are correct that we are the enemy.
There’s no point in winning them over.

Newsom, Schumer, Pelosi, Bloomberg, etc. don’t want to have anything to do with us.


No worries. I just read an article that implied Brandon’s recent trip to CA was really about getting Newsom ready to take over as POTUS. He’s on his second term as governor and if he doesn’t run for POTUS in 2024, they fear he’ll be irrelevant and forgotten by 2028. …or he’ll at least have run out of hair gel by 2028. :rofl:


I guess they would be the enemy if they we intentionally getting between between us and violent criminals with guns. I don’t think they would do that. Only politically and that to me is called opponent or competitor.

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And, I personally know too many cops that WILL NOT go door to door the confiscate guns. So even if, at the outside chance that (Joe’s Gotta Go!) gets anything done, it won’t be upheld and enacted by the police. And there’s too many States that won’t enact it either.


Of course. Many county Sheriffs and Police Chiefs are (REALLY) Pro-2A. As we have seen, when state, county, and local law enforcement declines to enforce unconstitutional legislation, there is true Justice.

Of those police agencies that will not actively speak out against unconstitutional legislation, most if not all will not go door to door, because that means someone has to stack-up and go through the “fatal funnel.” No Sheriff or Chief wants injured or dead deputies or officers, especially these days when recruiting and keeping good people is so tough. So they will just keep quiet and not actively enforce the bad legislation, or make a couple of token arrests, as politicians never follow-up on the effectiveness of their legislation. If they did, there wouldn’t be 21,000+ gun laws on the books nationwide.


Or Gang Banger or criminal…


Your sentiments do you justice but the fact is THEY are the enemy. They are evil and wish to control us. Their utopian dream has failed everywhere it has been implemented. They will not listen to reason. I always think of the scene in War of the Worlds where the priest calmly approaches the aliens with soothing words of peace only to be vaporized for his efforts. Sorry, as much as I might respect your level-headed approach, it will not be met with success; not with these zealots.


This is it exactly sir. Well said and in my mind the left is very busy trying to one-up each other. It is a spiral of evil, violence and depravity that seemingly has no bottom. As time goes by, we will all see that the left has yet began to finish off our Republic.

If one accepts this as accurate, then they will force everyone to pick a side. The left won’t merely accept acquiesce or silence. They will force enthusiastic compliance and support. Failure to satisfy their demands will result in doxing, protest, intimidation and violence.

We see this already don’t we? Please understand that people will, in the very near future, be forced to make a choice. People of good conscience and/or faith in the Lord will and must decide what side they are on. The left will not much longer accept those who wish to sit on the fence.

Choose wisely and well. Your faith, conscience, soul and freedom, not to mention our Republic, is on the line. It is that serious and carries that much consequence.

And, for God’s sake, do not let them disarm you. It is just about all that stands between freedom and lethal, immoral tyranny.