Biden is at it again


Yeah, I saw this. Yet somehow Trump in a joking term and manner says he will be a dictator for a day to expedite the removal of illegal immigrants is horrific and a threat to our Democracy. But Puddin Pants can talk about using nukes, F-15’s against American Gun Owners that’s just fine.

What’s sad to me is the ideas behind it so bear with me.

America doesn’t do as well, militarily speaking , against insurgencies. Which is what would have to happen if the .Gov ever did become tyrannical. But I would be willing to bet cold hard cash. That there is a plan in some Democratic stronghold that would outline an escalation of force where the .Gov does break out the nukes and the F-15’s to terrorize and over awe Americans.


While the article was well written and informative
the PROBLEM is only Gunner’s (who need no convincing)
will read it.
The Real PROBLEM is the ‘Fabricator-in-Thief’ spouts this garbage and
his Sheeple shout back ‘Four more years!’ (Pause) Scary stuff !
This Pudding pants maniac doesn’t think himself a President, he is acting like a KING!
A Supreme Ruler, A Divine Sovereign !
“How many have heard this phrase, the blood of liberty washes those… gimme a break,” President Biden said. “No, I mean it. Seriously. And by the way, if they want to think they want to take on government if we get out of line, which they’re talking again about, guess what, they need F-15s. They don’t need a rifle.” (from this article)

This talk of an American president openly suggesting that he would use actual instruments of war against citizens of the United States is beyond callous. It is dangerous and must be rebuked. The people are not the president’s subjects. The president is beholden to the people – he serves the people. A threat of war on them by the government is the very reason the Second Amendment exists – to protect the people against a tyrannical government.
(Also from this article)

My question is where is the Line in the Sand?
Where does this Resident Turnip ‘GO TO FAR’?
This just proves my point the entire Political system is in COLLUSION w/ him.
There’s no Justice when you CONVICT a Political RIVAL
and gone are the 'Checks and Balances when you make it up as you go along to
try and DISMANTLE Amendments/Constitution that are UNBREAKABLE
This isn’t the first time he’s THREATENED Citizens, AMERICAN CITIZEN’S w/ Violence!
What you say now doesn’t fly with over 60% of the Population Joey
Better lay off on that Presidential Koolaid my friend
Anger and Dementia is not a winning combo for re-election…oh look! a Squirrel!

Biden Admin Accused of Colluding With Anti-Gun Groups
I guess Cops don’t need Glocks when they have F-15’s :thinking:


This was written when a Republican administration was in control. It is my understanding that the U.S. military has been practicing annual civil unrest war games in various U.S. cities since the early 2000s.

I suspect that both the Republicans and the Democrats are equally afraid of how US citizens will react when everyone finally realizes how well they have worked together to bankrupt our Nation.


Maybe this is their ‘Group think’ these days

But just ask Marie Antionette how that worked for her?


As i understand it the Gub has been chipping away at our gun/freedom since 1935 and longer i think a little bit at a time as not to upset the masses as they says a little won,t hurt that much


Other than Trump, have we really had a true Republican president since Reagan? RINO’s don’t count in my book!


That brings up the thing I really don’t get about all the right wing support for Trump. Before deciding to run for office as a Republican he was anti 2A, pro abortion, pro Obama care and a big Clinton supporter.

While president he didn’t push very hard, if at all, for any laws or executive actions to fix Obama Care or against abortions. He also took significant anti firearm action and threatened to take far more extreme anti 2A actions. He also had his justice department argue against SCOTUS removing suppressors from the NFA. Most importantly he had 2 years of Republican control in the House and senate and didn’t push for any significant pro 2A laws to be passed.

He also added almost $8 trillion to the debt in just 4 years. Granted I am not a fan of the Republicans or the Democrats and not a member of either party so am not best qualified to say what makes a person a true member of either party these days. But all of those actions seem to align very well with the RINO label. Do they not?

Regan was not perfect either, especially when it came to firearms. Yes while President he passed the Firearms Owners Protection Act that returned a few rights to firearm owners but it also made it illegal to own automatic weapons made after 1986. And then after he left the White House he was the prime supporter for the horribly anti 2A Brady Bill. Without his support that bill would have almost certainly not had enough Republican support to pass. He also actively supported banning “assault weapons” which aided Clinton’s efforts to do so. The ban likely would not have passed without his support.

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Also not a member of any party, I give odd looks when I see RINO being used.

I have come to interpret RINO as any Republican who does says anything negative about Trump. However, Trump does not do things the Republican way. Trump only does things in ways that benefit himself. Technically, I would interpret that as Republican in name only.


Well, I’m not a big Trump fan, I thought he was a good President, for the most part. I’m going to vote for Trump in 2024 for 2 reasons. 1) I don’t think we can survive 4 more years of Democratic rule, and yes I do call it being ruled. 2) as a huge f*ck you to the Democrats. I’m a strict Constitutional Libertarian, if a power is not delegated to the Federal Government, specifically, them the .Gov has no business with it.

What I mean when I use the term Rino. It’s the same UniParty Representative’s and Senators who join with the Democratic Party and pass more big .Gov spending in the name of “National Security” or for the “Good of the People” when what that actually does is put us deeper into debt to our foes and actually makes us less able to respond.

Take the House Minority leader getting the House Majority to bring a Democratic spending bill andsend it to be signed into law or that same leader bragging about how the Democrats are actually governing because the Republicans are hopelessly fractured.

The part of the Republican Party that seems to be fine with driving us into debt and more. That’s a Rino.

Republicans are supposed to be the party of less .Gov and the party of Fiscal responsibility.



Shamrock :shamrock: president trump. Had all the republicans .!! Linz’s gram. Telling trump to go back to hell. The republicans would not support president trump. And no one would help . President trump. To move any thing THROU. Congress. Or the house!! And his own people TRYED to bring him DOWN!! So he had to use his pin. !! And bitme !! Has destroyed everything because of the republicans!!! And Reagan. Sold more coke. From poblano. Esgabar.!! To. Get the money . To buy . Weapons to get out. 54. People back. From Iran. So Rängen. Bought a sold more drugs. !! To get our citizens back. And . Under Reagan L.A. watts had more coke. Crack. In the history of the USA. . To destroy the black community. Iran Contra. And Billy Clinton . Put . In to law. 3 .STRIKES. And you’re out. And America. Filled. The prisons. With the poor black population. . And bush seenyor. CIA Director. Had . Ole. North!! Sell the drugs to . FREE WAY RICKY. And you can watch the DOCUMENTARY OF how the government . Under president Reagen. Used . Tons of coke. To pay for our citizens back. . Barry. Mills. Was the tea pilot who brought all the coke in to the USA. That made. Miami Florida. And. This was the worst thing to ever happen to the black community. In our country. Ever. Reagen got back our citizens. With drugs . And . That 54. Prisoners. Cost more black communities. Then. Even slavery. During the civil war. Ronny. Was . The worst enemy to the . Black civilians. Then anyone in the history of this country only second to Billy Clayton . With 3. Strikes your out. Life in prison for . 3. Convictions for crack coke. And . 54, citizens . Was definitely not worth that. And at the end of the day they killed loblolly esgabar. But president REAGEN. Bought more coke. Then any. . Person . In the history of this country. And the black man paid for it to this very day. I con not see my iPhone screen . And I voted for REAGEN. . Iran. Contra. Guns for dope. For the . Poorest people in America. And the prisons are still . Holding. Young Americans because of the grate . Actor . Ronny REAGEN. And this is not a secret. Seriously. Sad. I watched the hearing on the news. And I . Believe if the republicans would have helped President trump. Every thing he signed would have been law and his . Executive orders would have been law . The republicans did nothing to help President TRUMP. They played him. So we have now. We are all about to lose our . COUNTRY. Because of dicktators. Have a waffle :waffle:

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Don102 sir they only found hunter guilty to com after our second amendment. Because he was on drugs. He was innocent because he was F.ED. UP.!!! And the devil made him do it !! I believe they are going to sentence president trump to prison for the rest of his life. AND . HELL YES WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE WORST WAR . That the dimwits . NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. !! And before they can finish their first dance. . Our country will be going to hell. Our country is a timber box. And everyone is . SO ANGRY . Or scared. They . FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Or. Worst. Just stand there. And. Have root beer :beer: and waffles :waffle: . I will take mine to go. . Stupid is not. Going to. LORD OVER ME. I . And an American . :us: warrior. This is going to. REALLY SUCK. None the LESS. It’s . Definitely going to . SUCK. Stay sharp. Woohoo. :feather::feather::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::100::cn::cn::cn:

It is not just the African American community that is still paying the price for our nation’s illicit dealings in Central America and the Middle East. The ripple effects of all those short sighted actions are impacting all of us every day.

The leaders of this country have a long history of creating huge long term problems for large segments of the population almost every time they try to make some short term gains for a small select group of people.

It’s going to take a lot of root beer and waffles to solve these decades worth of compounding problems!


I still can’t fathom a powerful country like our
with Patriotic Citizens like us
are held HOSTAGE by a .gov of a few THOUSAND corrupt, Evil soulless Satanists…?

It boggles the mind that we kicked an ENTIRE COUNTRIES ASS! and sent them reeling
back to their country bloody and broken, some of the most storied Generals defeated and disgraced during the Revolution and we still depend one one (78) year old man
to save the day in November?

I am not sure of this but when a President of the United States THREATENS it’s own Citizens w/ Military Violence and Force this is phuckin’ TREASON!



Politicians often make veiled or implied threats. The problem with Biden is that he is too demented to remember how to properly use the veil. Biden is now just a pathetic puppet whose handlers are subjecting to elder abuse on a daily basis.

The bombastic threats of violence are less concerning to me than the active police state level surveillance, propaganda and censorship that have been going on for decades. It is usually very hard to get away with violence if you haven’t first identified and disadvantaged your targets by other means. And if you do that properly you can either achieve your goals without having to resort to violence or manipulate others into doing the violence for you.

There is nothing the kleptocrats and their big money manipulators would benefit from more right now than an armed uprising. It would give them the excuse they need to act on all of their wildest authoritarian fantasies.


Right Shamrock, You keep believing that Sir.
(Psssssst! He is still the Commander-in-Thief Brother)
He may not be liked by the whole country but enough brainwashed sheeple
listen to every word he say’s. He makes a verbal gaffe, blatant gaffe that
most say WTF? and the idiot drones shout "4 more years!‘’
I really don’t know what’s going to happen, I really don’t.
If he steals the title (again) We Lose
If HE Loses, WE LOSE!
He may be a sh** load of sandwiches short of a Picnic but he (or his handlers-
are still VERY DANGEROUS!)
To take that lightly is to your Peril.
I’ve lived a pretty good life, Up’s and down’s like everybody else
But I’ve gained serious experience fighting EVIL. ONE MORE FIGHT
Just one more, and I don’t mind calling it a day. I’m Tired of this Horse sh**.
But if that happens, We better do it right, completely, Final. Clean house(s)
Clear them all out and start over fresh. None of this 1/2 measure crap we’ve been doing.
Evil is in the house.
And you can bank on this that they won’t simply hand over the keys to 666 Pennsylvania Ave
with a smile and a Box of Chocolates.

His ‘IMPLIED’ threats are DANGEROUS to this REPUBLIC!
As a President he should be ousted just for doing that! HE WORKS FOR US!
He is NOT a KING and we his ‘subjects’. He’s been drinking his own Kool-aid too long.
He may be the biggest failure holding that Office (and THAT is saying something)
but there’s POWER behind it as they use to say in the Civil War.

God Bless America, Pass the AMMUNITION!


Don102. I . SPEAK FOR MY SELF. . BITME. Has . Brought so many . Enemies of this country. Straight to our. Towns. And American,Citizens. Are being killed . Car jacked . And home. Invasion. To rape on the streets in broad daylight!! I. Am very sad. That we have done nothing to. Stop :stop_sign: this. That being said . Sir . Yes the government will have to. Kill. ME!! Before. I . Drink . There KOOLADE. No I . Haven’t . And F. NO. I . WILL. NOT. Sir. THIS MAY NOT SOUND. POLITICAL RIGHT. FU….,CK. … GOVERNMENT.!! GOD. HELP US. ALL. . AND BROTHER. The funniest thing is I. WAS NOT. WORTH. F…CKEN. With!! It’s going to hurt. Love two. Feathers. :feather::feather::eagle::100::100::100::cn::cn::cn::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::dagger::latin_cross:


Just be careful who you choose to fight for and against with your one more fight.

The people behind the scenes profiting from this crap show could care less who is in charge and which side they are on. They just keep manipulating things behind the scenes and hoovering up the wealth no matter who is out front running the show. And the rest of us just keep getting robed blind either way.

It isn’t so hard to work people up to go after a perceived evil. The problem is that more often than not it is the folks wipping up the masses against a perceived evil that turn out to be the real threat in the end.

At least that is what I have noticed from studying and watching history unfold.


Just be ready Brother.
Keep it real but contained.
If…the lid blows off Protect your own.



It’s the threat of a tyrant.