Stay Dangerous Patriots!

And, if you’re wondering if there is a point lurking in all this, at the dawn of 2024, I continue to believe that a healthy distrust of government is essential for all of us privileged to live in a free state!

We modern American Operators and other denizens of Western Civilization need to stay skeptical and, most of all, stay capable!

That folk’s means STAY ARMED!
A disarmed populas is a SLAVE Populas
All across this great country Demon-rats are using terms like:


@Don102 Just wait for the start of the 2024 NM state Legislation at the Round House in SF, they will be ready with their Bills and they are coming to hit harder and more vicious than what they did last year. They will be coming for banning every semi auto rifle and semi auto handgun that have detachable magazines with full force, and once again, banning high capacity magazines to no more than 10 rounds, which don’t make sense since they want to ban all semi auto firearms with detachable magazines, what good does it do to even bring up magazines.


Brother, NOTHING THEY DO MAKES SENSE! If you try to figure these Moron’s out you will just give yourself a headache. They do this (Passing frivelous LAWS, ILLEGAL Laws, Non-sensicle Laws because they can!)
If they throw 10,000 Illegal sh**‘s against the wall and only (20) stick!
that’s (20) more our side will have to fight! That’s more erosion of our RIGHTS!
That’s another WIN for the Devil and they will chip away at us until it’s TOTAL DISARMAMENT!
THAT is the end game!
THEN they can do whatever they want with US and we will be unable to defend ourselves
Game over thanks for playin’, Now get onto the cattle cars for a one way trip to the GALLOW’S!

But it will not work Brother.
We’re going to win this thing, Trust me, I know things


Where in New Mexico do you live Ronald?

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@Don102 Rio Rancho, have you checked out Gas- Operated Semi Automatic FireArm Exclusion (GOSAFE) Bill introduced by Sen. Martin Heinrich and Sen. Angus King? I’m surprised he is getting involved, probably to look good with the governor’s Public Health Emergency order. These are big heavy hitters coming in to bat, and they got BIG BATS! :grimacing: You can bet that all of our Democratic NM State Representatives are going to be 100% behind this Bill! :grimacing: :cry: Yikes!!!


I spent a lot of time at Intel Rio Rancho in the in the early 2000’s


I feel they will won’t be able to get the guns but i am more worried they will go after ammunition by way of back ground checks and taxes. Forcing back ground will allow them to keep track of whom and quantity being purchased by individuals


Hello and welcome @Leslie36




RIO RANCHO! Let’s Go Shootin’!!! I mean this!

Don’t sweat the Demon’s ‘GOSAFE’ BS Brother, This is their last gasp!
(our NM Pol’s are just trying to get re-elected, they don’t give a sh** what rights they stomp on)
The Enemies Battle of the Bulge last ditch effort at retaining power is in play.
They already are going to throw out the Puddin’ (I posted articles on this recently)
He is now a liability (never was an asset), The Invasion is being seen as their attempts to
stock up on Illegal voters… When Orange is reinserted back into the WH
we will have a great reset and the criminals will hang. Of this I have no doubt.
I have been babbling about ‘WHEN!’ ‘How much SH** are we going to eat before we say enough?’
Well, the Border was the WHEN, the Uck-raine was the when, .gov over reach is the when!
They tried for the brass ring and missed! They wanted a Socialist/Marxist NIRVANA and we said ‘NYET!’
Push back on ‘Lectric everything, Future ban’s on Gas stoves, Ceiling fans, Water heaters? C’mon folks
we CAN SEE the money going into their pockets for all this! The fact that they were stupid enough to push worthless ‘lectric cars and then not build the infrastructure was their down fall… Just spend another $2500 and install a charging station in your home they said, (2) ‘Lectric cars? INSTALL (2)!
It’ll be GREAT they said! The environment, the CLIMATE CHANGE, the saving the planet! ALL LIES!
OH CLIMATE CHANGE! Don’t get me started! (BIGGEST CON IN HISTORY! Besides the old standard:’ I am from the government and I am here to help you!’)
Then the Peep’s looked at their ‘Lectric bills! Just stoopid! and the fact I regurgitate A LOT
That wonderful ‘Battery replacement’ (that seems to be happening way sooner than ‘THEY’ told people it would. $25,000! EACH! That’s $50K for a (2) car family! Do you have that kind of money to piss away (I don’t) Do you know how many BARRETT’s I could buy w/ $25K. I could be my own LGS! Well, that’s pushin’ it. :rofl:
These people never understood US at all.
We don’t like FIGHTING our own .gov
It’s unnatural
We are ‘suppose’ to feel PROTECTED by/ them (NOT!)
They are looking out for OUR best interests (NOT)
But Soro’s has such a hard-on for Russia (That old time NAZI/Austrian feelings)
and he has such a LUST for power and domination he never expected push back
But our wonderful .gov was sooooooooooo GREEDY, More stealing, More Influence Peddling
Gluttoned and Blotted like a TICK they started Lying to us! (they’ve ALWAYS lied) it was
a fact of life and we accepted this. Like the Mafia always demanded a ‘VIG’ on loan sharking, Alcohol sales , Cigarettes’ etc a part of doing business…right up until COVID, and then their distain for US shown brightly! ‘Useless eater’s, Home grown Terrorists, Extremists.
MANDATORY death vaxx’s, Anti-social distancing, Isolation etc do you know how many AMERICAN’s DIED!
We will never know but there are many empty chairs at the table of our houses since EVIL reared it’s ugly head.
I wasn’t going to say this but I went to my LGS and ordered ‘something’ online to be delivered to them. They were nice about it but they asked why I didn’t just buy from them. The sad part is they are over priced. Even Ammo. We hashed out a deal yesterday and I bought another ‘something’ to add to the online something (really excellent price–and I paid CASH. Even better (know what I mean?) :sneezing_face: :upside_down_face:
They ‘ran’ my ATPF 4473 and as I waited a guy bought a Tisas and with a tiny wait he paid and walked out the door. Another bought an AR and walked… I waited. They finally said you can pick up you’re toy’s Jan 9th…WHAT? Why the delay? It’s just a …?, there is always a delay for me? What gives? I’m NOT a Crim?, I’m not on any watch list (well…) They did some digging. As I waited My confusion and ANGER came out and I started placing my ‘Cred’s’ on their counter. My Level3 Guard card, My Bernalillo Security Court Officer card, My CCW and My Airbase ID! They saw the Airbase ID (I always renew it JIC) and said OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THAT’S WHY! More confused they asked do you have Top Secret Clearance? Yes, but not for a while, I figured it lapsed/expired if not in current use. What do I know?. Not much apparently. THIS .GOV scrutinized MORE if you have TS Clearance! You may ask WHY? I sure did and they said they have NO IDEA. It SHOULD be easier to buy whatever you want, but it’s just a sad fact this is what they do. PHUCKIN’ Stoopid rears it’s ugly head again. I can’t say what I did on base, Like I can’t say some of what I did elsewhere. I have told you all here some of what I have experienced in sand boxes around the globe but to be …penalized for being a good, decent American, Vetted up the A** by every Alphabet except the IRIS’s (and thinking on that maybe I have?) It makes me INCREDIBLY ANGRY right now.
It’s NOT that the .gov is cautious about who buy’s what, that in some cases makes sense. It just that they are so stoopid, Irrational, and don’t know what they are doing now that gets me…perturbed.
They’re rules for thee but not for me is well known But this is my RIGHT! To be able to go into a store and as long as it’s NOT a machine gun (why’s that anyway?) I should be able to buy what I want and bring her home. You have the cash or credit and it should be a sale. Thanks for your business have a great day!.
But it isn’t
And the more we wait
the stronger ‘they’ will get
So, Bring in the ORANGES! (They are healthier for all of us anyway)
Let’s sweep out the WH of the Vermin (SPRING CLEANING ALWAYS is good for the soul)
Exterminate the Diseased
Lord knows I did enough wiping for THEM!

I’m sick of these Criminals.
Today I am insulted, angry and READY
How dare they stomp on me and my RIGHTS after all I’ve done for ‘Them’.

They are the biggest thieves in the World! More, More, More!
There will NEVER be enough for them, until we are gone.

It’s time LION’s!



Already happening here in Commiefornia. They’ve been tracking and background checking for a while now. And in June, there will be a new, additional 11% “sin tax” on weapons and ammunition. Not my words, our dumbass governor gruesome.


Yepper Brother! That’s one of the ironic last straws ! These Crim’s imposing a ‘SIN TAX on US?’
they ARE a SIN! Hey let’s give the ILLEGALS a Voter id card! FREE health care!, Housing (as long as they vote true BLUE! down the Line). And we have AMERICAN’S starving and dying on our streets?
We have AMERICAN’S being booted out of Nursing homes to house these TERRORISTS!
WE have Illegal Alien’s Children disappearing from their parents for these demon’s Next meal and enjoyment! And we should not see this?
WE are so stupid we shouldn’t SEE this with our own eyes?
THIS IS OUR CURRENT .GOV! A Vile bunch of EVIL, Corrupt, Twisted Freaks
who SOLD US OUT to Foreign entities and they are upset with US for US demanding accountability from them.

“BOOP” I think I just made another LIST!

“Let 'em come, Let 'em Come, Let 'em come!” But just wait to knock on my door after Jan 9th! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:as BobbyJean always say’s Bang bang! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You should see it now Brother, the complex is HUGE!
Double it’s size! It expanded Out and UP! Maybe it’s on You Tube by now! Unbelievable.

WELCOME LESLIE Three-SIXX! enjoy your stay! Your input, participation and questions
are always welcome.


@Leslie36 Welcome to the community, and like you say about the ammo, these people will try anything, any possible way, just continuing on attacking our 2A rights.


Unfortunately they are not trying, they are succeeding. We are the ones that are trying! It’s time for a role reversal! SHALL NOT BE PHUCKED WITH :exclamation:

The games are over they were hell bent from the start and good men did nothing! Evil is winning!


Why am I beginning to feel like a passenger on United Flight 93 :question:


It’s not really that hard to figure out. Just look at Texas.
Texas: “We’ll float a barrier of buoys in the Rio Grande”
Fed’s" “We’ll sue!”
Texas: “We’re installing razor wire”
Fed’s: “We’ll cut it”
Texas: “We’ll pass a law making illegal to be an illegal.”
Fed’s: "We’ll sue!
Texas: “We’ll bus them to your neighborhood.”
Mayor: “We’ll sue you racist bastards…”

It’s not even being done behind the scenes, it’s right out in the open.


Muslim City Council Member Rejects Oath of Office During Swearing InA Boston city councilor insisted on a “prayer” instead of reciting her oath of office during her swearing-in ceremony this week.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu led the city councilors as they took their oaths of office in City Hall on Monday, marking their first legislative meeting of the new year.

However, the ceremony brought some controversy after City Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson, a Democrat, appeared to not recite her oath of office with the other councilors, all of whom were seen saying their oaths. Video on social media appeared to show her remaining silent and not raising her right hand during the ceremony. After the ceremony, she was seen celebrating, clapping and hugging her fellow councilors, according to video livestreamed by the council.

Fernandes Anderson said Thursday night on X (formerly Twitter) that she was not reciting the oath because she was “committing a prayer” instead.

AND SO IT CONTINUES. Happy New Year Folks, Stay Frosty, You ain’t seen Nuthin’ yet!

Jus sayin’


I don’t know why she would refuse to take the oath of office. As a mohammedan, her religion says she doesn’t have to honor any oath she takes.


If she didn’t swear her oath of office, she should be denied the seat she was set to claim.