Would the Military Fire on Their Own People?

The question of gun confiscation comes up about who would take your guns and the question of would the military fire on people?

What are your thoughts? I will respond later.

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Some of them would. There are always those who will choose rank and privilege over doing what is right. These are the opportunists, not guided by the Constitution they swore to defend.

Most of them won’t. They would either sit it out or join forces with patriotic, citizen soldiers. These are ordinary people who will do extraordinary things.

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.


IV8888 is obsessing with gun confiscation. Think bigger, like f15s and nukes deployed on cities. Would the order be given? Nah, “cant happen here”.


The history of the human race is, well, speaks for itself on what people are capable of and what armies and soldiers will do to people including their own


I love the optimism and the pessimism, we’re f##ked! :sunglasses:
Look around they’re picking us off one by one, from the top down!
Needs repeating, for evil to triumph, good men do nothing!
If we were good enough, this wouldn’t be happening and we’d be debating 9mm vs 45ACP. You know, the good old days! Glock vs 1911.
Now the serious discussions are about nuclear war, and if our own military will kill us? Evil will triumph!


I dont really believe in nuclear war, cause counterproductive to folks who own warheads. Yet, the memory is still fresh of antibody treatment quota sharply reduced for FL because the Gov was dissing DC.


I didn’t believe in the cartel fentanyl business model, of kill your client, until it happened!
The weaker we get the more likely we are to get hit, bad! They are chomping at the bit to take down the greatest nation on earth. They’re just discussing who’s going to do it first!
We have three options, submit to the Chinese, plead with Russia and give back Britney Griener, or let Brandon burn us down from within! Maybe there’s a fourth option, we all drink the Kool Aid!

FYI, getting EMP’d is getting nuked!


I’m going to be very limited in what I say.

But let’s say I know a guy who’s been out in the field, and he’s told us that the government lies to their military, about why they’re doing what they’re doing….

So it could be a real possibility.


I will be bitterly disillusioned if that ever happens.


We have all seen where someone was reported on the news as a bad guy or a protest under reported as a peaceful protest like the Seattle CHOP ordeal. The way they will make anyone to attack civilians is to make them enemy of the state.
A young girl was protesting guns on the news and said that for someone to be okay with guns is saying it is okay to kill school kids! The gun has achieved the negative side just like a fire, it warms you on a cold night, but they are focused on the fact that the fire destroys houses and buildings. The same can be said about guns. What is the purpose of a gun? To kill, or to defend? If you block out the purpose of the second amendment you are left with no reason to have or, own a gun. For this reason, we all know is why we have the 2nd Amendment. It is easy for me to see that the government would make you evil and of a demented mental state because you are a detriment to the country and a dangerous person.
The true question is will this ever happen?


Yes indeed, roger that brother.

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I pray no, I think maybe yes.

I have to ask myself also has anyone really sat down and thought about what a civil war in this day and time would be like. It’s not going to be two opposing armies, equipped with similar technologies.

The technological superiority of one side would be overwhelming! The best the under equipped side could hope for, would be the Superior equipped side would say to themselves oh hell no! Other than that maybe a long drawn out gorilla action until the superior side loses their will. Kind of like Afghanistan!

Anyway I pray I’m wrong and it never comes to that!


I’m no Pollyanna when it comes to the dangers of standing armies, but I’m really disillusioned by the way the right suddenly hates our military, just because they don’t like the occupant of the White House. I’m so glad I never joined the Republican Party, it saves me the effort of leaving it. I just wish there were one group of people left in this nation who still supported those who wear the uniform.

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Where are you getting this? The Right does not hate the military, it hates what the left is making it. The military is getting desperate because enlistments are drastically down. Most of the enlistments came from the Right.


Remember Tienanmen Square? The CCP had to bring in Mongolian troops to shut it down.
Our current government will bring in UN Peace Keepers rather than rely on our military.

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This. This whole topic. Are Soldiers coming for us? Will they shoot us? Will we have to fight our own Army?

That and the daily dose of disparaging comments about how soft service members are these days, how the military can’t fight because they’re so woke, how the military is just a bunch of fat trans-kids who just want their milk and cookies. And veterans are some of the worse offenders, with constant “back in my day” remarks about how we used to be better than service members are now. (Not all veterans, of course, but God knows I wish veterans groups would do a better job policing up the grumpy old men who trash talk those who are still in uniform.)

That and the non-stop march of Republican commentators lining up to get their 3 minutes on Tucker Carlson to complain about how much the military costs or how no one should let their kids join the military.

I’m just sick of it all.
Don’t take it personal, I probably just need to take a long vacation from the internet.

Hmmm… :thinking:

5th Security Force Assistance Brigade commander suspended (msn.com)

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Every right winger that I know is 100% pro-military. I have seen some disparaging comments about the quality of our current Soldiers. I just retired in 2014, and everyone I knew then had served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan at least once. They were, as a group, a highly skilled and experienced fighting force. I went to war with them twice.

Like @Ouade5 , I would remind people that our young troops hate the woke crap and are doing their duty. They are keeping their heads down and anxiously waiting for real leadership. I hasten to add that the wide majority of our troops are conservative. Please don’t confuse bad leadership for bad Soldiers. These young warriors are damn fine Soldiers. It was an honor to serve with them. I miss it every day.


Well, I am one of the more vocal veterans. The advice I have given to numerous young men and women (includes my daughter). If you do not have a way to get through college, is to enlist, serve your enlistment and then go to college.

It gave me a lift out of a pretty bleak life and set me on a path that has given me a life to be proud of. A life that was able to pay for my daughters medical school, with $0 in debt. I don’t have alot to be proud of but I am proud of what the military has given to me and my family.

As far as the Right, I can’t speak to what they believe in. I can speak to things that have been related to me, I do know that some have been alarmed by attitudes they may have observed. But that doesn’t change my underlying belief in the military. I think it is the best driver of change for the economically challenged to move into a more financially advantageous life.


I guess some of my comments might be misconstrued but I’m 100% pro military and a veteran myself. My beef is with the civilian leadership and if the military is ordered by the civilian leadership take a stand against their own people what might happen. The military answers to the Commander in Chief. If he is broken what should we expect?