H.R. 6395: national defense authorization

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are safe and well during these trying times. Anyway. I thought I would post this here as a type of FYI. This bill is for funding the DOD. But as it turns out a bit of “Red Flag” legislation was slipped in. As it turns out, the active duty military community is “targeted”. I am a U.S. Army veteran. I choose to defend the constitution of the United States. I did so knowing my life was in danger at any moments notice. And most of all, I am proud that I did what I did.

So my question is: Don’t the people that defend our way of life deserve to enjoy our way of life? I sure think so. This piece of legislation is not fair to our military members. Here some links of interest: (I got this information from Guns & Gadgets a YouTube channel for 2nd Amendment news).


GOA Link To Notify YOUR Senators (you don’t have to donate any money)

Roll Call Vote Results (to see how your representatives voted in the House)


Here’s more as well. If you’re evaluated as an individual determined to need assistance to handle your financial affairs guess what…?, you’re targeted to lose benefits as well as being threatened with losing your 2A rights.
Veterans with PTSD are being scrutinized as gun owners through some red flag legislation that had began targeting both veterans and veteran groups shortly after the first waves of OEF / OIF returnees were evaluated.
The military on any instillation makes any Soldier living in the barracks to submit their firearms to the company’s arms room under and along with a Company Commanders memorandum. That’s anywhere I’ve ever been stationed stateside. Getting orders to PCS overseas with approval of personal firearms under orders is virtually impossible under SOFA structures. Mainly do to other nations prohibiting their own people from owning them let alone a foreign stationed military member on their shores.
There are always some levels of gun control out there, for several reasons. This is NOT to open a debate or argument. Just stating simple facts.
I am seriously concerned that when anti 2A legislation really gets a solid foothold it will be us vets they come after first.
I have theories on how they’ll extort us but won’t say how because I’m not giving them any ideas. We don’t know who might read this.
We just have to show in numbers how we will not settle for dissolving our 2A Rights.
The way things keep happening…, we veterans may have to “Stand To” once again!


I thank you for your response and I appreciate your input. I agree with you @Aaron40. God Bless. Stay safe.


Imagine that. The bill passed through the house with our representatives just reading the highlights. I remember something similar happening when ObamaCare was passed.