Defending self defense: A crisis of duty and rights

We, as Americans, are, unquestionably, loosing our right to an effective self defense. Even the act of defending our selves , and our property, regardless of the provocation, is being challenged. Actions are being taken to publicly threaten, and penalize, people who defend them selves, based on some slight or minor imperfection in how they did it in a moment of extreme stress or terror.

The underlying narrative to excuse this, is that we live in a modern age, where such a need no longer exists. But this is false, utterly and desperately false, and proof of that not only exists, but exists in abundance, in virtually every city and country where that right has been removed.

It is no surprise that, at the very same time, another right is being disabled. The right of free speech. The right to hold an opinion, and freely express that opinion. The right to be heard without retaliation, and without reprisals.

Necessarily, these two general rights, ( the right to bear arms, and the right to free speech ) must be removed together, at the same time, because they are mutually supporting rights that can protect each other. One can even be used to regain the other, so both must be rendered inert one way or another.

Like it or not, I believe the time has been thrust upon us to stand up and defend these rights, now, - right now, because if we do not take this last brief, and dimly lit opportunity to stop the confiscation of these rights, we will loose all but the illusion of them. And make no mistake, once they are lost,- once they become a few meaningless and ignored lines in a rejected constitution-, we will never get them back but with the very greatest of cost. A cost
few but our soldiers and police have ever experienced first hand.

I believe we can no longer wait. We must insist our election was fair, we must insist on truth, we must demand our free speech be honored, and we must face the fact that it will not be easy. We can not afford to be quiet any more. The peace we hoped to earn by letting the loud and angry have their way has earned us only more anger, more demands, and less peace than ever.

I have been a law abiding gun owner and shooter most all of my life, contributed to my community and country, and earned my way, taking nothing and paying my share, my taxes. But now I have to worry about what I own becoming illegal, have to buy insurance in case I ever have to defend my self, and I have to concern myself, a LOT, with any belief or opinion I have that is not correct in the eyes of the current political environment with it’s watch dogs who, in disregard for the law themselves, are free to punish me for having an opinion different from theirs. They don’t just change the channel or buy a different brand, they hit you, burn city blocks, and take your job, or worse.

Have I said anything that is not true? What does this sound like? Does this not sound like a situation that should be taken on urgently? It can still be words we do battle with if we address it now. Not that it will be at all easy, but, is it not time? Must we not face this now?

If not, then what am I missing? What do I not see that makes it ok to let 2020 end this way, unopposed and accepted, with no call to finally take our stand and face those angry, misunderstanding faces who would destroy all for their wants?

As angry and worked up as some of them are, I truly believe a great many of them have no idea of the truth, and there is no one in their sphere who is saying anything different than what they are being fed. They don’t even question it. There are those who would hear a clear, sensible argument, if there was anyone willing to risk giving one. More so if there were many voices doing the same.

This is the crisis I see, one that calls upon my duty-the duty to defend my rights, as everyone’s rights, and stand for the principals that made this country a special place. while it can yet be done.


Outstanding post as usual sir. I could not agree more. I think many of us feel that honest people are in dire risk of being disarmed. So many of us feel silenced already. Indeed, the time is now.

But I personally am confused as to how we do this. How do we mount an effective defense? How can honorable men and women resist the forces aligned against us?


Very well said. And I agree 100%. and I know of one way to try to stop our government and force them to do what WE THE PEOPLE want them to do. And that is to have an ARTICLE V CONVENTION OF STATES. And with a CONVENTION OF STATES WE THE PEOPLE can FORCE CONGRESS TO DO WHAT WE WANT BY MAKING AMENDMENTS TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION THAT CONGRESS HAS NO SAY IN STOPPING. And to force one there need to be 38 states pass resolutions calling for one. And so far there have been 15 states that has done it. And now only 18 more need to do it to force it to happen. I’m a volunteer for CONVENTION OF STATES. And here is the link to their web site so that you can not only check them out but also if you want can also sign their petition as well. COSAction


Interesting! You make me a little ashamed I didn’t know that. The framers did a very impressive Job, maybe that’s why they don’t teach that stuff any more.


Great post, however we needed to stop this 7 months, if not 4 years ago, we are now up to our eyeballs in crap. Still the question remains!
They are organized we are not! Solutions? I’m ready when you are!
Each time I feel like giving up, and just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in, talking about Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson. We have until January 5th. Then it’s all over!
I felt safer ducking under a wooden desk during a nuclear threat than I do under the new regime. This is not a presidency, this is a coup!

This has become the extended version of Game of Thrones, where’s John Snow when you need him?
I swear NO fealty to the new king!


Couldn’t agree more with the post and the follow up comments. I would love for the convention of states to happen. In my opinion four things need to happen to change our course.

1.) Term Limits: Absolutely no excuse for not having them already. If it applies to the president is should apply to every single public office at all levels.

2:) State paid Representatives: If someone is elected by a state then that state should pay them. The only reason a person of Congress cares about the very people they are supposed represent is because they want reelected. Let the people decide what their representative gets paid. Harder to buy votes that way.

3.) Stop pandering to the violence. Again politicians are more worried about reelection then doing what’s right. Republicans should’ve got the message loud and clear when Trump won. Trump won because the silent majority was tired of being quite. They finally had someone they felt would be their voice. People are tired of the same ole BS.

4.) People need to get involved, I’ll admit I’ve slacked, I was comfortable and lazy about it. There’s still time, NOT MUCH so it can’t be wasted.


I know, this is a nightmare. Until recently there was always this question of how bad was it, really? Hype, the loud getting all the play, political tactics and appearances etc. But now, I see no room for any serious doubt that things are indeed , truly, very serious. So, while I may not know everything, I still know more than enough, because, even if Biden would have won without all the “irregularities”, what we saw these past months, SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN, and should never be accepted regardless!


I am unfamiliar with them, can you give a brief word on your take of them?, or him, as it may be.


Just more data and narrative to take in and assimilate…

But when put in context against life experience, history, and current events I find it very thought provoking.


I was quickly beginning to see that. It’s interesting that the proposed “formula” for an ideological take-over of a country like ours, is always very similar, seemingly no matter what particular ideology wrote it. One striking similarity is that you create a chaos, one that the people will become desperate to have resolved. And if the people just want “someone to fix it for them” while they go about life as usual, -the chaos creator wins, because such a person will accept things they never should, just to get an easy , quick fix, answer.


Sorry, I somehow missed your post in the beginning. And, thanks for the kind words.

I don’t mean to be either clever, or use tired old catch phrases, but I think it’s a case of each man, or woman, does what he, or she, has the power to do. I was told late in life that I might have some ability with words. I’m getting older, fighting some health stuff, but if I do have such an ability, I can use it, so long as I’m willing to risk some heat ,to combat the misinformation and misuse of words they so often employ. For now, along with what ever other opportunities come my way, I have resolved to do what I can, when I can, and not simply remain silent and shrink from the ugliness they are sure to employ, just so I can preserve the peace of my day.

It’s not really my style to do this kind of thing, but I didn’t know exactly what I was doing the first time I stood up to a bully in grade school either, I just finally learned I was going to have to do it, or suffer with it for as long as he wanted.


Perfect post. Thank you again.


I’d love to hear the thoughts of others like your self. @Virgil_H I’m not looking for anyone to provide a solution necessarily, I just know that a lot of times with hard problems, listening to someone else gives you a different angle, a different perspective where you see things you didn’t see before. I’m kind of in that mode now.


To bad Joe McCarthy is gone. I’m pretty sure that shtf soon. I will always have the same God given rights I have today. At least until I pass, that’s the only way they caan take them. Once again deut 31 . 6


I’m in the Fort Lauderdale area- Florida just sent in my paperwork for concealed carry permit. Would love a referral to a 2A activist group/person thank you for your help. Morty Katz


I don’t recall the names, but you see some of those groups mentioned here now and then.

Why dont you ask at a local gun store or range? If you want a national org, simply google it up.


I will ask my trainer


In the immediate sense I’m a lot more worried about the integrity of our elections. If we loose that, the rest is moot. It’s bewildering to me that more people are not a whole lot more alarmed at the idea that our elections could be corrupted this way. If the reports about the voting machines is even PARTLY true it’s as serious a threat to our democracy as any other we have ever faced. It’s as unacceptable at it gets. To my mind, if our elections are not real, the rest means nothing. What alarms me more than that someone tried it, is that it appears as if the country is about to allow it, even knowing they seem like they, ( the people in general ) might actually be about to allow it!!! - Even so much appearance of cheating as everyone would have to agree exists is far , far, too much to ever accept.