Take our power back from the Fed

I just saw this and think this is the way to get power back from DC.

With all the states doing constitutional carry we can protect 2A and more by bypassing congress with our states. Also, term limits and fiscal accountability.

Check it out:


Cool… Thanks. :us:


Oh boy! Gambling!

Bill of Rights gets bigger?
or Bill of Rights gets smaller?

Senate gets more powerful?
or Senate gets less powerful?

Executive gets more power?
or Executive gets less power?

States get more rights?
or States get less rights?

Feds shut up and go away?
or Feds under every bed?

SCOTUS up for election every 3 years?
or SCOTUS dumped and reappointed by each president?

Why try to fix one problem at a time when we can throw the whole mess on the floor and see whether a country can be assembled from the debris?

Why bet small when the odds are so long?
Because there is this and that which I find annoying, and everybody won’t do it my way.

Think I’ll pass.


Fully agree, scrapping what we have now for God knows what? That does not sound good. Working to fix what has been working fairly well, at least as well as governments can operate, is a better solution currently. It has been a continuing enterprise for longer than many other governments. We all pine for DOS, it was so much simpler and easier to understand and manipulate its operating code, but we all know the more current version of Windows is still better.


They did that already. This was the fix…
If it ain’t broke… they don’t see it as broken, they just don’t like it. Their philosophy is We the government, is all you need to know!
We’ll conform your a$$ or we’ll break you.
Article I. Piss off!
Article II. No need for any other articles.

Did I hear somebody say let’em eat cake?


This is exactly what the Left is doing; destroying the country to build the Socialist States of America.


I also agree. I agree with the people who say the Constitution is old and should be revisited. I just don’t trust anyone currently in power to write anything better.

Our maybe I should say, I completely trust them to write something worse.


That is a simpler way to describe the danger lurking in a Constitutional Convention.
Not sure if you’re fur it, or agin it…?

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A Convention of States is dangerous territory. If it occurs everything in the Constitution is up for grap, as there is no way to put limits on their authority. The Bill of Rights could completely vanish.


Every time it is amended, it is “re-visited”; every time the SCOTUS rules on a Constitutional issue, it is “re-visited”.

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Since, as an individual, with absolutely no power, ( not even the vote, because that’s rigged ) the best I can do now is grab a bottle, all my music and watch Rome burn from my lanai! I’ve got birds, butterflies, BBQ, beer, I’m retired, comfortable, don’t use much gas, I’ll even go vegetarian because my cardiologist said so, but you can’t have my blood or freedom! I was born in a free country and will die in a free country.

What the heck can I do now? I did everything prior to the coup de tat! Everything I did was for nothing, we didn’t accomplish squat and that’s why we’re talking about Article V instead of the 25th Amendment. There is already a VACANCY in the White House!

I attended public schools in the 60’s was taught a lot about history, hated it by the way, who didn’t?, but now I’m learning too much.
See back in that history class and the heaviest books I ever carried, there was no mention of corruption, deception and hatred from the presidency itself, to destroy his own people, that was a different history class. I’m thinking Nero and Caligula!

It never spoke to foreign governments inserting puppets to lead us to disaster…either that or I was with my girlfriend and a blunt! I missed the whole chapter on stealing the presidency!

I don’t think I’ve given up, for I’ll be voting six times, sending in as many mail in ballots as I can get my hands on and moving to as many states as I can to vote again and again and again! Isn’t that democracy?

Giving up would be setting cities on fire, tearing down all the monuments I don’t like, stealing fancy sneakers and purses I don’t use, robbing stores blind with my pants around my ankles, because law and order gave up on me!

We all know this can only go one of two ways!
Is there no dignity left in this country?

IMHO Trump had a duty to uphold the Constitution! He was right on EVERY front! What gets me is HE knew it, and with both hands tied behind his back he tried so hard to inform us of the future! He’s on the golf course right now saying, “I told you guys!” All, WE THE PEOPLE had to do was read between the Tweets!

I know we can’t change the past, but we better change the future for the sake of our grandchildren and great grandchildren. See I didn’t know how to teach my grandchildren how to live in a post apocalyptic world or under a socialist regime!

I thought legal immigrants escaped to the golden street of the USA to experience freedom and capitalism, shouldn’t they be speaking the loudest. They’ve seen this before! There’s no place left to run! I don’t recall Rome being rebuilt!


Well, not back into the Roman Empire… A lot of Rome was rebuilt, but there is definitely some ruins of that era still left. At least some of it really should be rebuilt as it is just mostly just rubble. Reminds me of the joke about directions in the country, turn where the [barn/store/big oak tree/whatever] used to be.


I believe they call it “London.” :wink:


Londonium? Or did mean after each of its many fires? (after the fall of Rome) :sunglasses:

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I always thought DC was the successor to Rome right down to the buildings that make the laws.




I don’t believe it was just a concidendence?


It wasn’t.

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Cubans and Chinese immigrants for the most part are very vocal about the dangers of communism.


What would you differently if you were deliberately trying to destroy the country? Answer: Nothing


We stopped having conversations at home with the advent of television. It became a 1 way conversation where you could not voice back an opinion. We became brainwashed to listen, obey, work, consume…look at the shiny thing over here while we cover something else up over there.

We stopped having conversations with our neighbors, at work and everywhere else because we can’t upset or offend anyone. We currently live in the weakest nation of citizens. I think Mexico could run through our country mostly unopposed if they wanted. I think today these colors would run, and many would flee to Canada while a few million people stayed to fight and we rallied…but a million ARs, 9mms and other various weapons we are allowed to have won’t do much against armor.

If they think jan 16th was an insurrection then we are doomed as a nation. The difference between 1776 and today is population, education and representation. Politics is not about representation any more. They are called leaders, it’s BS. They are supposed to do what we want not the other way around.

How do we fix that?