Tired of politics

Our right to defend ourselves is given to us by God, not the government. We shouldn’t allow the government to take away something they didn’t give us in the first place. They need to leave well enough alone. All they’re concerned about is their communist agenda to destroy America and get votes by hook or crook. Guns are not the issue. Our rights are the issue. Once taken, never returned.
I don’t know who wrote this, but it’s the truth, and should go up on Tim’s quote wall.
“Armed, we’re citizens. Unarmed, we’re subjects”
True Americans, though fewer and fewer by the day, will always fight tyranny.
God bless America.


Here here!:cowboy_hat_face:

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I just heard on NPR this morning that New Zealand designated owning a gun as a privilege, not a right (https://www.npr.org/2019/09/13/760460922/new-zealand-moves-to-create-firearm-registry-and-stiffen-penalties-for-gun-crime). Made me think of all those “may issue” states where the applicant has to get “permission” from the sheriff. Kind of scary the way things are going…

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Gabriel is the quicker picker upper of handling business

Term Limits would be real swell in fixing lots of things, in the meanwhile, it is very tiring yet change can take place.

Most times it’s a slow moving juggernaut. Then there’s other actions that pop up and start gaining momentum, the recall effort for CA Gov Newsom is gathering signatures and his approval rating is coming down. He overplayed his hand and he knows it. There are lots of candidates ramping up to take back districts.

Yes it is tiring but its perseverance that can make the difference is what I believe. But its in my nature to fight the good fight, and boy am I tired, frustrated, and just darn sick of it.

I still feel it must be done and I’d rather be the man in the arena who tried than the cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat

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In case anyone is interested there is a GRASSROOTS PROJECT going on now to call an ARTICLE V CONVENTION OF STATES. And so far there have been 15 states that have passed the RESOLUTIONS CALLING FOR ONE. They need to have a total of 34 states in total to FORCE CONGRESS TO CALL ONE. And one of the items that they want to pass in TERM LIMITS ON BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS. and you can go to “www.coventionofstates.com” and sign the petition to help. And if you also want to volunteer you can do that to. I’m a volunteer for them now. And I help with follow ups with people in my area that have signed the petition and want to volunteer as well.