Just venting


I believe most responsible Americans, armed or not, want to live in peace. Unfortunately, many don’t share that mindset. This is why we must train and prepare ourselves in the best ways we can, just in case we are drawn into the frey. We are like the family dog. We endure a lot of abuse before we bite. We bark, we growl, we warn, but when the warnings are not headed we are forced to bite, even though we might be sick to our stomachs after.
Those who want to argue will always look for someone to disagree with.
Those who want something for nothing will find someone to rob.
Those who like trouble will always look for it.
Those who want war will find one or start one.
As long as there are two people on this Earth there will be war.
I say, if you want to fight or argue, knock yourselves out. Just leave me out of it and leave me alone.
But be forewarned, if my country is attacked, or my family’s life or safety is threatened, I will bite. Disabled or not, I will bite, and hard.
I will go out of my way to avoid a conflict much as I would the plague, like those people that drive 20 miles to avoid the traffic light at the end of their street.
If we, as responsible gun owners, were looking for trouble, things would be much worse in this country. We just want to be allowed to continue our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Our right to self-defense is God given, not government given. Our right to own and bear arms shall not be infringed, because they didn’t give it to us in the first place.
Born and bred in this great United States. I love God, love my Family, and love my country. I was taught by members of the “Greatest Generation” to honor God, love and cherish my family, and love and defend this great nation. To be thankful for all the freedoms and blessings we have been afforded by all three.
God Bless America.