Liberty, Politics and the Law

Received the Concealed Carry magazine in the mail today. It’s all about the title of this topic. Which got me to thinking about our liberty and freedom. I’ve posted a number of times on here about islame and how that deen is designed to take over wherever it pops up. Then I got to thinking about the 2A and how most ppl either talk about using guns to fight the gubment or against crime perpetrated against you.

I think our forefathers had more in mind than that. I think they knew the ppl needed a way to defend themselves against a “cold” insurgency from another culture. They knew one day the citizens would have to unite to defend themselves from a threat the Constitution allows, ie a culture changing event. Islame not only wants to change the Constitution of freedom, liberty and individual rights. Islame wants to change the culture to an arab culture. They want you to dress like them, worship like them, think like them and only worship the same so called god.

We need to be individually prepared to respond in the same manner as if a criminal is attacking you or your family. Because that is exactly what moslems WILL do. They will name you the outlaw, change the laws to make you the outlaw. What would you do if a thug was arrested on your testimony and released in a cpl hours back to the streets and says you won’t be alive to testify against him? You say Bill you’re over exaggerating.

You take a thug being released without a trial seriously. Why not an external threat that disguises itself as something peaceful? Don’t take my word for it. Go investigate islame. Learn it’s history and how to counter what the dawah preachers lie about. I don’t hate moslems, I pray for them all the time but a rabid dog is a rabid dog.

Churchill said: islam in humans is like rabies in dogs. They are mOre deadlier threat than china, russia and the libt0rds. Make yourself aware of them, PLEASE.

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I’m just here to be an irritant and remind everyone that the 2nd Amendment is for all Americans, regardless of religion.

Also, USCCA promotes self-defense. If someone attacks me, I don’t care what his religion is (or isn’t). If y’all are going to turn this into a rally point for an attack on some group of Americans, count me out. I’d rather be facing you than standing beside you.


I don’t think I’ve seen any evidence from their writings that this was on their mind when they wrote the Constitution. At that time we were the other culture imposing our will and our belief systems upon the previously established indigenous populations.

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That doesn’t excuse them from doing it to us. I take it then you’re okay with moslems coming into the US and forcing their culture onto us? Now that is just downright ridiculous. They will change our laws, do away with our Constitution and replace them with Shariah. Are you telling me you’re fine with that? Man, where did you go to school and where does your allegiance reside?. Did you watch the video posted here of why liberals can’t say we stole the land from the natives?

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They might not have had that in mind but Jefferson did send the Marines to take on the Barbary pirates who were moslems extorting so much money from our treasury that if he didn’t put a stop to it the United States wouldn’t exist today.

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I can only speak for myself but I have never had a single Muslim attempt to force their culture directly upon me. I do have some pretty persistent Jehovah’s Witnesses who come around on a semi regular basis though.

The far bigger threat I see facing our Nation is from all our corrupt government officials who are enriching themselves and their backers while bankrupting our country. The vast majority of them claim to be Christians but I am not going to blame all the other Christians in the world for their individual actions.


At some point in time we will be at “war”, however it will be a war of subterfuge and I don’t know how to combat that!
It’s going or is creeping up upon us while we sleep!
Between AI, liars, cheats and dead people voting, we don’t stand a chance!
Unless, we start cheating, lying and voting from the grave, I agree, it’s over! And a gun won’t win this war! Playing their game against them is the only sure fire way to win. But what’s done is done, and we can’t fix a stupid generation! Heck, half of them don’t even believe in this country! We can lead the horse to water…


You don’t get it. It’s in THEIR books! They have to do it or support it or else aloha removes his so called blessings. Their books teach them to be passive until they have the numbers! Look at France right now. Moslems cut the head off a teacher, Patti, off because of a perceived slight. How many ppl/writers were murdered by moslems because they published cartoons of momo. That is coming here!

That’s just it, it’s not individuals with islame. The whole umma believes it, ALL OF THEM! Why are you sticking up for ppl that want to harm you and your country? What part of “they hate us” don’t you understand?

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I am an Atheist and having read both the Bible and the Qur’an, I fully understand the threat of Islam. Islam allows them to lie to Infidels (those that are not Islam). They can eat food that is not Halal. They can lie about converting, as happened during the “Spanish Inquisition”. When you read the history of the 700 years of Islamic rule in the Iberian peninsula, one can begin to understand better. Yes, it went off the rails, but look at the brutality Islam inflicted upon them. The brutality of the Muslims was well-known then, but we are not taught that today. They are still as brutal today as then, just read the news. Tossing gays off roof tops - a poll in the USA showed, IIRC, about 80% of US Muslims agreed that was just. That was appalling to any rational person.

As @William191 stated, the Qur’an instructs them to do these appalling acts. Only the ones that are not Islam, which are those that do not abide by the instructions of the Qur’an, were against killing gays.


So if all Muslims are just bidding their time so they can take us out as soon as they get the chance then what do you suggest we do about? Do we just kill them all on sight or do we make them sew little yellow crescents onto their jackets and put them on trains to concentration camps first?

Last I checked this was America and people are free to believe whatever they want. If those beliefs drive them to break laws then we can do something about it.

I do believe that uncontrolled illegal immigration is a very big problem. We should be defending our boarders and setting up legal paths of immigration at levels our economic system can support. Might also be a good idea if our government stopped destabilizing so many other nations for personal gain because it is directly contributing to the masses of economic and political refuges trying to enter our country and flooding into Europe.


I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.
Perhaps not the best example of the supposed impending threat from Muslims. I seem to recall the Christians doing some pretty horrible things at that time.


I see you’ve decided to talk about the problem, thank you.
No to shooting on sight and yellow badges. I think you saw where I said islam is a deen by their own definition, not a religion. By their own definitions we should deport them back to where they came from. I know you’re being facetious and you don’t want to take this seriously. But until we do it is only going to make correcting the problem harder.

Yes this is still America and we still have laws about taking over of our gubment by hostile or corrupt means. Now will the our leaders have the balls to enforce those laws, put them on trial and kick out the deserving. Ever serve in the military? We swear to defend against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Will the lame stream media crucify those leaders for doing their jobs and protecting the US.

I also think this is where the 2A is going to help us because we individually can protect ourselves. Islame thrives by the mob. The mob doesn’t like it when the victim fights back. Though islame will group together and fight other groups. Then it will be genocide cause islame allows nothing else.

I think you are starting to see the problem of unhindered immigration. What I think you are missing is that we already have a valid and working system but because of the current situation at the border it can’t handle the chaotic flow of migrants. Pres Trump was getting/had it under control. I’m all for legal immigration not this wild chaos going on right now. A country that won’t enforce its borders is soon not a country. France in the last cpl day halted immigration until they can get a handle on what is going on. We should do the same. Make Mexico enforce their borders, let use take out the cartels bringing ppl across.

Will it go to everybody’s satisfaction, no. But you have to start somewhere. There are already a lot of special ops teams in our country from other countries that when we do finally do something they will act. Be prepared for no electricity because the grid is the first thing going down. It will take a minimum of ten years to fix if we can catch the ppl doing it.

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So all Muslims should be deported? Do we start with a voluntary registration of all Muslims to prepare for their removal or should government agencies track the phones of everyone who goes into a Mosque and create a list from everyone those people come into contact with? Though I’m pretty sure that list already exists.

I have seen the problems with uncontrolled immigration for a long time. I am not a new convert to the problem. While things were better under Trump than they are under Biden they were far from “under control”. Our immigration system has been broken for a long time and it wasn’t going to be solved by spending billions on a wall that could be easily defeated with some rope, a ladder or a shovel. Not to mention parts of it were so poorly built that they are already falling apart.

Our power grid is so fragile that you don’t need special ops teams to take it out. All that is needed is a few trees to fall across the lines at the wrong time. Though the Russians, Chinese, and probably the Iranians now (since we gave them working copies of the Stuxnet Virus) could do it with the push of a button.

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I still believe we will see The Hunger Games in reality within the next 50+ years, and possibly The Purge


this may be of interest to some… it is best to KNOW about things…???

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I said:

There you go jumping to the worst possible conclusions without giving thought to other possibilities. Is all you can see is the worst? I believe in calling out an injustice when it’s there. I don’t believe in jumping to conclusions especially when it’s on a board where it’s only pie in the sky.

Stop cherry picking. As one person I watch said: if they are willing to live by our laws and live in peace then they can stay. An immigrant isn’t a citizen. We as a country have the right and responsibility to kick out anyone that moves in and causes mayhem. What does the preamble of the constitution say: to establish justice for all. How does favoring one group, immigrants, above the citizens establish justice. It doesn’t, it’s an injustice.

Since you’re all for anybody and everybody coming in: how many illegals do you have in your house? Do you clean up after them, buy there food and see to their medical bills. Do you go down to the corner and buy them their crack and let the smoke it, do you join in with them?

I’m sick and tired of hearing liberals say: oh the injustice done to the migrants. How about the injustices done to our citizens and country? Where does your allegiance lay? The way you talk, it lays with everything BUT the USA. Or do you want to radically change the USA into a socialist or communist country? Go look at the living conditions in russia, china or some of the other places that are similar. Sure there are are some that have it good. Those are the leaders oppressing the whole country for their benefit. They still have peasants. You want to be a peasant?

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You seem to forget that the Moors invaded the Iberian peninsula and controlled parts of it for about 700 years. They also then went East through France and Italy.

The French also fought over 400 battles with the Moors during that time. During those battles was how Charles the Hammer got his name “the hammer”. Martel means hammer.


How long does someone have to control a land mass before it’s considered their own?
Just asking because my state only recently hit a 200 year anniversary.

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There is only one letter difference between peasant and pleasant. The L is for Liberty