My Enemies' Enemy is my Friend?



Better be careful of moslems. Their deen (not a religion) isn’t tolerant of anything that their imams don’t approve. Their deen isn’t taught peace except through violence and you submitting to them.

I will more than likely get banned or have this taken down. I have studied islam for 3 years now. Don’t be fooled by what you are told by them. Their deen allows them to lie to you and brake any oath because momo did it.


It was clear from the start, Dems have to choose between their causes.
The really awesome spectacle will be when they have to choose between the Holy Climate and the poor (remember what GA Gildstones said? Global population cap at half a billion).


And in Connecticut.

Connecticut parents say elementary school showed LGBTQ video without permission: 'Should have been told’ | Fox News

“One grandparent, identified as Stephen Davis, claimed, “There was nothing warning us. They don’t have to worry about being an adult when they’re 8 years old.” He claimed his 8-year-old granddaughter was forced to watch the show.”


This is clearly an illegal act, but so were the rooftop Koreans.


:clap: Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaa… :clap:

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How were the Koreans on their businesses during the riots clearly illegal?

Brandishing to mostly peaceful protesters?


I suppose there could have been some of that, but that would seem to be a very specific crime by a specific person in a specific circumstance and I’m sure there were individuals who did not do that, kinda feels broad brush to declare all of the Koreans who were on their rooves were clearly illegal.

Also have to be careful with “brandishing” as a crime, most states don’t have a law/crime called that.

For example, currently, “brandishing” is not a law/crime in the state of CA. I don’t know if it was or not then, but if it’s not by name now, I would guess it wasn’t then, either

Okay I get it. But you gotta ask yourself what if their imamas approve and they are willing or told to join forces with conservatives? What will people like AOC say to that? Will the left attack Muslims wholesale? I doubt it. Cuz that would be racist.

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That only happens if/when you submit to them. Moslems don’t want to follow anybody’s rules/laws except their own. One of the tricks moslems use is to play passive until they are their population is equal or the majority. Then they start demanding things to change to their rules.

The koran puts it this way, paraphrasing: why are you submissive when you are the most. I will NEVER vote for a moslem, I value my freedom too much. Democraps are bad enough. Moslems are a whole different level.

PS moslems will turn on anyone that becomes an ally with them when they think they can win


I used to wonder why wars with moslems always turned into ethnic cleansing. Then I started reading and listening to them debate with other religions and nationals. You have to pray in Arabic, dress like you’re an arab. Basically Arabize whatever place they take over.

They don’t think like us. They will use the weak minded to further their goals. Moslems call them useful idiots. I’m sure you have heard that term before. Now you know where it comes from.

Edit: one of the smartest things states are passing concealed carry and stand your ground. We WILL be needing those laws!


Last thing I want to say about this topic. If moslems control an area and you don’t become a moslem then you HAVE to pay a protection tax from them. They consider you a “dhimi”, a second class citizen and you are under a different set of laws from the moslems. To understand what that means think of the old south with one set of laws for white ppl and another for blacks.