12/19/2020 edition

It’s that day of the year again. The one I have to crank down on my emotions as hard as I can and take massive doses of my stress medication, paste a smile on my face and pretend I am ok.

2 years ago, tomorrow, I came as close as I want to come to losing my daughter as I ever want to come. You can search for it under 12/19/18 and read about it.

If you read about it, think about it. A 10+ plus minute gun fight in the middle of the city before the police got there. 0 arrests made.

Yet guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is the problem. Not guns in the hands of criminals. That’s why I hate gun control, and the mealy mouthed hypocrites that support it.

My daughter, who has always handled this with more grace than I. Calls 12/19/18 her “Hey, Good Job Not Dying Today” we will go to some steakhouse and celebrate her life.

Jesus wept. :sob:


Wow! I just read your story. It’s greT that your daughter seems to be adjusting well. However it’s possible that PTSD can still develop over time from the trauma. I do get it. It sounds like you have PTSD. I’ll pray for you today. :pray:


That’s True Grit dad! That’s why most of us carry, bad guy lurks around every senate and house seat, and then there are the ones that are hiding behind every dumpster on their TURF. I have two grown daughters myself, they are both trained and armed! More power to the innocent!


I remember reading that story.

Good guys with guns and the willingness to protect others is the only thing keeping chaos at bay


There is a God in heaven @Zavier_D and he was looking after your daughter that day. My hair stood up reading this story. You reacted as any father would have. I am so happy that she made it out of there alive. The lord has a plan for that young lady. As for those individuals who were shooting it out, God has a plan with them also but the results will be different. I pray you spend a wonderful Christmas Holiday this year and the blessings of God fall upon you and your family.



I’m going to go read that story. It sounds big.

I know this sounds stupid coming from someone who’s never had to go through what you did, but I’m going to say it anyway. You made it through the fight. Your daughter made it through the fight. You can, and you will make it through this. Hang in there, and don’t ever give in to those emotions. Not that they aren’t there for a reason, but don’t let them dictate to you.