I just don’t get it. Some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country but yet the most gun violence. I guess they need to pass some more legislation before it really gets out of hand there…

But seriously it’s so sad and I don’t mean to make light of the issue. I hate reading about this virtually every day. People are suffering and nothing’s being done about it but more talk of the evil firearms. Never any talk of the evil people who committed the crimes or what is being done to address the real issue that’s causing the violence in the first place.

It also makes me angry knowing the politicians are just going to continually pass blame to inanimate objects or rival politicians. Scream at the other side throwing blame as far away from themselves as possible while those people who are living the nightmare continue to be stuck dead in the middle of a defunct war zone. A great many of those people deserve better. They deserve a better effort from their leaders and they deserve to not have to worry when a stray bullets coming into their home because a small percentage are lawless and know nothings being done and they continue to torment the area of the city.

Sorry for the rant, this is actually the first time I’ve ever cut loose like this on a forum, but I had to get that off my chest. Never been to Chicago and probably will never go. But I tell you this, those are Americans living in that hell and they deserve better. Shame on that city for letting it get so out of hand.


@Jeff4 We all feel your pain and disgust at the murder of children and bystanders. It is beyond words.
Now the latest is to blame the presence of Federal LEOs. After watching the riots on TV I do not know how the
Chicago PD put on their uniforms every day and mans the barriers, my heart goes out to them and my respect. :cry:


Amen, spot on @BRUCE26.


Normally, I would go for the funny meme here but this is actually making me upset. The huge uptick in shootings being done this year has nothing to do with the bad guys doing the shooting. Instead it’s the fault of the uptick in gun sales, that’s the problem.

Depending on what numbers you use there are 400+million guns in the U.S. and trillions of rounds. If legal gun owners were the problem the world would know.

I really dislike the current skew MSM is putting on first time owners of handguns. If you want my support for anything. Show me you are serious about getting the guns out of criminals hands first.


It is apparent that in some cities, local authorities abdicated their duty to enforce law and protect law-abiding people from criminality. Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, LA and so on exemplify it. On top of it, state authorities abdicated on their duties as well in NY, Wash State, Illinois, CA. There are 3 things that will happen: terror mob rule, vigilantism, or the Feds will finally find it in them to take over these cities. I don’t mean send some agents in unmarked cars, I mean replace the mayor and city council with provisional authority who is hostile to criminals, not law-abiding public. I don’t see how mayor Lightfoot of Chicago or the unanimously anti-police Minneapolis city council can assure rights of the public to be safe and pursue happiness.


Well the one thing that was made very apparent to me is that the military and LEO will follow questionably unconstitutional orders.

That scares me


That determination is somewhat subjective and depends somewhat on which news outlet you believe. Doesn’t it?

Are the feds arresting individuals who have violated applicable laws, or are they harassing peacefull protestors that have only ‘accidentally’ vandalizing government property? Or do you mean local LEO by giving tickets for not wearing masks, or for going to the gym or church?

On a side note, I wonder how many of these citys could function without assistance from the surrounding state and/or federal government. The phrase that come to mind is ‘self sustain’. I wonder, could they self sustain if the purse stings were cut?

We don’t need no stinking outside intervention!!! Unless you want to give a check??


Coming from a large family, I’ve experienced different sides. The city I’m in is so large, which I think adds to the additional press we get as opposed to smaller jurisdictions. Needing to continue employment, and needing to reside close to where I work, forces me to remain. Although I might be fairly stable, if another work opportunity arose outside of this city, I’d leave in a heartbeat; Sadly, leaving some family further distanced. There are countless of good people here as well of course, both outside and within law enforcement. You have a like-minded friend here in me. Best regards.


You hit the nail on the head!!! So true…depends on what “news” you are watching and believing.