Latest Texas school shooting

Watched Sleepy Joe’s speech about the latest school shooting. He cries about innocent kids dying, and about standing up to the gun lobby. Why not talk about the millions of kids ABORTED yearly, and standing up to the abortion lobby? More kids are killed (aborted) in one year than ALL kids killed in school shootings throughout all of history. What about them, devout Catholic Joe? Don’t their lives matter?
It always amazes me that during a gun-control push there are so many more shootings. they dance in the blood of these kids just to push an agenda. They said that Trump had “trigger words” that would cause people to commit an assault on the Congress, (Jan. 6th), so maybe the left has trigger, too, that makes people go commit school shootings. Makes sense to me. If you are going to blame one side of something, then it makes sense that the other side can do the same. Just remember this; the 2nd Amendment protects the rest of the rights we have, and the only way the bad guys can take total control is to take away the amendment and our guns. Think of this too. Why should law abiding, responsible people have their rights taken away because some person did something wrong. Do you take away everyone’s driver’s license because some guy drove drunk and killed someone? Don’t say that’s different, because it is not. Why should I lose my rights due to the actions of someone else? I think we should stop this defund stupidity that allows morons to commit crimes with impunity and start putting them in jail for a very long time.


Do you really believe that Government… regardless which one… is going to take your right to keep and bear arms away? It’s not gonna happen for sure.
Yes, we do have and will have limitations. Are these a good or bad things? 50-50… each of us has its own thoughts.
Comparing guns to cars, nobody will take driver’s licenses, but will go with speed limitation.

I strongly agree with you regarding today’s impunity. Long lasting trials, lawyers’ games and blame each other politicians have drawn this Country down. :persevere:

I wish we have a reset button that can take us 40 years back in time.


Some of our govts WILL try to take away our rights. Look what is going on right now. He wants to take away 1st and 2nd a rights. You can only say what they agree with, and they want to take away your guns. They would if they could. Using school shootings is the way to get sympathy for the cause. I trust NO govt. EVERY dem pres for the last 50 years has had that platform. The part about drivers licenses is to show the stupidity of the gun control argument. If stopping DR’s is stupid, the why is taking guns not stupid?n


I am no fan of the Republicans but if the Dems gain control of the senate I think it is almost 100% certain there will be another assault rifle and “high” capacity magazine ban. I would also expect some form of firearm registration mandate. These MIGHT not be retroactive but they will for certain take away the right to future purchases. Of course none of these new laws would have stopped these shooting but that is not the point of them.

They will also likely stack the Supreme Court in order to undo the likely soon to come pro 2A ruling on the NY case. This will lead to wildly seesawing politics and laws as well as even more division.


Does that mean, that the Thermold 30 round magazines I still have, that are embossed with “for Government use only” will be illegal?

If so I’ll give those back and keep my PMAGS!

Trillions of dollars spent on corrupt countries and not a dollar used to keep our own kids safe. The question remains, at an unarmed school, would metal detectors help?
Another stupid question, if my firearms, “high” capacity magazines and ammo were made in China, would they be illegal and would they try to ban them???

Is that the epitome of an enigma wrapped in a riddle?

I agree, I’m as off topic as he was during that dreadful hateful speech last night. My bad.


I feel if our elected officials would see the correct thing to do to cut back on such actions as these, never going to eliminate evil, would be training school employees.
I’ve heard certain school districts say they haven’t trained or gotten security because of finances. “REALLY” Our elected officials can finance a foreign war but can’t finance and help protect our citizens childern?
I’ve heard from a top person right here in this organization say, “The only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun”.
Why do a lot of our elected officials want to take the guns away from good people?


“The sheep do not like the guard dogs. They look too much like wolves.”


It kind of already has, actually.

To what extent depends on where you are, but, yeah, it kind of already has.

We already have states where regular people literally cannot legally possess a firearm, and other states where you can, but don’t you dare bear those arms.

In what capacity do residents of HI, MD, NJ, NY, etc have a Right to keep and bear arms…?


These are State level regulations.
I was referring to Federal level…as my understanding is that President represents Federal, no State Government… :thinking:
Perhaps I’m mistaken

You said “regardless of which one”, if I’m not mistaken


Yes I did… but it was regarding Red / Blue, not Federal / State.

I’m sorry for confusion. :raised_hands:

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The problem is NOT the lack of “GUN LAWS”. It IS the lack of enforcement, meaningless sentences, and so called punishment that has no deterrent effect on criminals. The blame is on the shoulders of “law makers”. Tough penalties will stop almost all crime. It is simple. You adjust the severity of the penalty until crime decreases to the level you are willing to accept. Violent crime/criminals should receive violent penalties. The death penalty should be automatic for some violent crimes. Only ONE appeal should be allowed, and then the execution should take place within one week, not 10 or 20 years later. Just look at the countries that have NO crime, or very low crime. Look at the penal system they use. It works. Inhumane?, so are the crimes taking place in our country. ALL this is the work of those who want to destroy our nation, and build it back for to quench their thirst for money, and power.


I’ve looked at a lot of other nation’s violent crime when planning travel (2020 interfered with that), but Japan and Tokyo showed as the safest destination of all I was considering, RE: Violent crime.

They hand’t executed anyone since 2019 and like parts of the US, only have capital punishment in practice for things like aggravated murder.

There is no country with NO violent crime. People are people.

Esp when talking about school shooters who mostly don’t plan to make it out alive anyway, penalties are irrelevant


Democrats have the Senate currently with Harris the tie breaker!


They technically do but Manchin and Sinema haven’t caved to the pressure from the far left as many of the other Dems have. They have been siding with the Republicans on vital issues, most importantly maintaining the filibuster.


Would we want to live in a nation with NO violent crime? It sounds wonderful, but I’m not sure what kind of government it would take to establish such a utopia.


I fear you may be right. They’ve been beating that drum for a long time. Perhaps this is the Summer when they go through with it. There certainly seems to be a great deal of emotion that’s dampening voices of reason.

Americans should be very wary of this. It subjects the judiciary to the whims of the Oval Office. We cannot have an independent court if the Executive branch can alter the composition of the court until it gets the ruling that it wants.

I know there are many on the left who think they would like this result. Some may even be on this forum (yes, there are still 2A Democrats). But they are opening Pandora’s Box. They should imagine what Trump could have done as president if he had the power to make the Supreme Court in his image.


I can’t imagine a worse case scenario for this country than a Supreme Court that just keeps adding new justices every 4 years. The laws will whiplash back and forth until the people get fed up and run all the politicians out of town. Which I guess wouldn’t be such a bad thing except for the fact that the politicians likely won’t leave willingly without a very messy fight.


Jacob Albarado, an off-duty Border Patrol agent, ran to Robb Elementary after receiving a text from his wife, Trisha, a teacher there. He worked with a tactical team to get his daughter, Jayda, and others to safety.


If these stories turn out to be true there is a very different narrative of events that likely won’t be heard by the general public. One more reason why I think arming and training on sight staff is the way to go. They are there and most of them care about all the kids not just the ones they are related to.