Pro-Second Amendment Politicians?


I’m a firm believer in being grateful for the good in life. There is so much negativity out there surrounding our right to bear arms and politicians. So let’s turn some of that around and instead focus on what we’re grateful for.

According to some wise people, what we focus on is what we get more of. So let’s focus on the politicians who do a great job of defending our Second Amendment rights. Who are those politicians?


I think this post is great. With that in mind, please give me some time as I have to search a different time zone than mine.

Somewhat joking aside, I’d have to say the governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin, as well as the members of the state legislature there that made permitless carry for concealed carriers there a reality, to coincide with permitless open carry which was already in place.


Dave Severin, Illinois House of Representatives. Pro gun, Pro life, and he’s a home town small business owner to boot.


@Dawn, Don’t look for them in New Jersey. :wink:


I think the last pro Second Amendment politicians from Massachusetts were actually involved in writing the Constitution.


@Kerryman71, OMG! I was there! LOL I’m old, but maybe not that old. I think the last pro Second Amendment politicians from NJ were there too! Maybe we could get them re-elected into office?


I recently saw an article where 29 of 33 sheriff’s in New Mexico states that they won’t enforce many of the new gun laws proposed by their legislature, with 24 announcing their counties as “Second Amendment Sanctuaries”

Sheriff’s are generally elected, so I guess you could say they’re politicians.

In addition, there was an article about similar news in Colorado.


Kevin stitt oklahoma governor. He is working hard to get our state in order with 2A.


@Kerryman71, I actually saw on NRATV a Sheriff that said that exact same thing. He would not uphold the new anti gun laws as they are unconstitutional and they hurt the people in his district that are good people and need to defend themselves. The police can’t be everywhere all of the time. People need to be able to defend themselves until help arrives.


Seems in some places the dead vote why can’t they also be elected? (Just joking)


I’m going with Andrew McDaniel from Missouri…

Two bills introduced, one requires all legally-allowed adults to buy an AR, the other requires them to buy a handgun. With tax credits for the cost of purchase.
Hey, I can be legally required to buy health insurance I don’t want, or wear a motorcycle helmet for my own good, so why not be legally required to be equipped for my own self defense?
Ok, ok, it’s over the top, and I don’t actually agree with forcing the unwilling to be armed, but it does put the shoe nicely on the other foot. And you have to admire his style :wink:
Add that to repeated near-successful legislation to nullify unconstitutional federal gun restrictions and I’m just sayin’ Seriously, Missouri Rocks.

BTW, Missouri isn’t full yet, come on down.


I would amend it to say "All Adult Residents who have a Firearms ID Card, if that is something they do in Missouri. If not, I would not want some adult who knows nothing about firearms and doesn’t want to know, to own an AR-15.

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No firearms ID card here, we’re constitutional carry in MO.