Virginia lawmaker fears civil war?

Dear Mr. Jones, if you feel like your future laws will start a civil war, you’re not representing the people. Also, why would you think a letter from your AG stating “laws will be enforced” will dissuade citizens who you feel are already determined to take up arms in your state? In fact, you’re only stoking the fire and proving their point.


There’s a brand new Guns and Gadgets out earlier this morning. Jared spoke in detail about this subject regarding Virginia, and possible Civil War. Everyone should watch this.

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The Democrats seem to ignore several issues.

One, the Constitution, both the US and Virginia.
Two, they all swore an oath of office to uphold the Constitution.
Three, No law may supersede the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.
Four, ‘When an act injurious to freedom has once been done and the people bear it, the repetition of it is more likely to meet with submission’ - Samuel Adams
Five, ‘A Law Repugnant to the Constitution is Void’ - US Supreme Court

And Six… Virginia counties are already blocking unconstitutional acts by the Virginia state house. Virginia Sheriff’s also swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.

There unfortunately may be strife and conflict, unfortunately, elections have consequences, and the massive inflow of leftists into small densely populated areas allows for multiple representatives from small sections, while the less populated areas have less representatives.

When Republicans win districts with 5 or 6 counties, and a single city like Fairfax or Norfolk has multiple districts that went Democrat… the numbers are imbalanced.


@Robert8 … is there a link for Guns and Gadgets?

^^^ excellent summary.

wait… wasn’t President Trump to blame for the new civil war fear? Perhaps its not just the oval office fear-mongering … :thinking:

I think this is an enlightening view into what could be. Very scary indeed.

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maybe here?
(Google search, first in the stack)

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I’ll say it one more time…don’t start none…won’t be none…I think it’s the new “golden rule.”

I also find in humorous that he want’s the AG to write a letter advising local LEO that unconstitutional laws will be enforced." That’s rich.


Yes, they do, @Kevin29! And I looked it up because I was curios:


So how exactly would that forced enforcement work? If local LEO is not going to enforce…is the AG going to fire those elected officials and replace them? Call in the national guard?

Funny also how the only law he mentions is the universal background check law and cites it as stopping crime despite it already having been proven not to work. They aren’t making anyone safer.


Sorry Zee, I was out for awhile,
Let me find it and I will get back to you

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@Zee. Zee the name on YouTube is
“Virginia Democrats About To Ban Everything About 2A”
If I was talented with my computer I could bring it over to our Community but I don’t know how. Its 9:31 minutes start to finish

[quote=“Robert8, post:11, topic:17092”]
YouTube is
“Virginia Democrats About To Ban Everything About 2A”

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Virginia’s citizens must be willing to take up arms in defense of freedom and both the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions…My feeling is that this is the trip wire that may start CW2. If Virginians roll over and accept the loss of their freedom we all will lose.


Being from the People 's Republik of Illinois… I think I know how they will do it. In IL we have a lot of counties that have declared themselves 2nd amendment sanctuaries. The head of the IL State Police was replaced by the new Democrat Gov. with a anti-gun appointee. The IL State Police then announced that they would no longer inform the County Sheriffs when they were conducting operations in the county. There is some debate in IL as to whether the ISP can give themselves the permission to do that… but with Democrat control of the state… The Va. Sheriffs are doing the right thing standing up for their counties, but I bet we soon see the state looking for ways to go around them.

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Here is a new twist. IMO, the fight has started.

Virginia sheriff vows to deputize residents in response to expected gun control legislation from state Democratic lawmakers


I think its a case of “fine, we’ll just do it ourselves”. State resources will be used to go in and do as they like, instead of the state calling on the counties to do that. And from what it sounds like they’re doing in IL (thank you @Robert8) they aren’t even going to give the counties the courtesy call to say “hey we’re here arresting people in your county”.

I don’t see this going well.

A few years ago, Missouri passed a law that said the State of Missouri had to step to the defense of ANY authority impinging on it’s citizens’ 2A rights, up to and including the federal government. Basically if the feds came to take your guns, the state and local resources were to step in and prevent it. It didn’t survive a court ruling that struck it down, but it might be what’s up next… it seemed a pretty bold statement at the time, but I’m afraid we’re going to need it. :confused:


Most states, with two exceptions, Alaska being one since they do not have counties or county Sheriffs… have elected Sheriffs, and most all of them swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

When I went to work in the Intelligence Community, an oath to defend the Constitution was sworn, as the Intelligence Community, FBI, DOD, military, elected officials, swear an oath.

The problem is, we the people do not hold those we elect accountable, in many cases, and they act contrary to the Constitution.


The United States of America is extremely young as a country compared to the rest of the earths country’s. They came here from ALL those different countries because of fear against tyrannical oppression and to be FREE of that and to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our Founding Father learned their lessons from that old way of life and wrote out the Constitution SOULY to keep that a reality and not a dream. The ignorant and evil want to take that reality way from all of us. They will keep maneuvering in every way possible until they get what they want. Right now for Virginians and the rest of the USA this is a major tipping point . It’s not a matter of IF in the future but WHEN civil uprising or civil war will occur. Sheep-people will never be able to understand the 2nd Amendment and how it’s the glue that holds all of it together. Look at it this away from outside threats. Unless it’s for utter destruction and annihilation we will never be invaded. To win a war it takes boots on the ground. Chinas standing army is 2.8 Million. The ATFE estimates there are 450 Million plus firearms in America with more than enough ammo to supply all those weapons. You do the math. Hell most states during deer season boasts 600K + deer hunters hitting the woods at the same time.
Kill 4 people or more and you are a mass killer. Kill a few million people and you are a conqueror. History shows time and time again all you have to do is disarm the people to become a conqueror and we are not talking about ancient history either.


think that’s it Zee… also the following:


I checked the State Police website last night and we have 2,118 personnel. Most of the officers work traffic. Many of these men and women are good folks. Plenty are prior military so they know about the Constitution. Same for the Guard. The “Feds” don’t take direction from Northam and he would probably prefer not dealing with them. The Commander in Chief and the US Attorney General will have a few thoughts of their own.

Today I discovered an interesting YouTube called: The FALL of America as Forewarned by John Adams ~ Rex Reviews. Worth everyone’s consideration. Rex taught me a few things about precision reloading a few years back.

Please don’t incite riot in my state. We will have a peaceful demonstration on MLK Day in Richmond. Contact VCDL for more information. It is easy to be a keyboard warrior and paper patriot. We need citizens to make a positive difference.