What are your local politicians doing about your Second Amendment Rights?

If you think that your civil rights are under attack nationally, you have no idea what the local politicians are doing. As somebody who knows civil rights attorneys and so forth on both sides of the aisle, most people say your civil rights are under attack far more at the local government level as opposed to the federal government level.
~ @Tom_Grieve during October 24, 2019, USCCA Member-Only Ask an Attorney Webinar

What are your local politicians doing about your Second Amendment Rights?


Well, I have reached out to my congressmen and senators a few time and thankfully they are pro 2A…

However, I was fighting for constitutional carry, but my mind got changed. The owner of my range and, I were talking and I’ve come to where I agree with him on the suggestion that carriers should have some kind of training such as provided in the CHP class(At first I was thinking this guy just wants the money, but then I thought about it).

I get your point but it is still an infringement on the 2A. I have yet to see where it says with minimum training requirements, or background checks or any of the other restrictions government agencies have passed.

Now I am not saying that training is not a good idea because it is. It is about chipping away at our rights because what will it hurt if we give them this little thing that makes sense. What will make sense NEXT time?

This is not meant as an attack on anyone here, just voicing my own opinion on the subject.


Pushing Constitutional Carry towards a Governor who is 100000% guaranteed to veto is what my legislators are doing.

As far as requiring training, I completely disagree. The bulk of my personal training has come from hours upon hours of research. I haven’t taken any formal training other than my basic CPL class.

The government should not be requiring training, we as 2nd Amendment stewards should be recommending classes, teaching others and visibly demonstrating responsibility for what we do.

Edit: It’s not a lack of desire to attend classes, it’s a lack of funding and schedules not aligning.


This is not a surprise. When trump took office every town openly stated they were going to be switching their efforts from federal to state and municipal.

I can tell you in Illinois, our rights are indeed under attack. I watch very closely.

I can also tell you, from Illinois, less than 1% of gun owners are doing anything at all to defend their right.

Complacency and apathy is why we are losing our rights.


Training to exercise a right? Uuum no.

All gun owners should get good quality training, but training should never be a condition to exercise a constitutionally protected inalienable right.

To say you support training to bear arms is to say you believe in gun control. And all gun control is a lie. Let us examine the facts of the states which have already gone constitutional carry. What exactly are we trying to avoid with government mandated training? I dont see any blood in the streets in these states. Therefore I see no logical argument to be made why training should be a requirement to exercise a right.

However I do believe training should be mandatory. Yes, mandatory gun safety training done repetitively in schools at the elementary level.


We have an election for Mayor here next week and the incumbent is a centrist Democrat (for the most part), and has been in the role for quite a while and done a really good job here in the city.

However last year, after one of the shooting tragedies, a local camera crew interviewed him about gun violence and he commented on there not being a need for “assault rifles” or “large capacity magazines”…he lost my vote after that unfortunately. Especially since his opponent has been on the city council for a number of years and has helped usher in a number of the positive things that have happened here.

I’m slowly (maybe quickly) turning into a single issue voter I guess.

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Lol, I think you plagiarized one of my posts on this topic in another thread (even the mandatory safety training being conducted in schools)…….agree 100%!



I too understand where you’re coming from on this. HOWEVER, here’s why we should not have Gov’t mandated training in order to qualify to carry.

It’s prohibitive.

There used to be this thing called a poll tax. Implemented shortly after the civil war, primarily in the south in order to prevent black from voting. It often required citizens (all citizens) to pay a tax and pass some sort of test in order to be able to vote. It was found this had a disparate impact (as it was designed to do) against blacks (preventing them from being able to exercise their right to vote) and the Supreme Court ruled it Unconstitutional that a tax/test be implemented in order to exercise your right to vote. This would be the same thing except for fire arms, and while it may not have a disparate impact against any particular race, gender etc, the philosophy behind it would still be Unconstitutional in that it could/would prohibit citizens otherwise eligible from being able to exercise their 2A rights.

Lets say the Gov’t decided to not charge citizens directly and instead the training would come at a cost through increased taxes on firearms, ammo or on manufactures which would potentially PROHIBIT citizens from being able to make those purchases (or manufactures from staying in business). So again prohibitive and problematic.

Like @AlphaKoncepts posted, the only mandatory training should be safety training and that should occur in our school systems.



Great arguments…

I promise I’m not for infringing or gun control…
I’m only stating that I was all for Louisiana having constitutional carry(Which we already have open carry) but, I am siding with my range owner on this one. After watching that poor lady put ammunition in backwords it makes me know how important training can be for every day carry.

I’ve been around guns since I was a little boy, but some people have just started to know even basic fundamentals of firearms or even when they should pull the trigger in self-defense.

Therefore, I stick to my guns on this topic after long thoughts on it myself. For concealed carry you need training…Sorry if I offend any, but this is my opinion now(Notice: it’s an opinion and does not mean factual)!

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No offense taken by anyone brother, this is a discussion and last time I checked it was America and we’re allowed to disagree with each other and should be able to do so without anyone taking any offense. In fact that’s one of the things that makes America great, us being able to disagree but still go deer hunting together (thought I forgot? :wink:)

That is an absolutely true statement with solid rationale behind it and one I think 99.9% of the community here would agree with! The difference just comes down to mandating by the Government or individual responsibility we should be taking on our own. :slightly_smiling_face:

See, more same than different. :+1:


Did you see they’re also working to disarm police in New Zealand? They’re freaking everywhere!

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Thanks, @JamesR!!

You make me feel a lot better stating my opinion!
Also, I wish it was NOT state governed…I wish it was done in private sectors(But, I guess it wouldn’t be licensing then).

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In Commie-fornia the local and state politicians destroy law abiding citizens Second Amendment Rights. Truly wish all of these politicians could be deported.

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At the state level Kentucky is in good shape. My local rep in the state house is questionable. Our city/county government is less inclined to care about our rights and keep asking for special legislation that would remove the preemption of state firearms law for Louisville. I’d like to say that will never happen but the upcoming state election could create some issues.

Fortunately in small town Texas/rural TX We have no worries. Our LEO’s and politicians are for the most part very pro 2nd Amendment and Pro Self defense.

I even have written permission to carry in our local courts and gov’t offices and schools.