Local gun safety instructors voice concern about TN governor's Constitutional


If you include a “but” after declaring you support the second amendment, you don’t really support the second amendment.
I would also ask these “firearms trainers” why they have such disdain for the people of Tennessee. We hear similar arguments every time a pro 2A piece of legislation is proposed. “It’ll be the wild west”, “it will be dangerous for police”, etc etc. Are they saying the citizens of Tennessee are more inept, less intelligent, more inclined to violence than citizens of other states with constitutional carry?
Never mind the fact that several states have constitutional carry, yet don’t have increased crimes against cops. Pro 2A in name only.


So TN previously required concealed carriers to go through a course of training at an avg cost of $50 per student in order to obtain a permit to carry……

Now the Governor is going to sign a law allowing for Constitutional carry eliminating the requirement for the $50 per student class…

In reaction instructors of these classes, who charged $50 per student, are upset about the removal of the requirement citing safety concerns and how the formerly mandatory classes are needed…

Now that doesn’t seem self-serving/suspect at all… :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

Easy fix…mandate the instructors offer the classes for free to anyone who is interested in carrying…and then then mandate the requirement for the class again. In fact, since the concern of safety of proper gun handling is not limited to conceal/open carriers, mandate for anyone purchasing a gun must attend one of the FREE gun safety classes from one of these concerned instructors. Problem solved. :unamused:


@Brett13 @JamesR Both of your posts are right on. I thought exactly the same thing when I read the story. :+1: @RocketPak Thanks for posting. :wink:


I’m not offering commentary one way or the other on the article, only my first thought after reading it: the Constitution not only guarantees the right of the people to have arms with the 2nd amendment, but also stipulates it shall not be infringed by the government. With regard to training, many of us were raised from early childhood with firearm safety and learned to shoot at the feet of our fathers, and everyone with a gun needs that basic training.


I live in Arizona. And it is a CONSTITUTION AL CARRY state. And you don’t need a permit to carry a firearm. And yes there are places that you’re not allowed to carry at all without a permit. But there are also places that if you have a permit you can carry. And I did get a permit to carry. And I did so that when and if I travel I could have my gun for protection. And one place that you can carry legally in Arizona is in places that sale alcohol. But only if you have a permit and YOU DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL. And there have been no real problems with citizens carrying without a permit. But I do agree that if you own a firearm that you should get some type of firearms training. I’ve taken firearms safety courses for both handguns, rifles, and for my carry permit. And I watch a lot of firearms training videos and reading to stay informed on new things. And USCCA has a lot of it to take advantage of as well.

From the article;
'Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s new permit less carry law has gun experts on edge.

His proposed legislation would allow citizens to carry a handgun without a permit.’

Interesting… the Constitution is our permit.

From the article;
‘He believes if people want to own a gun, they need to be properly trained and educated.’

Can he show where it says in the Constitution that people must be properly trained and educated? And what is considered proper training and education?
While it is sensible to have people familiar with firearms and trained in the carrying and use of firearms, it is not required.

That may worry some, and perhaps correctly, but if we start issuing requirements such as training, we could see the right infringed…

Prohibitively expensive training costs, training requirements, 40 hours of classroom training, or 80 hours all consecutively completed… or some other excessive governmental intrusion that violates the Constitution.

They cried ‘the sky is falling’ when more and more states allowed both open and concealed carry, and yet there were not and have not been massive gun battles in the neighborhood streets.

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