Tennessee Constitutional Carry

Pretty soon Tennessee will become the 19 state in the union to have some form of constitutional carry. Just wondering how others feel about it, I myself am pleased but pray that those that do it still spend some time getting some training and guidance, especially if they are new to firearms.


Kentucky passed Constitutional Carry a couple years ago and we have not seen any real significant issues. That said, I agree, I hope people seek training because they want it, not because they have to do it.
Once thing that you may see happen is an increase in TN people traveling out of state armed and without a permit getting in trouble in states that require a CCL.


Have had a a few discussions on the constitutional carry subject. Most between the HH6 and myself. Have been watching and listening. Mostly listening. We decided to even if our state goes that direction,Which we hope they do. We are still maintaining our permits thinking it could flip back with wind change. Reciprocity needs to be passed also. Shouldn’t have to relearn rules every time a state line is crossed

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I also agree that they should take time for some training for self protection and for others.

And because they want to not because of it being mandatory.

I have a lifetime enhanced carry because I do travel back home at less twice a year.

Iowa has beat us, Iowa is now the 19th state of the union to have some form of constitutional carry, way to go Iowa. What is taking the governor of Tennessee so long to sign his own bill? He is acting as if he only started it as a joke.

It is done now, Gov. Bill Lee has signed the bill. As of or on the date of July 1st, Tennessee will become the 20th state to have some form of constitutional carry. I myself say if you are not use to firearms, please take some classes on safety of firearms and remember they are not toys to be played with.