Constitutional Carry/Unrestricted/Permitless Carry


Your opinion: Should Constitutional Carry states allow everyone to carry without a permit or only the resident of that state to carry without a permit?

Check out which states allow what here:

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I’m torn. I don’t like the idea of having to buy my rights thru a permit. However I am 100% ok with the extra level of background checks and procedures to ensure criminals have a harder time to access guns. I know of they want them they’ll get them. Most gun laws don’t prevent gun crimes but some make it harder and help increase the chances of someone getting caught.

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Full disclosure: Libertarian

I’m not okay with 99% of gun laws that are out there. I am okay with background checks, I am okay with felons having rights revoked. I am also okay with non-violent felons having a path to restoring their rights. So as far as I am concerned, “Constitutional Carry” should be the norm country wide.


I agree, I would love to see a real push for national reciprocity not sure why the 2nd amendment is only one that changes as you cross different lines on a map


@Sheepdog556, are you sure you want the federal government controlling who is “qualified” to carry a permit. This prospect scares the hell out of me. The idea of the whole thing is an awesome concept, I agree. However, in practice it might be a nightmare.

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If they allow only residents to carry without permits, they can’t call themselves a Constitutional carry state.

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I live in Arizona. And it is a CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY/PERMITLESS CARRY. I did get a permit so that when and if I travel that I could carry as long as I followed the gun laws of the state(s) that I was going through and to. And I have do think that to it where if you have a permit that it should be good all over the country as well. But you’d still have to know the gun laws for the state(s) that you’re in.

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I agree about having to know the laws of the State you’re in. I do think that all laws we are supposed to follow should be written in language that is easy for all to understand though. Try jumping down the Michigan carry law rabbit hole sometime. It’s a little hard to follow without help for a non-legalese speaker.

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It’s a very hard thing to balance. I don’t think the federal government should control anything except our foreign policies and protect our borders, however I also believe that certain criminals should not have legal access to firearms. There’s no perfect system out there and I understand evil people will do evil things.


I have an app for my cell that gives me all of tn laws the gun laws for every state. And it is a free app either in the iStore or Google Play. e Nam of the app is CONCEALED CARRY LAWS. And I found out about it a few years ago on either the USCCA Facebook page or another gun site. And it also lets you know what states your permit is honored in as well.


If a state is Constitutional Carry, it should be everyone. Resident or not. Hopefully, eventually a case will come before SCOTUS that would cause a Constitutional Carry nation wide.


I agree that it should be Constitutional carry nation wide, but since it’s not if you do have a carry permit it should be honored nation wide with no questions asked and you should be able to carry as you do in your own state.