Tennessee Constitutional Carry

Now that we are a constitutional carry state , should our permit be linked to our license?

I am happy for Tennessee and all, but what do you have in practice, using example of Gatlingburg. All major tourist attractions, with daily visitors numbering in the thousands, are giant GFZs. Enforced by criminal penalty, mind you. I didnt see much in terms of security personnel.

This needs improvement.


Sounds kind of silly to me???


Thanks for posting. I hadn’t seen it. It may seem less silly once more rights get restored because of the Supreme Court.


I think Missouri and Texas have had the boldest laws put in place lately.

Missouri completely cutting off any assistance to the Federal Government when it comes to infringement of the 2A, and Texas pushing against the NFA for suppressors. We are starting to see real push back against the Federal Government.

It will also be interesting when 2 other cases start going further through the courts. One is challenging the ATF and their reckless application of rules (keycard case). The second is pushing against states dropping cases after they know they are going to get trounced in the courts. This should start to put some serious backstops against infringements. I’d like to see both the NFA and the GCA go down in flames, soon.

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This is true.

A ton of places are criminally illegal to carry in TN. I was in Gatlinburg and the surrounding area this year, and I had to leave my gun in my car more in one weekend there than I do in an an average year in Georgia.

Granted it’s definitely a tourist area, but, to me TN felt like they were all scared of gun owners and carrying a gun was practically useless (limited to your residence and car like in New York).

I had expected better of TN. I couldn’t even go out for a steak dinner without having to turn around and go back to my car. And this assumes you drove to your destination, if you’re walking around town you just can’t go places or you have to not bring a gun the whole day

Now, to reiterate, I have no problem with private businesses making that choice. Private property Rights are a thing. But…I wish they wouldn’t make that choice


I just happen to live in Tennessee and I carry almost everywhere and every day. If I go to a place which do not allow me to carry, I just find one that does.