Tennessee concealed carry bill goes to governor's desk


I’m not sure how I feel about this, to be honest. They say this could be a gateway to Constitutional carry. So, why not just jump over the gate?

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Missouri took the path to Constitutional Carry in 4 steps over 4 years - not speedy but it totally got us there. with a good active grassroots base that shows up at town halls and calls and emails reliably, you can move the line forward a step at a time.

If this is better, I’d say take it. MO couldn’t get there in one try, but in 4… WIN!


At least they’re going in the right direction, @JKetchem! :slight_smile:


On the surface it looks good. My hope is this will eventually grant more privileges to the old permit, which will be the new “enhanced permit”. From what I’m hearing the weight of law for signage might go away for the enhanced, but stay alive for the new “concealed only” permit. Plus the new “concealed only” may not have reciprocity between multiple states, but the enhanced will stay recognized.


Oh, I don’t’ know if I like that - I didn’t realize it would create multiple levels of carry permits. If you have a permit it should be recognized by other states… granted, even with the current permits we have, not all states recognize other states permits. But adding a new layer to the permitting won’t make it any easier to carry in the long run. It’s a slippery slope. :confused:


It’s a screwy situation. I’ve already had to put out some fires locally from “enhanced” holders thinking they got the shaft. The new permit will only require 90 minutes of online training, plus a cheaper permit fee. The current, or “enhanced”, permit has a 8 hour training requirement, class paid for by the student at a state recognized handgun school, and $100 paid to the state for an 8 year permit. The grapevine says the new permit will be valid for a shorter term.

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Personally, I’d rather see all of your permit be one. Unfortunately if that happens, some people will get the shaft so to speak because they just paid more money. However in the long run it will save them money if permits are cheaper. :confused:

Heck, I’d rather you didn’t have to have a permit at all, @JKetchem! :smiley: