Any Pennsylvania CCW permit holders?


A bill was proposed that you will not need a Concealed Carry Permit to carry conceal!!! Finally!!! Permits will be optional.

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I believe 9 other states are this way, the way it should be throughout America!

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Missouri is constitutional carry :innocent: is that what PA is heading for?
I got my license anyway because of reciprocity as I travel a lot for work.

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I believe that is what the bill is saying, I hope!!! I’d still get the permit anyway.

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I’ll be interested to see how the different cities react to that, @Jeffrey!

Although, I am slightly confused where they got the 9 states having Constitutional Carry (as stated in the article)… There are 13 states currently - the 14th state (SD) will adopt Constitutional Carry in July.


Thank you for the clarification Dawn! Hope it comes to PA, then the whole country!!!


I hope it comes to PA for you, @Jeffrey! That would be awesome!