The Most-Armed States | Stats & Figures | USCCA

As a responsibly armed American, you may be curious about which states have the highest percentage of concealed carry permit holders…

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As a percentage I see we don’t show up. But, as “number of” we’re doing pretty well.
Virtually everyone I know has a LTC. 1 couple does not, they are our only blue friends and are CA transplants here.

Doesn’t Utah pad the stats a bit with all their out of state permit holders? The article is carefully worded and correct but I think that’s worth pointing out.

I’m friends with an actual cowboy from Wyoming that lives between there and Indiana (swear), from what I hear Wyoming is the last of the wild west. I was at first surprised that Wyoming didn’t make the list, then realized that they recognize constitutional carry.

This list is representative of only the states that mess around with permits. Just a thought.

God bless the states of our union that abide by the constitution as it is written. To bear is to carry, in the US of A you have the right to carry weapons. Permits are unconstitutional and should see their day in the Supreme Court. You can’t even own a throwing star here in Indiana, let alone carry it.


I know of one in the lower 48 that don’t have any permits at all. They are called License to Carry Firearms, I wish it was recognized by all states like my drivers license. It’ Class A Large Capacity, Restrictons None. Some at this time do why not all? Just putting in my two cents worth in. God Bless and stay safe.

I split my time between Arizona and Hawaii. Two very different (but in a lot of ways similar) gun cultures. I’m sure Arizona would be on the list if we didn’t have constitutional carry. A lot of people just don’t feel the need to get a CCW. In regard to Hawaii, I think they have issued something like 1 permit in the last 5 years. It forces good folks to illegally carry. It’s funny, general folks attitudes about guns are basically the same but the laws couldn’t be more different between the two states.

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