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It’s been quite a few busy, crazy years since I became more active in politics and government through the DC Project and BamaCarry. With DC Project, I first became a delegate, representing my state of Alabama along with other women across the United States. Last year, I agreed to volunteer as the director for my state. And with this organization, I have traveled to Washington D.C. four times in the last five years. I visit with representatives from all over the nation, share stories of responsible gun ownership and build relationships with other women who have a passion for the Second Amendment. I joined BamaCarry as a board member nearly two years ago. BamaCarry is the largest gun rights group in Alabama, and I have been proud and humbled to learn more about what’s happening locally … and what else can be done to ensure our rights are not infringed.

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So sad. I come from a large family. Years ago, a relative of mine was run over by a car driven by her husband. She survived though.

Per reports, though not the case at the time in Ms. Bowne’s region, I heard there had been or are other regions with laws which allow a victim of domestic violence a faster track to CCW CLL Permits; I’d be in favor of that; perhaps a creative law which might find more bipartisan support. IDK.

I’ve not studied why a state would allow open carry, but then require a separate permit for conceal carry. If someone knows why, please share what their “logic or rationale” is. I imagine they have their reasons. I’m less familiar with states who open carry.

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Beth, I live in Florida, and while I am not fond of the way our gun laws have been handled in this state over the past several years (Red Flag Laws, slow permitting of CCPs or even replacements). I have 2 Senators on a National level who have shown themselves to be anti gun when it comes to our state and nation. Senator Rubio is a supporter of universal background checks as is Senator Scott. This of course we all know wii eventually lead to gun confiscation. When Senator Scott was governor of the state he signed into law Red Flag laws in FL in response to the Parkland shooting which have and do nothing to prevent that type of mass shooting.

I am an Honorably Discharged Veteran and I first applied for my CCP about 2 1/2 years ago. When I first applied it took me 4 weeks to obtain and have in my hand my permit. I actually was surprised l received it that quick. However, l lost my wallet last August of last year, I jumped thru all the hoops to obtain my replacement, it took almost 3 months to get my replacement. I could get no response, no information or anything from the Department of Agriculture or the Governor’s office for assistance. Totally unsat. So for 3 months I either carried without the permit or not at all. Some problem!!


Thanks for all the work you do. I think the ladies out there being a great boost in the 2A community. its always a great to be at the range. But what makes it cooler is seeing the ladies out here exercising their rights. They all carry in my family. Keep up the good work

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Hi group.

Looking for any discussion on Utah’s conceal carry permit, due to reported change that they became a “non-permit required” state, beginning in May, 2021.

Since this year, more states have made into law, no permit required, I’m still trying to find out which ones exactly have also changed to this no permit required law.

I’m interested in UT , because I, like many of you have a UT non-resident permit, which allows us to have reciprocity with many states. My initial concern was, since UT just became a non-permit state, would they no longer be issuing permits, such as to non-UT residents? If so, I’d lose my reciprocity with several states, such as when I’m up for renewal. If so, I guess that’d be a negative downfall effect for some of us, I’d regret. Prior to this new non-permit law, I heard UT was popular nationwide for obtaining permits for non-residents.

I checked Utah’s website, and it still allows one to apply for and or renew a permit; And even mentions their becoming permitless, but still offers it: This could be good news for many of us friends.

Heard that in 2021, 10 states were voting on becoming permitless:

Utah, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia;

Heard that Louisiana is still pending.

Heard it passed in UT, MT, & TN. Where else? Think I got this list wrong.

Similarly, for the other states who just went permitless, will their reciprocities no longer be honored, affecting even more of us. Or, will they follow suit like UT, and we’d be in the good grace per se? Go Utah!

Any insight appreciated as always.

Found sources on the list of permitless states, but not sure how valid it is:

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I live in Arizona. and it is a Constitutional Carry State. You don’t need a permit to carry a firearm either CC or OPC. I did get an Arizona Carry Permit. Because with it I can when I travel I normally go to GA. and they do honor my Arizona Carry Permit. And from what I’ve been hearing about States that are going permit less that they will still offer permits. And this is so that you can carry in states that now honor their carry permits.

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We also follow the DC project here. Hang in there ladies!! :us: