Utah goes to permit less carry,however

The question isn’t about Utah,it’s about all the other holders of a Utah cc permit , in all the other states. Does the Utah permit become meaningless? Does this mean ccw holders need to register in each and every state? What are the downrange implications of Utah going permit less? How about tenn?

What say you all? @MikeBKY what are your thoughts? ( I haven’t read the law yet)

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Reading the actual text of the bill, it does not eliminate the Utah concealed weapons permit. Instead it adds an exception for the permit requirement to those who are over 21 and not otherwise prohibited from possessing a handgun. This is great for Utah residents, or non-residents with Utah CCW permits, who want to carry in other states via reciprocity. I believe it is also needed to solve the problems (for Utah residents) where they need to have a CCW Permit to bypass federal restrictions on travel through gun free school zones (or pick their kids up from school). So it follows the pattern I’ve always suggested for moving to constitutional carry of making the permit optional rather than eliminating it.

If you want to think of this in another context, if you have a permit it is positive evidence to a law enforcement officer that you meet the requirements. Without the permit you might find yourself detained while a law enforcement officer verifies you are not ineligible for possessing a firearm. Or rather, they would have such an excuse should they feel a need to detain you.

But bottom line is, absent some real legal guidance, I think those of us who rely on a Utah CCW’s reciprocity can relax.


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I’m in Utah. This allows residents to carry without a permit. If we travel to or through another state, we still have to maintain a current CCWP for reciprocity.


In other states with Constitutional Carry, the permit is only really needed when traveling to another state for reciprocity purposes.

And even in a Constitutional Carry state, I would suggest taking the Concealed Carry course for your personal knowledge. The more you know…


The new Utah law allows any person (resident or otherwise) over 21 years old to carry a concealed firearm. It does not eliminate the current resident and non-resident permits.

(5) Subsections 76-10-504(1) and (2), and 76-10-505(1)(b) do not apply to a person 21 years old or older who may otherwise lawfully possess a firearm.

I have not seen the text of the Tennessee bill so I cannot comment definitively on whether it would affect the issuing of permits. However, the similar bill in 2019/2020 did not appear to eliminate the permitting process.


While I will always contend that there should be no inhibitions to a person exercising a Constitutional Right (requirements for permits, tests, fees or training), I believe everyone who is going to exercise a right has a moral duty to be well informed of the right and the exercise of that right. I believe that we, as citizens, have a duty to know how and when to use any weapon we intend on using but I also believe that we have a duty to understand the positions of those we elect to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of each level of our governments. We should understand the laws that we are presumed to know.

And, while I am not necessarily a fan of the permit process for firearms, I believe you should get a permit from your own state as long as we have issues with interstate reciprocity, and, if you have the need or desire, non-resident permits. I do not foresee national reciprocity coming anytime soon, at least not until the House is majority republican and the senate has a 3/5 majority of republicans along with a republican president.


I have not read the article or anything like that so I am just asking a straight out question. My state is trying to do the same thing Utah has done. Here’s the question.

Does this mean they have to open carry as in no concealed carry unless permitted?

@MikeBKY ?

No, it means they can carry concealed without a permit. The text @MikeBKY quoted is what they added effectively nullifying carrying (a handgun) concealed without a permit being a crime. I keep emphasizing handgun because they made sure not to alter the text in a way that would allow a rifle or shotgun to be carried concealed.

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No, @Justin47. The subsections identified in the new statute make it a crime, before the new changes go into effect, to carry a concealed handgun unless you fell in to a number of exceptions. Now, being 21 and lawfully able to possess a firearm is also an exception to the general rule of not being able to carry a concealed handgun.

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Thank you both @MikeBKY and @Harold26 for your response.

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Utah is already open carry without a permit (21yrs or older). Also, Utah issues a CWP which does not specify a concealed firearm, simply a concealed weapon.