Utah non res carry?

Looking for opinions on this. Utah public safety sent me a renewal letter. It’s inexpensive and fairly simple. Gains a few states on my MN permit. Does FL have any benefits for a non resident over UT? Might just renew UT. Thoughts?


I’m not familiar with MN.
CA CCW permits have zero reciprocity so any additional states is a bonus for me. UT gives me that benefit and since I love to go on road trips, it’s worth it.
FL has a state or two that UT does not cover but they overlap on others.


You can use either handgunlaw.us or the USCCA Reciprocity Map pages to compare what you get when you add either UT or FL to your resident MN permit.
I cannot tell you for MN, but i confirmed that adding a UT non-resident permit to an existing Ark permit adds one state, Washington.


Great topic. Been a while since I searched.

I thought I read that FL allows for New Mexico carry, but that UT is not honored by New Mexico. If so, might that be at least one state you gain. IDK.

Lots of math involved, but worthwhile if you reside in MN. I’m not in MN, so when I chose to apply, I chose four states to apply for, including my home state. If I recollect correctly, I think I only gained 1-2 more states by gaining that forth state carry permit.

For you being in MN, I wonder if Arizona offers you any different coverage?

To each his/her own, but I chose to due to travel, and due to uncertainty in laws chaining in the future. Gave me peace of mine. Renewals were so far apart and cost less than first time applying, that I found it within my budget. Plus, I felt I gained so much from all the classes. It was a no brainer for me. It was like, “Wait, you’re providing me this enriching class, and you’re awarding me with 40 states carry permits?”; I signed up.

I remember for my FL, I got lucky on that I found a large range/shop that frequently had permit classes, which advertised 38-40 states reciprocity between three licenses. It was those guys who had their own police offer there to take my finger prints in ink, and that was what FL needed from me. I wish I had gone to them first, because when I tried to apply for FL on my own, I found it kinda complicated, but never gave up and got it.

Now you have at least three different maps as sources. Good luck. MN is on my ‘bucket list’ to visit.




This is an easy one.

Get and keep all of them. Your own state, UT, and FL.

Reciprocity agreements can change on a dime and without warning. If you’re the type of person to care about this enough to get any non resident permit at all to begin with, you are likely best served by having them and it’s worth the effort especially when all you are talking is a renewal


I got my FL application kicked back the first time I applied entirely by mail, despite going through a bunch of stuff.

When I showed up in person it was super easy and fast.

Too bad I can’t always show up in person for other non resident permits or I’d get a bunch.


Appreciated guys, thanks.


When applying for other states check that the non-resident has the reciprocity that you need. Some states will only recognize resident permits.


After doing the online renewal for Utah, from my couch for a grand total of 25.75, it seems my question was silly. Thanks guys.


I’m always baffled by the states that don’t recognize a CA permit, especially considering how difficult they’ve been to obtain (pre-Bruen decision). I get the retaliation aspect since CA doesn’t recognize any other state’s permits. But we permit holders disagree with the lack of CA’s reciprocity, so don’t take it out on us. Take it out on the armed security teams that protect our arrogant politicians. My non-resident AZ permit gets more respect in other states and it was MUCH easier to obtain than my CA permit.


Yeah, that’s always a catch.

On the one hand, I can see, let’s say, OR, thinking “only recognizing CA if they recognize ours gives CA residents the incentive to push for recognition of other states”. On the other hand, I can see the “CA residents who want to carry don’t have any say in anything at the state level, it’s not like they can make changes so why try, just recognize theirs”

Personally I prefer states like Indiana, no permit is required now but when they did require a permit, they recognized ALL other carry permits, flat out, no qualifiers (well, they still do). If only we could get more Indianas

In the end AZ permits get more respect than CA because AZ gives more respect than CA gives


Just renewed my Utah non res card.

21 day turnaround! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I have CA, UT and I will be getting FL and OR. My instructor has all of these and AZ. I am working on becoming an instructor myself. I want to get my CA CCW instructor and UT. My suggestion is to renew it. It only adds to your ability to carry in other states.