Out of state Conceal & Carry

I live in PA, where i have my license. I was recently asked if i had my Utah? I do not. A fellow USCCA, member i met runs a Utah class on Saturdays. He said that it gives me an additional 31 states that doesn’t reciprocate with PA.

What are the best states to get a non residential CCW?


Historically, a Utah non-resident license has been the most efficient for maximizing acceptance. That is why instructors in so many other states offer Utah classes. It is worth the time to actually list the states that accept your PA license, then add those the Utah license will add. Only add more if there are missing states you expect to visit.
A few of things to know:

  1. To qualify for a Utah non-resident license you must already be licensed in your home state. You have this one checked.
  2. Several states only accept licenses for other states for residents of those states. Be sure not to add those to your list based on a UT license if they do not reciprocate with PA.
  3. With over 20 states now having constitutional carry, you may not need to worry about reciprocity in those states. (But still be sure to research the carry laws in those states if you visit them.)

Check into FL as well. FL covers FL and NM (think I got that right) which UT doesn’t. Prior training allowed, no class. Florida Concealed Weapon License Application Information - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Hearing that since UT went constitutional carry, some states may rescind reciprocity, though haven’t seen any evidence of that yet. Fwiw, PA rescinded UT about 3-4 years back, which now means I run the gauntlet through 2 states before attaining freedom.

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I’m IL resident and FL non resident permit gave me great coverage for little effort.
Fingerprints and few documents need to be mailed. Very easy and quick process.

I like AZ, Utah, FL, and IL. Though AZ, Utah, FL, as non resident permit help a lot. I think AZ, Utah, only differ by one state, they are similar. Lil more peace of mind for travelers. :cowboy_hat_face:

UT and FL are definitely the Big Two non-resident permits to get for added reciprocity.

I am just curious.

My understanding is that Constitutional Carry only applies to citizens of that state. Not out of state visitors

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Only North Dakota limits permitless (Constitutional) carry to its own citizens (legal residents of that state). All other states with permitless carry make it legal for all adult legal possessors of firearms. One last aspect… some may allow it for those over 18, and others only to those over 21. Check each state’s detail to know their laws.


That would depend on the state in question. To which state(s) are you referring?

I think that as Craig said there is only one silly state refusing to recognize the Rights of others. The ones I have checked do not limit proper permitless carry to only their own residents