How Many Permits Do You Have?

As we continue our concealed carry journeys, we learn more about the laws and challenges that face us as we try to abide by those laws.

Getting a permit from another state as a non-resident can help you legally carry in additional states.

Have you heard of non-resident permits? What non-resident permits are you interested in getting?

Check out our Reciprocity Map for more state-by-state information on non-resident permits.


Here in this state of VA they offer the Utah concealed carry class. I have procrastinated and need to get it.


One lifetime state permit, one LEOSA.
Oh, and a little thing called the United States Constitution.


I have the paperwork for Florida, I just need to send it in.


CA and AZ. Allows about 35 States.


Most 2A states have reciprocity laws. I keep my own state license. I don’t travel much, but when I do I re research the laws. I have no intention of going where I can’t at least lock my gun in my car.


So, I have my Florida resident permit… gives reciprocity in 36 states I think. Should I look at others?


Hailing from Texas. I don’t really travel much, though the few times I do it’s family related and (unfortunately) in Connecticut. Last time we ended up going to CT through N.Y. (which needs no explanation) and took a side trip to Massachusetts.

What I’m wondering is whether it’s worth it to get a nonresident permit from CT or other states that would allow me to carry in such states.

Addendum: I anticipate maybe 1 or perhaps 2 more trips to CT before it no longer matters, and when I don’t travel with family (that is the travel is personal or leisure) then I’m always avoiding the states that don’t honor my LTC.


" (which needs no explanation) " - Eduardo that gave me a chuckle! I grew up in CT, went to school in RI, MA and NY and KNOW exactly what you are talking about. My NY permit took literally 8 months to the DAY! and moving to NY from California, the first thing the guys at the range said to me about “the laws” was “welcome to NY, California’s Angrier little sister”


I have 2 permits currently Wisconsin Resident and Florida Non Resident do have t ge ability to get Minnesota Non Resident but have to visit MN to apply.

Update Finally made it to Minnesota turned in the paperwork and got the permit two weeks ago in the mail.


I have two, my Wisconsin resident and I have a non-resident one from Florida.

When my wife and I were planning our Motorcycle trip from Wisconsin to Las Vegas via Route 66, there were two states we were going to go through were I did not have reciprocity with my Wisconsin permit.

Adding the Florida non-resident permit allowed me to carry in those two states (it may have given me more but I was not concerned with others at the time).

There are still many I can not legally carry in, many of which I can not see me going to even to visit either because of the politics, gun laws or both.

If there was someplace else I really felt the need to go to and I dont have reciprocity with what I have I would look into what it would take to acquire the proper permit(s) but to be honest, if I cant carry it is likely I will not go given a choice.



Just a small note here. I attempted to get my NON-RESIDENT Permit in Virginia and I live in Florida with permit here. I
have had mine now for four years with clean record. I tired to get my NON-RESIDENT PERMIT in Virginia and I did all the
paper work and ask all the correct question and answered many as well. Sent all paper work, back ground, and fingerprints.
I lived in Northern Virginia for 5 year, clean. I was told that I have to take Qualifications test, live fire test like the police officer do.
Also more paper work. I have lived in Florida for almost 20 years and I think I will stay home.

I have the training for that test, but it is 16 hours round trip for the testing. I home here.

Thank you !


I gave you a chuckle? Nice.

I guess you were able to return the favor, cuz that gave me a chuckle!

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I have the class and the range quification for the permit. To apply you have to apply in person at a Sheriff’s department.


Thank you very much for your help.


then ya wait :smiley:

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I have three. CA, AZ non-resident, and UT non-resident.

Ability to carry in 37 states.


I’ve covered it before, but here it goes again:

In Michigan an out of state nonresident permit does not add additional states you can carry in, however it DOES fulfill a unique requirement.

In Michigan, a U.S. citizen licensed to carry in any other state is exempt from our psuedo-registration. Basically it means that you don’t have to turn in the states copy of the RI-060 form.

Here is where it gets really interesting. Michigan Law provides that “seller” and “purchaser” are two different and unique individuals. This matters when it comes to building your own AR Pistol, which normally needs to be registered as a pistol. Since buyer and seller cannot be the same person (it’s a felony to knowingly fill out these forms incorrectly), there is not actually a legal way to register an AR pistol you have built yourself.

To not register a pistol in Michigan is a civil infraction carrying a $250 fine. Having a non resident license exempts you from this.


Being from Texas you can go from one side of the state to the other and that distance would cover 13 states in the east coast!


Oregon and Utah.

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