Visiting in other states


What problems have anyone had going from state to state with all the changes from state to state?


I never had any trouble, I check the USCCA reciprocity map. Have you had any issues?


No I havent it is just with the changing laws in some of the neighboring states i was courious if anyone has had problems


I think the USCCA app for your phone also alerts you when you are crossing state lines. Some states are more accomodating than others. Rhode Island has stated they won’t give you a hard time crossing through their state while carrying if you aren’t licensed there, as long as you don’t exit your vehicle with your weapon on. For a while that wasn’t the case. I’m not so sure I’d take a chance anyway, unless it’s a matter of going though a portion of RI for five minutes and back into MA. I’d feel much better unloading my gun and locking it up in my safe, with the ammo seperate, and hiding it well in my truck until reaching a state that MA has reciprocity with.


I live in Illinois. The 3 neighbor states that I frequent, are much more 2A friendly than Illinois. We are the state that neighbors hate to travel to.


I live next to the lovely state of oregon. I have to lock everything up seperately to travel through. Once was told that if you are traveling through their state and not stopping over night there was not a problem. Talked to someone via email and was told that all firearms and ammo must be stored seperatly going through state unless you have oregon permit.


Right. The Firearms Owners Protections Act allows for interstate travel, as long as you lock the unloaded weapon up with the ammo seperate and aren’t staying for an extended period of time in a state that your permit doesn’t have reciprocity with. I’d limit my stops to gas/bathroom breaks in those states, even better if you can avoid stopping at all. You must be legal to carry in your final destination.

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Absolutely zero issues. Do your homework where your crossing state lines. Duty to notify, where and where not to carry ect, ect… Abide by the states laws your going through… I drove truck cross country for years, been in contact with law enforcement numerous times for inspections as is part of the job that comes with the trade. Never an issue. Always a conversational starter!! You’ll be fine, just do your homework. There are resources online such as where you can get a handbook and or download, or go to for a detailed online guide.


Never had an issue. I wasnt sure how to handle carrying my firearm thru Illinois on a road trip. Driving around it wasnt really an option so i calles their state police. They were very helpful on giving instructions

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Yes, you are correct, @45IPAC! IL doesn’t honor WI permits. It makes traveling through IL kind of a pain. :frowning:
At least we can carry through the state as long as we don’t get out of the vehicle. I try to spend as little time in IL as I can.

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Here’s the reciprocity map for you - the link is also in our app and at the bottom of every USCCA webpage.


Or check out the USCCA’s reciprocity map :wink:


Right now Washington state has reciprocity with Idaho. Could change will keep up on the changes that might be coming. Still need to travel through oregon to get there. So being originaly from washington state i go back from time to time.


There’s a lot going on in Washington state right now, @Winsam. I’d be sure to double check the laws right before you travel every time you travel.


Speaking of reciprocity, anyone here have a non resident permit to open up your ability to carry in other states? I’m waiting on the paperwork from Arizona, which if approved and in conjunction with my MA LTC, will allow me to carry in 35 states.


I have the paperwork for a Florida nonresident, I just need to send it in. That with my Illinois would get me 38 states I believe.


Live in Oregon, have my Oregon and Utah Permit, I bypass California on my road trips…


I’ve really had no issues. I also use the USCCA recipody map and the alert off the app from USCCA. With all the changes and crazy laws going on be safe all…


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I live in New Jersey and I have a Non-Resident from Virginia (which doesn’t help me in New Jersey but I plan on traveling one day).

I was wondering if I bought a Bus-Converted Mobilehome, what would I have to do to bring my weapons (pistols and AR-15) with me so that I can take advantage of training on outdoor ranges around the country and also for protection? I know that if I cross a state that I can’t carry in, I have to unload it and lock them up but where would they have to be locked up and does the Castle Doctrine law apply while traveling in a Bus Mobilehome which would be my temporary residence? Has anyone had this kind of experience?

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Castle Doctrine will vary by state, @NJStraightShooter. I’d be happy to help you deep dive into those laws when you know where you’re going. We could do it now but the laws may change before you travel.

As far as locking them up, the ammo usually has to be separate from the ammo. So if the ammo is in the front/toward the front and the guns are locked up toward the back of the mobile home that would work in most states. Granted, I’d want to look into that more depending on where you’re traveling.

If we had a magic political wand we could make it so that your permits/Constitutional carry applies equally throughout the country - like your drivers license does now. Unfortunately, I don’t know where that magic political wand is… :frowning: