Do you have to disarm when you travel through the state of _______?

The USCCA Headquarters is located in Wisconsin, so when a lot of USCCA Staffers travel south, we have to go through the lovely state of Illinois. The Federal Firearms Transportation Laws help as you travel through Illinois:

But there is still a state-specific component. Here’s the one for Illinois.

What other states do you have a hard time traveling through? What do you have to do to go through that state?

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Pretty much it’s Illinois.

In the fall, my father’s funeral will be in PA, so I’m going to have to look at the route requirements between here and there.

I have to go out to CA sometime this year to bring back some equipment… not liking the prospect of that much, so it’s going to take some planning.

Fortunately not only do I live in Texas where our Self Defense and Carry Laws get more sensible and user friendly year by year, being in Texas I’m also surrounded by states with similar laws.

One of the things that brought me to the USCCA originally was just searching online for information about carry/transport laws in other states. Once I found the online resources I kept coming back to the site for more and started then asking around as to others and their experience with USCCA membership.

The rest as they say is history.

Not trying to question you Zee but what about a Freight Transfer company if the equipment is really heavy or maybe UPS or Airborne Express if the equipment is not so weighty. It will eliminate all time restraints and other possible problems driving in my state here. FedEx is really an expensive undertaking.

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@Robert8 feel free to question me :slightly_smiling_face: questions bring better answers.
what we’re bringing back is a car-hauler box trailer of household goods, a flatbed of stallion fencing, two solid-steel early '70’s Fords (not running), 4 semi-trailers full of construction equipment and a con-gear :woman_facepalming:
we tried to find a way to get a rail car transport and we don’t have enough of a load (!!!) to get anyone to take it. We’re probably hiring a free-lance trucker to get the trailers moved, but the stallion fencing, box trailer and fords are another thing… the best solution at the moment is going to get them ourselves. Still looking for other options, but so far, nothing that makes both $ sense and gets it done.
Let me just say, in case you’re ever inclined to try it, Moving a Farm Sucks.

Upshot is I may have to drive to CA 2-4 times this year. :unamused:

No not at all. They’re rule says that they want a person if you’re legally ok to possess a concealed firearm in your own state it’s really fine to carry here in the state of Illinois. If you’re driving with a friend who doesn’t have a concealed carry firearm license that person has to disarm and carry the firearm in a secure container that locks and the person can’t use the gun I’m very sure a car trunk is sufficient since the trunk is able to lock and it is a secure container.

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Zee, it might well be worth it for you to look at selling the big stuff in CA and using the money then to buy what you need at home. Used farm/ranch stuff in CA will often sell for more than new stuff in the rest of the country.

Even if it cost you some, I think you might find enough savings from not having to haul/ship it to more than make up the difference.

Personally I hate moving, I’d rather burn it all and start over except for heirlooms.

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Not to argue but to reinforce the distinction.

Unless your state has reciprocity in Illinois you cannot “carry” outside of your own vehicle, it is a felony and if you exit the vehicle the firearm must be secured in a locked case.

It’s a careful distinction in the language but it’s the difference in lawful conduct and a felony conviction so it’s best to be very specific and careful with the language.

One small, inadvertent mistake can have horrible consequences.


@Zee what about saving yourself lots of aggravation and hire an Auction company and have a farm sale. I just can’t imagine moving a farm.

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@Zee Zee has your answer. My suggestion is to check out Illinois carry gun laws. You have to stay in the car, not get out which seems self defeating if you have to go to the bathroom. I don’t know where you live but you will not be profiled as a gangbanger for sure. Just go on a website for IL Concealed carry laws.

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@WildRose I agree. Stay away from the northern, northeast suburbs of Chicago is my advice to you. I don’t even want to go back there. To many foolish people there. I won’t ever have to go back there if my luck holds out. The thing is those people don’t even like Illinois citizens from other areas of the state.


@WildRose @Robert8 yeah getting the hubby to part with the construction equipment… tough. The old fords? Even tougher :laughing:
I may end up selling the stallion fencing even though I’ll have to take a $5000 loss on it (OUCH).

@Robert8 I do use the site, it’s a good resource. On my phone I have the USCCA app and the MyFLP app. I just reeeeeally want IL lawmakers to get some sense. oh… wait… probably not holding my breath for that one. [sigh] Yep I’ll just stay in my truck and try not to drink too much coffee.

I get you @Zee but the old Fords in not so good condition unless they are near mint or drivable are definitely going to deteriorate much faster here in the rust belt than ever would in California. I would sell them off and get the money and let someone else love them. Chances are your Husband has great intentions but not much time to do the hours of restoration. And right at this time antique cars and 1960’s muscle and classic cars are not going to make the money you will need to invest. I get it,everyone believes their car is worth much more but in the end its still a thousand pounds of steel. Each car is going to take about $1200 for a car transporter to bring it to your abode.

Definitely not gonna disagree with you on this one… and… never never say this to my husband :joy:
He doesn’t sell my old draft horses, I don’t sell his old trucks :wink:

What we do for love…

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@zee I feel you very much. I know what you’re saying.

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I’m just playing off of your ball so to speak to punctuate the point. :+1:


@WildRose I Got you

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I think we need to get an old fashioned group of friends together for a moving party, just load it all up and go. You can bribe people with a range day and BBQ at your place once everything is home.

I mean I am sure there are enough people here that would be willing to do it. Then one person can camp at the border with all our firearms just before the CA state line (they may need a motor home to hold all the firearms and ammo but what the hay). :wink:

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When I was young we’d do such things regularly to help friends for the price of a barbecue and keg of beer.

There hasn’t been enough beer or barbecue ever produced to get me to drive to or through CA though!


:heart_eyes: Can I just say I Love This Place!! Y’all ROCK!