Reciprocity - Does it Change Your Travel Plans?

When you carry, there are a lot of things you have to keep in mind. When you travel with your firearm, you get to learn all sorts of new laws! (Slight sarcasm there. :wink: )

Here’s our VERY handy reciprocity map. It’s kept up-to-date with the latest laws:

Does concealed carry reciprocity change your travel plans?


Reciprocity does not generally change my travel route but it may change what weapon(s) I carry as well as the extras. For instance, my trip a couple weeks ago to IL kept my auto knife at home and a similar sized folding knife in my pocket. I also pulled my range bag and ammo can out of the trunk so it didn’t appear as if I was getting ready for war with many magazines and lots of ball ammo.

I should add that the USCCA Reciprocity map was the starting point of my research.

No but it does mean sometimes I have to bring extra safes and separate mags and ammo from the firearms. And it means stopping before the state lines/ after entering a new state.

We just mixed a possible trip because it would have taken us into Illinois. Don’t want to risk it without pressing need.


When driving absolutely. I fly as little as possible.
My parents live in Michigan and I have no problem adding an hour or two to a drive to go around Illinois and Chicago

My travel plans do not necessarily change because of reciprocity. What I have with me or how I handle them do.

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Well, I’m in Illinois, so everywhere I travel honors my ccw license. I do carry extra mags and boxes of ammo the farther I travel. I do check the exact laws for where ever I’m traveling. My main focus is if the No Gun Signs are enforceable by law or not. Illinois they are, neighboring states are not.

Yes it most certainly does! I may pass through a State that does not have reciprocity, however I will do what I can to spend no money there at all. We really would love to see the Oregon coast; instead we are going to do Washington for instance. If I know this is going to be the case, I also pack extra lock boxes and locks.

Even with HR 218 I predicate where I go and what I take based on local laws. For an example, Hawaii. Federal law allows me to carry concealed there but Hawaiian State Law demands I register with local police if I’m in Hawaii longer than 3 days. Who goes to Hawaii for just three days? I don’t bother to carry in Hawaii. Only go there once a year to my timeshare. I wont go to New York or NJ or MA just due to general principles. I travel with a less expensive weapon If I fly due to theft possibility. Hanging out with the Good Old Boys in TN for a week coming up. Best believe I’ll be packing. Gotta fit in.

The short answer is YES. It is why I dont travel through Minnesota nor will I visit the three west coast states. I am covered everyplace else west of the Mississippi that I would travel to.

As far as the east coast? If I travel in that direction I might have to make a detour or three depending on where I wanted to go.

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Yes, I won’t travel to any state I cannot legally carry in.

National reciprocity needs to happen, we have ample precedent for it and there is no sound legal or constitutional argument against it.

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Traveling to the Philadelphia area next week. The selected route from Louisville will cross KY, OH, WV and PA. The only thing special to know is that OH is a duty to inform state. This is a regular route but yes, I did take a quick look at USCCA’s reciprocity map to confirm there have not been any significant changes.


I check the reciprocity map any time I consider leaving the state. Then I go to to the particular state’s website and study their specific laws concerning the use of deadly for for self defense and CC rules. Even between gun friendly states the rules can vary significantly.

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