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Hello, I just received my CWP for the Independent State of Maryland :no_mouth: Which other CWP will give me the most comprehensive reciprocity possible? I’m not sure I will need much more than what MD offers so this is a bit of an academic question. Thanks in advance to all who respond.


@Kevin180 This link should answer your questions. :+1:


I personally would go with any of the following
(all the states with better reciprocity like a Wyoming permit only allows residents to get them so no use to you)

They are very similar and cover almost the same things. they all cover the same states with 3 state differences. (Non RES)
Utah will allow you to carry in Washington State but not Florida or New Mexico
Arizona will allow New Mexico but not Florida or Washington State
Florida will allow New Mexico and itself but not Washington State

Florida permit also restricts you to handguns only in pretty much every state that you are using it for while no such restrictions exist with Utah or Arizona permits.
Now since you are on the east coast and more likely to travel to Florida (I’d imagine) then that should be and easy choice if you only conceal handguns.
-Utah requires a Utah instructor so you would have to find someone in your state or nearby who is certified to teach Utah classes (just being a USCCA instructor/NRA instructor or equivalent does not count).This would make Utah a bit harder to obtain.
-Arizona permit is very easy to obtain and requires no state specific course but does require proof of proficiency via firearms classes as a general. The Utah conceal class will also get you qualified for both AZ and UT.

  • Florida non res permit requires “an approved firearms training course” which I think would be covered by most(check with Florida specifically). Florida permit does last 7 years which is longer than the others but does cost more.

I don’t think any non res permits will match these permits but I could also be wrong. Between these the question is
Do you travel to Florida, New Mexico or Washington State more?

Update VA offers an easy non res permit that would allow the same as Arizona and is near you so easier to get


Thanks, @Steven147. You are correct - FL would be more likely for me to travel to than either UT or AZ, as I have some relatives down there. I’ll investigate based on your comments.


Kevin, congrats on getting your CWP. Don’t forget to do the WalMart walk as I mentioned here:

Everyone else already mentioned the reciprocity map. FYI - there are a few states that simply don’t honor anyone else’s permits/licenses except their own like California. I do have California and Arizona and it allows me to carry in a vast majority of states I have to regularly go to but not Oregon, Washington or Colorado. The USCCA App is a great tool to also check out the reciprocity map on the go.


Sorry for such a late response; I never knew about the WalMart walk but now that I do, thanks to you, I’m adding that to my checklist for CC training.

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It was given to me by my instructor and I hope it brings you as much value as it brought to me.