Which States Issued the Most Permits in 2020? | USCCA

As the popularity of concealed carry and responsible gun ownership rise across the country, you may be wondering which states issued the most concealed carry permits. These states tend to be more friendly toward responsible gun owners. It should come as no surprise that Florida — a.k.a. “the Gunshine State” — leads the pack. See the rest of the top ten states with the most concealed carry permits below.

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I knew it was FL on top. But another thing that makes it extra ordinary is there is less population there than TX yet they are at almost 50% higher. Amazing!


Fisbin is literate in statistical analysis. The delta in numbers is more illuminating in reference to numbers per capita; and even more illuminating per capita when stratified by relevant demographics such as sex, age, political identification and so forth. Good call Fisbin. TY

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