Latest Texas school shooting

Thank God! and I am an Atheist.


And no one in the neighborhood had a rifle, this is Texas after all. Or was it because of the school zone??? What has become of men??? (Rhetorical comment.)


You are preaching to the choir Rich. Lay a gun on the table and walk away and it will not fire. only the person holding the gun can fire it. If he is a mentally ill, untrained, criminal or has some other problem, then his problem can become society’s problem. I like guns, I like all firearms. This is not because I am a sick, mentally ill degenerate. I like the mechanical skill that went into it’s creation, I like the design of the weapon, I like the equipment that goes along with them. Nothing is more pleasing than picking out a gun that I like, and matching equipment to it. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and carried a gun every day. When I retired I kept my duty weapon, a self supplied Sig Sauer P226. I still have it and it will go to my grand son when I pass on. In 27 years I never had to use it. In 23 years of retirement I have been to a range regularly. I have participated in Cowboy Action competition, I carry concealed, I have never been charged with a weapons offense, or any other offense. And now there is a threat to my weapons ownership by the vert country I served for 27 years. What are they thinking, or not thinking?


I live in Illinois, the politics in our state depends on wether you live in an urban or rural community. Chicago, which has one of the strictest gun legislation in our country, also has one of the highest death by firearms in our country. Gary195 is right, let the punishment fit the crime. But what happens when the law makers are confused as to what the problems are, when the states attorneys office refuse to enforce the laws, when judges have to let offenders walk out the door, and when police officers are afraid to use their weapons for fear of bringing a civilian review investigation down on them, then you have the problems Chicago and many other cities are having. Before becoming a member of Federal Law Enforcement (not the FBI) I taught physical education at a city school on the south side of Chicago. At the time a street gang called the Black Stone Rangers along with anther gang called the Disciples were active in the neighborhood. Two Chicago police officers were ambushed and killed at a housing complex near the school. The H. S. principal at the school wrote an item in the school newspaper stating that no gang would take over his school. Word got out to the Blackstone Rangers and a rumor started that the Rangers were coming to take over the school. The principal met with the physical education dept. and told them to guard the doors and not allow any gang members to enter. The department refused to comply. There were 4 male and 2 female instructors. There were two Chicago police officers assigned to the school as off duty security. Out of respect for them and to avoid repercussions from the city, I will use their names, but God Bless Them! For the next two weeks the Rangers got more attention from these officers than ever before. There was a rumor that a few of them were dropped off in Disciple turf and left on their own. Needless to say they never showed uo at the school. The ACLU, City of Chicago politicians, the Supervisors of the Chicago Police Department, and most of the clergy in the State of Illinois would disagree with this method, but myself and the members of the Gym Dept. salute it, and it worked.


I think they are looking for an excuse to ban all gun except theirs so they can take over our country and take all our rights away.


100% right. this is the only way they can take over completely. #2 protects all others.

I understand the frustration and anger… but I don’t catch how exactly THEY can ban all guns except THEIRS?
Will there be a list of US and THEM, and then a group of people who will run after THEM to take their firearms away and US will keep the firearms? :thinking:
It’s really hard to understand how it will be possible to execute…

You lack faith in our system and our dictators! If Brandon wants to kill energy independence, click, if Brandon wants the largest tax increase in history, click, if Brandon wants to starve the children of this nation, click, if Brandon wants to defund law and order, click. That click you keep hearing is his pen, CLICK there goes the 2A.

Your thinking how could they possibly enforce that, click a pandemic. Worked once! Might not even have to be real!
How do you think they are going to stay in power come this election season and in the future, the King and those pulling the strings WILL find a way to repeal or strike down the 2A. Click.

Some may argue “checks and balances”, click, those were gone January 20th! He’s calling our bluff! This administration will burn the Constitution, on live national television and they will love him for it, and tell us it’s for our own good, and we will publish memes and use bad words!

So have faith my friend, he can do whatever he wants! When the mob wins by intimidation over Supreme Court Justices, civil war will be a click away! Keep an eye on that, as soon a one Justice falls so shall this country!
They will know for sure, that a mob has extreme powers. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no way to stop it individually!
They are and have been acting in concert with each other, we can’t even talk to each other!

We are the Bad News Bears in search of a leader!

Last but not least, I am so heartbroken about this situation and angry the he is blaming us, to the world! We are a broken nation! There are no more Patrick Henry’s left in the world! There are no great men in the world, they all seem to be identifying as something else!

Can you imagine someone speaking like Patrick Henry today, can you say SOLITARY CONFINEMENT!

More prayers to the families and friends and to our once free nation! :smiling_face_with_tear:

  1. Most people who work in schools are women.
  2. Men who hang out near elementary schools tend to get escorted away by police.

But it still doesn’t explain how to segregate US and THEM.
Who will decide I am US or I am THEM so THEY will come and take my firearm or not.

I know that current political trend is not what we have been expecting and the direction to solve problems like this shooting is completely wrong, but my question remains the same? How it is possible to execute this:

to ban all gun except theirs

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1931 to 1938.
The uniforms were changed to protect the “innocent”.


One thought I’ve read on how a gun ban will play out is this. You get a national gun registry. Then you nationalize health care (kind of did that already). You show up to the hospital for treatment. Pardon me sir, I see you have firearms at home. Happy to treat you as soon as you turn them in. When it’s your wife or kid, what do you do?

Sounds crazy. But so did loading Jews on cattle cars to take them to the showers.


Remember this, everyone. This is about manipulation… the 2nd Amendment is about having the ability to keep the government from becoming totalitarian. Yes, the keep and bear arms is great for all of us to have the ability to defend ourselves when any moron tries to push us into a corner. I hate to think of conspiracy theories, but that doesn’t mean they are all just theories. Our greatest enemies know that we, as Americans, have millions of guns on top of our “government weakened military” and do not want to take us on by force. Why should they when they can continue to divide our country, invade our computers, purchase reporters to print and air their agendas, and generally create such a disturbance that we fight among ourselves? They don’t have to fire a single shot; we are doing the job for them. Politicians are idiots when they believe more gun control will prevent mass shootings; hell, the tons of legislation already enacted against firearms in general are already written that may have helped. But, those are not enforced because the politicians are only interested in appeasing the few against the many. Gun owners are not immune to the emotion wrought from witnessing these horrific incidents! Here is a thought for you all to chew on. What if these mass shooters are being induced to act? Could there be money involved in these? Is our worthless FBI looking into the possibility of someone behind the scenes? Is there a potential “follow the money” effort going on? We have all heard and seen the many liberal leftist billionaires voicing their desires regarding our gun rights; are they in collusion? Yeah, this all sounds like a conspiracy theory; but I prefer to think out of the box and wonder sometimes.

Imagine a Gun Ban getting passed the same Summer that Roe v Wade gets overturned.

“Expect a disaster a of Biblical proportion.”
“Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”


The timeline was confirmed, today. The shooter was in the school for over an hour before he was stopped. It was partially explained that law enforcement didn’t consider him an active shooter. (To be fair, he was in there for an hour, so he must not have been doing too much active shooting.) They were treating it more like a hostage situation, which is why they weren’t letting anyone go inside.

It still adds a layer of tragedy to the whole story. The had an HOUR to stop the perp before he started slaughtering children.

It was also reported that the unlocked door the perp entered had been left propped open by a teacher. Somewhere in Texas is a teacher that will never get a good night’s sleep again.

I always warn it’s unhealthy to try to understand a lunatic’s motivations, but I can’t help but wonder if the perp was just trying to get death-by-cop. It seems as though he didn’t start shooting children for quite some time, but he could have. So why did he go to the school in the first place? Hard to say, I think it’s obvious he wasn’t in a rational state of mind.

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LE is pretty much always exempt, and even if the law is so poorly written as to not exempt them, it’s not enforced on them anyway (see NY)


This is kind of where I’m at with regards to weapons bans, though.
Congress wants to ban all whatever weapons? Fine. They don’t get them, either.

I heard Howard Dean’s quote, today. "“We need a bill in Congress to eliminate ownership of assault weapons by ordinary people.” When someone says “Ordinary People,” I hear “Plebes.” No, if you can’t trust the citizenry with 5.56, then no one else gets it, either. No police, no feds, no National Guard. We’re a nation of citizens, not a nation of servants.

If you can only trust “ordinary people” with slingshots, then I expect to see police patrolling with the same thing. They can get really nice sling shots, because I back the blue, but we don’t need to codify a caste system.


This is how it will be done: Outlaw many types, and the law abiding will turn them in, or simply not buy anymore. This will thin the ownership, then they will only need to confiscate from the ones that refuse to follow.

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Thank you. I’m not on an island. Been chewing on that since Columbine!
Also been hearing a lot about the tactics involved, two questions:
How’s that defunding thing working out and why didn’t they flash and clear or at least create a diversion?
I’m no tactician, but even a quarterback knows if you fake left and throw right you have a pretty good chance to score. Pardon my game analogy.

AN HOUR, AN HOUR! Can’t be serious about that timeline! Tasing and handcuffed parents? If the parents broke through, would the OFFICERS have shot them, following orders?
Forget the island, am I in the twilight zone?
This monster spent more time and expended more rounds than I do at the range.
Someone please reassure me this was not a planned execution by the administration! Is this how the anti-gun lobby works?

How can SWORN officers stand by and WAIT for a TACTICAL TEAM ( and CRINGE WORTHY ) NEGOTIATOR during an ACTIVE!, ACTIVE!, situation.
What were they going to do, call him, ask him what he wants? A pizza, cash, a private jet to India?

How many of you would have rushed the door if you heard gun fire in a school? How many of you would have rushed the door if YOUR child was in there? These were babies!

I’m no hero, I don’t play one on TV but my supermarket is next to a school, if I ever heard gunfire at that school, I’m dialing 911 giving them a description of ME and informing them I’m going in! In my neighborhood I could probably recruit they guy next to me in line as we both are probably armed! They can sue me later!

I somewhat understand kill zones, fatal funnels, but there are more people with guns in Texas than on the whole planet.

What happened to Texas Strong? Why didn’t they use a vehicle to breach? Instead they wasted precious time and resources and 21 lives to hold back the parents, who were obviously more brave than those that took the oath??? Am I missing something? I’m all ears.
Please don’t tell me they were waiting on a key for the door. I’ll remember to lock the bank door behind me!

The most embarrassing year and a half in United States history, title of this chapter, WRONG ON ALL LEVELS!

From my minimal training in the art of active shooter response.
Establish contact…yeah! I don’t mean by phone. Identify threat level, course of action, execute, execute, execute
Deploy an adequate force to harass, delay or eliminate the threat in a TIMELY manner, MINIMIZE death and destruction!
Communicate for back up
Report conduct of threat, sweep and secure
Clear the able and treat the injured

Just sayin’
My heart can’t take much more of this administration’s handling of our safety and well being.


I’d be the one in handcuffs after being Tased. Or one of the ones, doubt I’d be the only one and I doubt the one I saw in cuffs in a video was the only one detained there.

This is if it was my kid’s school and I believed they were in the school. I have kids in elementary school, I have police training, I have spent more than my share of time learning and thinking about this, and I know I cannot know what I would do until after the fact, and I know that even prior experience/performance doesn’t guarantee future and I know the BTDT guys say, you just don’t know how you’ll react, but, as much as I can ‘know’, with what I know about myself, if it’s my kids school, I would, without any doubt whatsoever, rather be dead for trying in futility, than live with having not done all that I could.

Then again, I believe I saw something about an officer with a wife and kids at the school who got his kids out, but didn’t go after the shooter. Can’t say I wouldn’t do that.