Update 2a cases filled and rejected

Just a short update,a few months ago we asked about starting cases to support 2a rights.
We took 7 cases to our local legal beagles.
Politically 6 were rejected,while sound in principal and law.the issue became which boss in the legal system would sign off,for fear of retribution from bosses above them.

The other issue which became readily apparent was the dollars required to fight ( the 6 cases were on average over 350,000 each some estimated much higher due to their constitutional nature)

The one case that all wanted to pursue was moving the state from a may issue to a shall issue state. This effort required an immediate partnership and an outlay on my end( my guys end) or 250,000. 50k retainer before the other groups would get engaged.

Some folks depending on where they lived and the politics of their locale (in and out of state) got a bit nervous at this prospect (potentially loosing it all,on a maybe).
The only point here is the update,and to know we have to find a better way.

If rule of law is subject to fear of what will my boss do to my job - then we have no law.

Perhaps we need to press the issues in friendly states to make national impact.

Perhaps we all need to be paralegals and to bring back barristers.


This is really where the NRA and GOA have taken the lead. Without a large bankroll of support, these cases are impossible.

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I agree,but the anti gun crowd seems to have access,dollars and an ear,we know it’s not the majority of opinion.(I’d like to poll the 2.5 million saved by a weapon) but the fact that we have to artificially endure these assaults,over created issues makes one want to be politically corrupt in order to fix things. (Hmm that sound familiar​:smile::smile:arraagghhhh)

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