Is the NRA / ILA still the best defense for 2A?

I’m wondering if I’m out of touch with things and if there are any other more viable, effective, legal means to support the second amendment than NRA membership and contributions?

Like many of you, I’m sure, I was raised reciting the pledge every morning, Patriots were heroes, firearms and their stewardship were a responsibility, I was proud of my father’s service, honored to follow in the tradition, and the NRA was a national institution.

Yes we can write our representatives, educate our friends and family, and endorse grass roots movements… but let’s face it, in the political arena victory seems to be skewed towards the best organized and best funded interests and the NRA seems to be neither of these anymore. These days, I dont believe they could even buy an advertising spot in any mainstream media if they tried and I remember their past fact based education and inform campaigns vividly.


The NRA has compromised, or been a part of the problem, too many times for my liking. The leaders are far out of touch; my opinion. Yes, I am still and Endowment member, and I still support them some. They have great training programs, and do have a lot of outreach.

First, if you have not already, become a member of Gun Owners of America (GOA), and support them. They truly are no compromise, and have become quite the bull dog. This is where my support has gone for about 20 years now.

Second, if you have a State level association, join it an support their efforts. They need the help, and money, plus they are local to you. Heck, get to know them.


The NRA went through a nasty break up with its media arm (Ackerman McQueen) last year and things have not settled out yet for them. I also believe we are seeing the end of the long time Wayne LaPierre leadership at the NRA. So there are some problems going on at the NRA right now.

That being said the NRA is the only 2A org that can call up President Trump. Your point that they couldn’t buy an advertising spot in the mainstream media is not a fault of the NRA but the bias of the MSM towards 2A orgs. If any other group could pull in the daily attendance that the NRA convention achieves the MSM would be begging to carry their advertisements. Their Pro 2A Pro-Trump position has made them a target. Join and support as many 2A orgs that you can but the NRA is still one worth considering.


There are many others. A few of the bigger ones I can think of are Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and Gun Owners of America (GOA). Be sure to regularly check GOA’s Action Center page to see how you can help take action:


I Sincerely Agree the NRA is worth Considering But as long as dear Wayne & Cohorts are making (not earning) their Ridiculous Salaries, the last dues I paid Will be the Last Dues I PAY !


The time was when the NRA was the biggest, best organized, and best funded game in town (Possibly because it was about the only game in town).
Now nearly every response to my original inquiry names several options big and small. We, as a cause, are not cohesive and what’s that saying ‘a house divided can not long stand’
Consider that the opposition may not be just a generation of kids raised to believe participation trophies are just as good as winning and feelings (your own) matter more than facts. Consider that there are significant influences from beyond our borders at play and if you want a sense of the ‘global’ agenda look to the charter of the UN. Can’t you hardly wait for the day that a dozen once flea bag countries exert more influence over your rights than the vision of our founding fathers?


I was an NRA supporter for much of my adult life, but let my membership lapse a few years ago. I now maintain a GOA membership, as well as one at the local level in my state. These organizations need our support to fight the never-ending battles gun proponents face.


I think I’m going to join the GOA tonight or tomorrow! I’ve been deciding between NRA and GOA.


For the Price I believe it’s worth supporting both.
I previously posted that I was finished with $$pierre$$
and the NRA but I’ve decided to support both them
And GOA which I believe is soon going to be more effective than Pierre & Company.


I no longer support the NRA. My support goes to GOA and American Firearms Coalition. AFC is a nationwide group made up of state groups. Be sure to check out your state groups. Many, but not all states have a good firearms group. Some have more than one, so be sure to find the one that really fights for your 2A rights. In Idaho, we have the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. They are a tough as nails, no compromise group that has done fantastic things for us here. We are actually getting pro 2A laws passed here because of ID2AA. I’m very active in ID2AA. They rock ! The guy who runs it, Greg Pruett tried doing the lobbing thing with little success. He then formed the ID2AA, which is over 75K strong in Idaho. Legislators fear us, as they should. This is what it takes to keep your rights. Gays are not the only one’s loud and proud. We have rally’s for many different things with hundreds to thousands showing up. Our Lt. Governor poses for pictures with our members, holding our AR-15’s in the State Capitol. Never compromise !


See if your state has any groups that are involved with fighting for your constitutional rights. Here in Oklahoma we have OK2A. They are very involved. We recently got the constitutional carry back.


The NRA is going though some tough times and need to straighten up their house But I am not giving up on them, they/we are still the BIG DOG and We have President Trump’s ear. The NRA takes more hits then any other Firearms organization, politicians and gun control groups are always going after the NRA. My opinion is, join or stay with the NRA and ride the storm out. It is good idea to join other organizations like GOA and SAF and your home state organizations but don’t give up on the NRA.


I joined the GOA a few months back. If I can spare the cash I will join the NRA soon. From my understanding, the GOA is better, BUT the NRA is bigger. Nothing wrong with supporting across the board. Politicians specifically attack the NRA because they know it’s a force to be reckoned with.

I will probably support the NRA before local state groups simply because gun control is being attacked on the federal level.

I have been a 2A supporter from back when I became old enough to vote. I got involved in politics during college and continued thereafter. I finally joined the NRA in 1985 and gradually moved from annual to Life to Endowment, as I got older. I also joined GOA (as Life and Patriot membership), CCRKBA, FPC, and VCDL. I will continue to add others as opportunity permits.

As others have expressed disappointment with NRA, I feel likewise. It was around 1986 that I learned of NRA’s history of compromising on 2A legislation. Therefore, although I remained a member, my financial contributions were shifted to such organizations as would best protect the Second Amendment. As far as the NRA is concerned, I try to work with other members to shift NRA to stronger Second Amendment policies.


My Membership expires in 7 years & if Pierre’s still involved I Definitely will NOT be Renewing!

Been an NRA Life member since late 70’s. I am an NRA Patron member and NRA RSO.

I became a LIFE member of the Second Amendment Foundation last year. I have not given any money to NRA since Ollie North left other than FEE required for RSO. Every time NRA mails me a postage paid envelope requesting money, I return it with “NO MONEY TILL WAYNE IS GONE!” written on it.

Before I retired, I worked for a large corporation that had policies in place that prevent any appearance of wrongdoing. The responsibility for the appearance of wrongdoing under Wayne’s leadership falls on him. Did Wayne do anything wrong, I do not care but the accusation of wrongdoing fell under his watch so he is responsible and must go.


I know 4 other guys who are of the same mind.

If the nra continues down the same path I see

a Big vacuum developing Soon & Hope the

Second Amendment Foundation can step up

and fill the Void.

I’m also a member of it but only year to year.

I just feel it necessary to support the Foundation

but won’t become a Life Member 'til I see None

Of the nra crap under wayne’s “leadership” developing.

By the way, Nice to semi-meet another of the

Same Mind. I truly hope the nra gets it’s head

out of it’s A$$ & gets rid of him so I can support

it again.


Check out it might be what we are looking for…

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I am just a member of NRA, I am not privy to the inner workings; don’t really care at this point because we had all better come together and protect our Constitution and 2nd Amendment rights before we lose them. NRA / GOA / SAF (all good!) We have to come together and protect our 2nd Amendment and thereby, our Constitution.

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Absolutely Jerryl! Al of us responsibly armed citizens need to band together no matter what organizations we call ours. Because we have one common goal… Protect our Constitutional right to bear arms. My org besides the USCCA is ‘Maryland Shall Issue’ since MD is behind with the 2A rights.

We need to flood the polls with our cause and send a message to our government.