Best 2A support organization? (NRA vs. GOA vs. FPC vs. etc.)

The main question: Which is the best organization for defense of the 2nd amendment. And by “best” I mean, who does the most work in regards to measures that actually have teeth?

The backgrounder for the question: I understand that simply having lots of law-abiding gun owners, and common use of many types of guns is itself a good measure. So, I don’t have anything against soft forms of outreach like marketing and advertising and engaging a larger number of people into the 2A community.

However, I am a military veteran, have a cousin who is a state trooper, and my wife and father are attorneys. From profession and association, I have become familiar with the exercise of power as it manifests in executive, legislative, and judicial forms. Law is language that is backed by force. Like me, some of you have been on the sharp end of the spear as a matter of profession. Like my wife and father, some of you have been at the handle of the spear, directing where it is pointed. The latter is more of what I am interested in.

Broad and deep protection of 2A rights rests on the kind of words we back with force, so it seems to me the most important job of any 2A organization should be in three main ways that are directly tied to levers of power:

  1. Facilitating the passage of law supporting the 2nd amendment.
  2. Filing lawsuits in defense of the 2nd amendment.
  3. Facilitating judicial appointments of constitutional conservatives over activist types.

If I am going to send any of my hard-earned money to a group that does this, who can claim to do the most and the best vs. who can claim to hold a lot of cocktail parties in DC with no chance of moving the needle? How many lawsuits did FPC file, versus NRA or GOA? Are there others I should consider? I’d like to put some support behind a group that is aggressive, proactive, pragmatic, and above board.

So, who ya got?


I’m a member of GOA. They file numerous lawsuits against numerous anti-2A groups. From state level, to federal. A quick google search will bring up some of their greatest hits. They support the RTKBA in its entirety. No useless Fuddery(new word). Just standing shoulder to shoulder with us, the gun owners, in a quest to remove all infringements on our rights.


GOA is the only one I’m a lifetime member of, if that’s any measure.

I also have Second Amendment Foundation on my Amazon Smile, which gets worked plenty.

And I hear FPC does good things too.


etcetera outshines all of them

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GOA. I wouldn’t give a nickel to the NRA.


I belong to a few different ones. The NRA is going through a rough patch right now, but I still support them. GOA, best of the new 2A groups. IL State Rifle Assoc. for more focus on local 2A issues in my State.


I’m a GOA member. My account benefits GOA.
I also make a small monthly contribution to the SAF.
However, I have stopped giving to the NRA since the WLP scandal.


I give to the GOA, NRA, and the 2AF. For all the anti-NRA crowd… if the NRA goes under, the left will see that as a victory and then go after the GOA, and all other 2A rights groups. You need to fight the main battle first… stop the left… THEN fight the NRA fight. I don’t like LaPierre either, he is a black eye on the NRA, but I won’t fight that fight now. And now, how many are going to ignore my NRA comment…


I am a member of NRA and GOA. I think both do great work.


GOA and 2AF

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When I got my first handgun I signed up for the nra so I could use the local range. Now I only send money to GOA and FPC. GOA sends pre-made letters for me to sign and send my representatives. I also write my own. They do have templates for anyone who wants to write their representatives online. FPC does go slightly over the top in their emails but I feel really comfortable giving those 2 money to fight the good fight.


This is the quarterly notification to inform you that AmazonSmile has made a charitable donation to the charity you’ve selected, Gun Owners Foundation , in the amount of $31,967.26 as a result of qualifying purchases made by you and other customers who have selected this charity.


Well played sir.