2nd Amendment Foundation

Any comments, here? It appears that this group is a copycat of the NRA. Any differences, here?


For quick lookups:
Second Amendment Foundation (saf.org)

Here’s the 2019 Form 990:

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I would put SAF more in line with GOA (Gun Owners of America) than I would the NRA. The SAF is not a training organization. I get their stuff from time to time, and I do support them. Not much to say, they are a legal and legislation org.


Yep, That probably a good thing as the NRA has stuff going on. Really don’t like seeing it . But may be they will reorganize and come back with some lessons learned hopefully. Just my personal opinion. They need fresh management. The board of directors needs to have a look taken at it to


SAF, Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), and Firearms Policy Coalition are organizations lobbying for our 2nd amendment rights. I donate to all three, and I am a lifetime member of the NRA. I believe we really need all four organizations now more than ever. My son has autism and shooting is something we do together. It means a lot to both of us. We need all the help we can get right now.


I am a donating member of 2nd AF, & NRA both. 2AF fights in the courts, and I believe we must fight in every quadrant. We mustn’t give an inch on constitutional rights.
If you don’t want to support GOF or 2AF or Sons of the Revolution or any other guns rights organization - you have your reasons and it’s absolutely your right and your choice.
But please don’t disparage supporting these organizations that, combined, are fighting for the constitution.

We actually need many more people joining the fight - both through communications and pressure with our elected representatives, and with our wallets by supporting organizations that are opposing attacks on our constitution.
Thank you.


The 2nd Amendment Foundation has a different set of objectives (check their website, get some of their newsletters prior to donating, so you’re comfortable). To me it appears that they are far more aggressive than the NRA, but they do have that different or more focused mission. They select their cases with care and they win often enough to be truly effective.

As I’ve said in other threads, I believe that every gun owner in the U.S. should be a member of, or contributor to the NRA (in spite of the problems), the 2nd Amendment Foundation , the CCRKBA - at a minimum. Wouldn’t be too bad if they were all members of the USCCA either but that’s a different mission. That would provide at least a 100 million strong organization in each case, maybe to the 175 million level. That number is serious political weight and funding for truly world class legal efforts.

My stats on the number of gun owners are not well vetted, and last year added 8 million brand new gun owners (various sources suggest that number). But if I am remembering correctly, 100 - 175 million gun owners is probably a safe guess.

[Full disclosure: I’m a life member of the NRA and regularly contribute to pro-gun organizations.]

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Appreciate it. I joined NRA for the first time about a month ago. I’ll definitely work on joining the 2A Foundation and GOA. On a completely different string, I wrote about that this past summer of 2020, there was a 2-3 day long conference on firearm rights, I think by the Foundation. It was free to watch via You Tube. I noticed several similar organizations partook.

It made me think, what if all the major (and three) organizations instead combined into just one, then had state and regional chapters, but more streamlined and organized as well as much higher in number? I wondered how helpful that would be, to be better advocates and stewards for the cause, perhaps with greater strength and success, instead of being “separate”.

Sounds like the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Don’t forget to support your local 2A organization if your State has one.


More like the nra-ila they’re more into laws & courts. Plus I don’t believe they’re abusing their funds. Joined awhile back & still a member of the nra just because.

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Well cursed them when I became a “Life Member” . Just like when I invest. lol

I sure understand

I agree.We need all the firepower we can bring up . There needs to be front line lawyers on station

If anyone uses Amazon a lot, I hooked up Amazon Smile to donate a small portion of each purchase to Second Amendment Foundation. It doesn’t cost you anything.


That is great! I going to do the same thing. Great idea!

Amazon has place to donate to second Amendment??

@Arnie_W , I don’t think that Amazon has realized it yet. :wink:

Yep I think your right

Would you trust them? I think not, why not just send SAF a buck & be done. Send what you can afford, have it done in your name, not theirs…

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I have been a member for many years and recently sent some extra their way when I saw this news.

Having been a student of Mas, he is truly one of the legendary greats.