Guns in the News: Separation of Powers? | USCCA

I’m guessing that you are one of the millions of hard-working, family-oriented Americans and that you, too, are wondering about the future of this marvelous country. Perhaps you are also wondering why the U.S. Supreme Court has avoided upholding the Second Amendment.

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Pretty good article, thus I won’t even travel to NY, or I suppose anywhere in the north east.

But that aside for a moment, I know some folks find it hard to side with the NRA recently. There has been some turmoil within their ranks and they have alienated other pro 2a groups and associations that they should ally with, but they do spend a lot of cash fighting for our 2a.


Wayne LaPierre has been both the most powerful and a controversial figure in the gun rights movement for decades, and his grip on power in the NRA has been amazing. Even though I considered (and still consider) myself a part of the “Neal Knox faction” and desire numerous changes at the NRA, I still support the organization strongly. Failure to support them really is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

So I strongly suggest remaining, renewing, or joining the NRA even if you take issue with some of the leadership and some of what they do. If you want to direct fund specifically to legal defense then check out the NRA’s Civil Rights Defense Fund

Another way to support these types of legal challenges is by contributing to the Second Amendment Foundation. . They even seem to have a way to directly sponsor legal challenges.. I’ve been a SAF supporter almost as long as I’ve been an NRA member (so back to the 80s), and they are another key part of the Pro-2A movement.


Yes, the NRA does spend a lot of our money, unfortunately, not much on defending our RKBA. Recall that they stated bump stocks should be regulated, presumably like suppressors/silencers, and other NFA items, and they agree with “certain” ERPO laws. They suck too much money out of the organization paying huge salaries and in a very lucrative advertising scheme. I am a life member, so I have literally paid my dues, but refuse to give them any more money until they fix their issues.


From my perspective, the NRA went off the political deep end long ago, focusing more on the perceived “culture wars” than on responsible gun ownership, often in destructively devicive ways. That kind of ire may sell guns, but it does not promote dialogue or help heal our nation. My favorite part of USCCA is the perpetual reminder that responsible CCW is not a right versus a left thing, and seeing it that way only alienates lots of allies or potential allies.