Changing Government

Something to think about. Throughout the last
2.6 years, all we have been hearing and reading our
Federal Government and the Biden Administration
seeking to destroy our Constitution. You do not hear
or read about any positive growth or change.


This is true. And the way to do it is through an ARTICLE V CONVENTION OF STATES. And there is a grassroots effort going on to have one called now. And so far there have been 19 out of the 34 states that have passed the resolutions calling for one. And all 50 states have resolutions going on right now in some form or another. Here is the link to the CONVENTION OF STATES web sight that you can goto to find out more. And you can even sign their petition and if you want become a volunteer for them like I’ve done.

Be wary of the Convention of States. One of the Pro 2A groups I belong to has a pretty strong anti Convention of States stance. Mainly due to “faithless delegates”. In other words a delegate may be sent who you think is pro whatever stance, but has nothing to ensure they vote the way the people who elected them want them to vote. There was a pretty big kerfuffle in Wyoming concerning that.

May be worth your time to drill down into it.


Remember, the Declaration of Independence does not establish our government it says we “Quit” the British empire and lays out why. The Constitution and Amendments there after are how we form the government. The Convention of States is a very useful/dangerous tool and one that if unleashed could do a great deal more of harm than good as it is a literal “eraser” and “creator” of a new government. Given the social divide I am not sure I am all in on the polarizing sides that we have as it seems there is no room for debate or conversation. That and the Repub’s always cave to “public outcry” no matter how obviously manufactured. You are only going to get to pull that trigger once and when that round goes down range you will never get it back.




Any Delegate that doesn’t vote fore the things that they were sent to vote on the way they are told to vote will be called back and other delegates will be sent in their place. This happened when our Founder’s were trying to ratify the Constitution. Of 4 delegate sent to vote 2 voted different than they were suppose to vote. And they were called back and 2 now ones were sent in their place. And the constitution was ratified.

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As it stands now, there is no mechanism to enforce that. That is one of the issues being discussed right now.


Be careful what you wish for


I sincerely apologize to everyone here again. When I give a posting or message in the
Community is to make a thought, a message, a mild comment, or hope to find a idea how to legally
change our circumstances or troubles to overcome Government seeking to destroy our Constitution and it Is not Just the 2nd, but the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments, with a poisonous 28th
additional Amendment from California and etc.

Our Government is full conspiracies, demands of threatening lying, treason, fraud, and I sincerely hate
to see that people are seeking impeachment. I do not think you are looking for something worse, like
the Vice President to trade place. A bad part in a piece of good equipment will only bring a massive failure.

Marching on the capital, or seeking 25,000 white women to have a set in for 4 days for gun
control, it did not work. “ Colorado “ !!!

The forceful gun rules and regulations of triple
threatening to make Felons’ out of innocent people will never work. History is repeating itself and I hope
not, because 1930’s did not go well, then we had
WWII and now rumors of WWIII are in the hallways looking for a international nightmare.

The Covid 19 spread through the United States and you had millions of good people from many
backgrounds searched to find answers to solve and stop the mass viruses from killing
innocent people. The death toll was high and was painful, but those people never gave up.
These things we face today are not TV sitcoms or animated movies, they are NOT real.

Last, you have the Anti Gun people that are your best friends or the neighbors you trusted once.
Bewareof a major problems of people in selling out Innocent People for money or personal reasons.

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