Destroying the country,intricacies to reflect on

I cannot say this is a 2a argument,or an argument of differences in opinion. I might observe that to me an overriding conclusion might be that some of our elected officials knew from the beginning what a mess they intended to create.

I say this to say the constitutional argument made against impeachment as presented- provides much to be digested.

A speech published as a book,a very quick read,but I believe worth the time.

If for no other point than " Instead,the courts were designed to be an intermediate body between the people [as"declared as in the Constitution"] and the legislature," in order" to keep the latter within the limits assigned to their authority" (Page 86 bottom)

How many people believe that?

The clarity comes again from what our representatives say and do,vs the law,and in so doing often times make us look like a unlearned mob. (They say untruths,knowingly and cannot be legally held to account)

The 2a may come down to all of the unlearned becoming a legitamate force before the charletons run away with our rights.

How do u see this applying to our 2a rights??


The primary role of the Supreme Court, as outlined in the Constitution, was to preside over disputes between the states.

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And it was also to preside over differences between the EXECUTIVE and LEGISLATIVE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT as well.

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My next Amazon book purchase. Thanks for the post.