A betrayal of trust? And a duty to remove?

Why is it that 2a rights are even a political talking point,a voting issue or worse yet something to lie to the masses about? How did we come to this place where our constitutional rights are used as something not guaranteed,but something to be chipped away at? How is it that it has been a one sided football for so long?

I wonder if we are fighting the wrong fight? Yes we must protect the 2a right,But, isn’t the very fight ( on the other side) a betrayal of constitutional membership?

Shouldn’t those who bring such arguments politically be sounded out as betrayers of the citizen,and federal trust?

Should these charletens be removed from office for abuse of power,malfeasance in office,or possibly violation of a public trust.?

Those that ignore all of the facts and use a slick(fraudulent) argument to convince- aren’t they violating their federal,and often times state (and most certainly citizens trust?).

Isn’t their a duty to remove from public service for those who use a created narrative of the issue as a political vote getting magic pill? Isn’t it a betrayal of the Constitution and the trust?

Perhaps that is the legal fight adding a bar to public service,so this beast may finally be put to bed?

What does the community say?


First, they convinced people that the Constitution grants the right to Keep and Bear arms. It does not. It limits the government’s ability to deny the right. Yes, these people should be pointed out as betrayers of their oath to uphold the Constitution. And as such, they should be removed from office, and depending on the severity of their actions, tried for treason.


…because the courts have failed to do their job.


And the sheep are easily led astray. Everyone seems to want to have someone to blame there problems on. The politician who provides something for them to “hate” will get their support (legal or not). Look at Germany in the early ‘30s for the classic example.


It all starts with us. We The People simply don’t participate in choosing our elected officials. In a typical midterm election less that 50% of registered voters participate. That number is even lower for local elections and primaries.

If Constitutionally-minded voters would take their duty seriously, and turn out to vote, even 75% of us, the tide would turn, and turn quickly.

I agree, charlatans are running amok. But these charlatans are there because of us, not in spite of us. It didn’t get broken over night, and it certainly won’t get fixed that quickly either.