I Truly Think I've Found the Answer

I have been thinking about how to stop the government’s push to repeal 2A, take our guns from us forcefully, etc. If you’re like me, of course you have too. But I feel like I’m onto something.

When we see the government pushing buy-backs and confiscations down our throat, I believe we have a legitimate reason to refuse (besides the Constitution, that is…)

The federal government wouldn’t pass a background check. How many members of the House of Reps, how many Senators, how many governors, how many governmental figures, how many committee members and committee chairs have committed spousal abuse? How many have charges of tax fraud, ethics violations, misdemeanors and such? How many would be, under current law, completely and fully disqualified from owning a firearm?

So how can the government, which is comprised of those exact people, buy anything back from us? How will they be allowed to confiscate if we make this case?

You want my guns? Pass a background check, House of Reps. Pass a background check, Senators. If they don’t, IF JUST ONE SENATOR OR HOUSE MEMBER DOESN’T, then it would be illegal to transfer our firearms to them.

I don’t know if this has traction, if it’s a good or crappy idea, but I believe I MIGHT be onto something.
Help me out. Discuss, tear it apart, I want to see if this is as solid as I hope it is.



Great job thinking outside of the box @Revjoshv! :hugs:

I think you have the start of a great idea… I would only like to add that we could also maybe require that if “We The People” are to be disarmed than the House/Senate/Government/Etc. must also disarm (meaning no more bodyguards for them) out of fairness. Ha! :joy:

It’s easy to see they would never agree to these ideas but it’s neat to think out loud and hypothetically. :nerd_face:

Have you seen that many of the States have already stood up and have essentially become “2A Sanctuary” places?

Here is one example from Montana:

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) on Friday signed a bill nullifying federal gun bans.

“Today, I proudly signed Rep. Hinkle’s law prohibiting federal overreach into our Second Amendment-protected rights, including any federal ban on firearms,” Gianforte tweeted.

“I will always protect our #2A right to keep and bear arms,” the governor added.

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Nice thought and don’t mean to be a downer but thinking that you can stop a corrupt government from acting simply by proving the corruption of some of its members is a utopian pipe dream. Similar to the utopian pipe dream of the anti gunners thinking that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will somehow stop “gun violence”.


I did see that, SUPER thankful that at least some states aren’t bowing down. And I agree with you completely, if we can’t have them, neither can they. Maybe there’s something to be said for “You first!” If you want to take guns, surrender your own first, and then we’ll talk. There might be something that gets traction, too. Awesome insight.

Just continuing to think out loud here, “the government” is not an amorphous blob, right? It’s not an unknown entity that’s undefinable, it’s people. Representatives, our representatives, make up that thing called “the government.” So I don’t think my logic is faulty there, right? It’s people who comprise the government, and it’s those people who are trying to take them from us.


You’re absolutely right, Shamrock. Very true. I wonder, though, whether or not it’s worth it to basically sue them using their own language. Nothing sticks in a lawsuit like the government’s own language, their own words. Using that against them, if we can, might help back them off? Probably not. Keep thinking with me! LOL.


Happy to keep the thinking going! The problem is that almost all of the politicians and their corporate puppet masters will pass the background checks because they are able to use their power to avoid paying for any crimes they commit. It is long past time for them to be held accountable for their actions. I am all for finding lawful ways to make that happen.


How about we help Judicial Watch sue Schiff and Swalwell.


Oh, hey now that’s something! What if we pointed our attention towards the actual reps who sponsor these types of bills? Oh I like that, make it individual!




Ever wonder why it is a crime to lie to congress, but they lie to us all the time? :rage:


Florida’s legislation is in committee. I’ve just contacted Gov. Desantis requesting he convene special session of the legislature to concentrate on Constitutional Carry. Thank you GOA for the information/notification.


on a related note, load Signal.org app to your iphone/android phone for secure messaging. You never know when it may come in handy.


I find your reasoning to be sound and logical.

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Interesting perspective. Congrats on thinking broadly to come up with a new approach. The sticking point is that the full Congress (House & Senate) routinely ensures that the laws they pass for the rest of us don’t apply to them. I personally would like to see a mandate that all laws passed by Congress are binding on our elected officials as well.


I have been using Signal for a while. I was surprised at how easy it is to get texts from a cell phone.


Nice idea, but … our government is a legal entity, not an individual and therefore not a citizen. It is not held to the same standards that you or I are. While each member has to obey the laws of this nation, the government itself cannot be treated as an individual. It does not have to fill out forms or pass a background check for a buyback program because an individual is not taking possession of a Firearm. What they will try to do is to pass a law that requires the owner of a specific type of weapon to turn it into an agency acting on behalf of the government. That means you need to focus on that agency’s ability to do that kind of job.

A nation wide buy back would require a very large number of people. That requires office space, and all the supporting hardware. Then all the weapons bought back would have to be stored safely somewhere.

Look how difficult it is for the NYPD just to store, catalog, transport and destroy all the drugs they take off the street in one year. Imagine that applied to guns, in every city in the country.

I suspect foreign nations would just love to get their hands on that! It could easily arm a Second World Nation and maybe add on a couple of Third World Nations for good measure.

Perhaps a better way to fight against this is to use the legal system to defeat the law itself.

Challenge the legality of the law and watch lawyers tie it up for years in the courts. Make the law so specific that just one small change of the weapon makes it not qualify for the “buy back.” Or do the opposite, make the Law so broad that everything qualifies including things that are not weapons. Then use up all the allotted funds buying back the wrong things. This will force lawmakers to go back and reallocate funds at a later date, when they may not have the majority they have now.

Challenge the law by using the law. We have all seen how an over zealous lawyer can muck up what would normally be a very simple and straight forward case.
Therefore use their own kind to destroy themselves from within. We just have to be patient, and more clever then they are. Fortunately there is always an attorney somewhere that will take on any type of case for $$$.

If that fails, the sue them. First in a class action suit that includes every gun owner in the United States as athe defendant. Just getting the names on record will take forever. Let alone trying to verify them. That alone will tie up the process for years, maybe decades!

Then bring a civil suit against each lawmaker who signed on for the buy back program. Challenge their “immunity” just like they are challenging the industry’s immunity.

Use their own strategies against them.

Finally, threaten their financial supporters with law suits as well. If you stop the cash flow that supports the buy back, you stop the buy back.

And last, but not least, these senators, congressmen, and presidents can be bought. They already have sacrificed their personal integrity just to get elected. They sell themselves to the highest bidder everyday. Lobbyists are the culprits. We need better sources of funding and better lobbys.

The war against drugs was lost because the other side had more money.

The war against poverty was lost when the funding ran out.

The war against hunger was lost …

The war against …

No funding, no buy back.

It is like the IRS. Limit the number of auditors. Make the pay for auditors 100 times less than the pay for corporate CPA’s. Limit the funding for investigations and audits. Then the total number of audits and up being extremely small. The ones that are done are “slamdunks” because there are no funds for prolonged legal battles.

ATF is the same way. More time spent doing background checks with fewer agents doing the actual checks means that less time is spent doing other things. Add to that a legally imposed maximum wait limitation forcing them to approve a background check or grant a free ride to the buyer and background checks loose their meaning.

The form itself does not lend itself to be the most secure of legal Documents. It relies heavily on the person filling out the form to tell the truth. Hmmmm…

Sometimes thinking outside the box makes one over look the simple solutions.

Write the buy back law in such a way that it can never be enforceable. Then never provide adequate funds to implement it. Give them just enough money to create a beurocracy and they will spend all their time just trying to keep their jobs instead of doing their jobs.

Everyone is happy! Thw liberals get their law and a new government agency. Jobs are created where no one is qualified Nd there is no direction or funding to get anything done.


I know but can’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Police Officers or Sheriff’s Deputies would be doing the buy back, not the politicians themselves. If they try and force a buyback program, a lot of us will no longer be law abiding citizens…


That is something we should add to the CONVENTION of STATES . Go to COS and sign the petition and volunteer.


Shamrock is absolutely right! We have a treasonous domestic government with the liberal Democrats running it and the Republicans as usual is sitting back and watching the show. They are not going by the law and so far no one is stopping them! If it’s not too late we the people and the states will have to stop them!!! Are we sheep or are we sheep dogs???
These socialist, communist, atheist, liberal Democrats whatever you wanna call them have dug in like a tick on a dogs back and like a tick they are after blood they will pull you down and suck you dry. And like a tick they think they are hidden and that you can’t find them!


Once the US Constitution is suspended then the government can do what ever they want, but so can we the citizens because there will no country and guns will be the ruler Hope we don’t come to that.
They are making unconstitutional laws and pass them and from what I see the Supreme Court is a Sleep.

Citizen be aware of your rights. US is like no other country because of our Constitution