Wisconsin governor favors ar15 buy back

I just read that the wisconsin governor is favorable to AR15 buy backs. Is this true? If so.will USCCA move to a more gun friendly state, like many gun manufacturers are.

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The governor can be in favor of anything he likes, @Francis3, that doesn’t mean it’s going to pass in Wisconsin. :grin: We have very strong roots in Wisconsin and are dedicated to improving our community.

We are definitely watching what the governor actually does vs. what he has to say.

Personal opinion, you never know what they’re actually going to do until it’s done when politicians are involved.


I totally agree. It was an article I read and just wondered if you were going to have a contingency plan in case the does. We had city and county government considering laws to create gun free zones in government buildings, but were rapidly made aware of state law that preempted any attempt local laws. That has died a silent death, so far, anyway. Several towns in Iowa has addressed the issue, but have fallen silent.


I think we need to be clear when someone uses “buyback,” and respond that the gun was not bought from them, and “confiscation” is the correct term for the proposal.


More like theft.

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Will not happen with the republican controlled legislature in Wi

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Cool. But politicians are not to be trusted.

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