Soft Tyranny, But Still Tyranny

brothers and sisters at large in the community.
“…tyrants, militia, war, america disappearing as we know it?” really? is this really what our time can best be spent on, sitting in a chat room during the day complaining about the system that let’s you and i actually say what you want to say? allows us to say, despite the facts being wrong? is this the best way to use our time either trying to justify our complaints because we’ve been dealt a bad hand a few times? because one party allowed one person to send the wrong messages?
we can do better than investing in convenient arguments to shore up lack of the full knowledge we don’t have on any of our pursuits.
regardless of whether we are dems or reps, or whatever party you follow, the american people voted the new man in and the other guy out. and that guy, based on what the evidence of his speech and all other factors wreaked havoc on america. there are big people out there, but not enough to change outcomes.
i’m seeking knowledge, not rationalization. seeking truth, not revenge. understanding, not justification.
and for the cc community, we set the example of good judgement and protecting others with our training.
wishing us all a deep breath,

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Would you like to rethink that line a little in light of recent events? - I think you should.- One grouping in America truly can say ANYTHING with impunity, the other half in America faces banning, being fired, being censored, being viciously labeled ( even to the point of being called terrorists ), to name a few among an ever growing list of reprisals. And this not JUST by private concerns. The quoted line is simply not a practical reality any more.



I would point out that the First Amendment only applies to governmental (Federal, State, Local) suppression of speech. Private entities like your employer, local newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can and will set up their own rules as to what speech they will allow. If one violates those rules they can and frequently will be summarily terminated. Media (print, radio, TV) especially has a tendency to slant one way or another based on who their readership/listeners/viewers are.

America does not have a Federal Terrorism statute. The media and elected officeholders may use that word in their condemnation of what has or may happen. That is their right under the 1st Amendment. When looking at the Jan 6th incident, you’ll find some of the participants being charged with crimes such as trespassing, incitement, illegally carrying a firearm, destruction of property, theft of government property, etc. Whether they are guilty or not will be decided in a court of law, not the court of public opinion.

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Welcome to the community, I see you are brand new today, so welcome.

The technicalities of how big tech is getting away with what they are doing are understood, we could argue the question of these platforms genuinely qualifying as “neutral” , but that is outside the scope of my comment.

I also did not say the name callers were not within legal bounds to be calling people terrorists if that’s what they wish to do, I sought to point out that people were being labeled such things by very significant persons for reasons of political vilification, and, how that reflected on one’s actual, practical, freedom of speech.

I believe this should be of great concern even to those who have the advantage now, because one never knows, once such precedents are set, if they too may one day find themselves on the wrong side of the powers that be, with their rights now so easily voided.

It should be a grave concern to anyone who values their future rights.

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The error causing the uproar is that the American people did not vote “the new man in and the other guy out.”

The election was stolen and our rights within the republic to select our leaders and representatives were taken away. As much as some might continue to claim that the current administration is legitimate. it is not.

The actual wrong message is “we are from the government and we are here to help.”


However, a nation divided, is a nation that will fall, and fall quickly into either China or Russia ownership. Look at the continuous bloody wars in the “countries” that separated from “mother” Russia! We have become a nation crippled by democrats that control the media and therefore, control information. To stop their propaganda, you must stop or control the media. This scenario has been the Democrats plan for years, they just needed time and the right control mechanisms (media, voting, judges, Governors, RINO’s, fake racial crimes), to work up the masses.


I’m just as frustrated as anyone. The discussion at hand is about tyranny. However, each state is protected by the 10th Amendment. Our rights are only going to protected by our Governors. Meaning of we live in Liberal ran states our rights will disappear faster. We need to start by pushing our state Representatives to hold the line. I know this isn’t the last stand yet.
One of the biggest obstacles is identifying who is running the show. For years I’ve thought the Dems have the msm in their pockets. It’s taken me a little while to figure out that it’s the other way around. The media and big tech own the democrats. Think about it. I know that what I’m saying doesn’t make everything better. If there were a way to break the relationship between the msm and the democrats.


Whether or not we fall into another country’s hands is a separate issue. However, it does appear that a divorce based on irreconcilable issues is in the works.


I hope that’s not true, and I really don’t think it’s necessary. If we let the states be the “Free and Independent States” described in the Declaration and protected by the 10th Amendment, there’d be no reason for it. I really feel like a lot of our arguments are based on the tendency of one political group or another to control everyone else. If we allowed for the cultural and regional differences that exist across the continent, there’d be no reason for such talk.

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Go Galt. (For anyone unfamiliar with the reference - Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand) The Red/blue paradigm is an illusion. The Federal Constitution is toast. The system is NOT broken…it is working very well for the minority of power brokers it serves. Chances are that if you are reading this…you are not in that club. Develop good relationships locally, make sure that your local Sheriff is not a tyrant, support good 2A groups (ie. ) particularly in your State, and GET OFF facebook and twitter.

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At one time, a long time ago, that may have been true. I realize nobody in our personal circles really knows, but we might guess that an untarnished election is not the norm and hasn’t been for a long time. As long we people believe the federal government is all powerful, then the behavior of the federal government is a serious threat to the individual states. In the U.S. Constitution, the Federal Government had specified powers and the states had the overall. That concept has been squashed for nearly 100 years now. It matters - especially to those who still believe in the Bill of Rights.


I understand. I just can’t help but think how much of this divisiveness could be resolved by simply allowing the states to follow their own paths. It seems like a lot of people- on either side of the aisle- want to take all their issues straight to the federal government and force their opinions on everyone else. I think it’d be great if we could allow the 50 states to practice some diversity.

Take the old healthcare debate. My entire adult life, people have been pushing for universal healthcare. Why not let some states try it? If it works, great! We’ll all adopt the model that works best. But if it fails, great! Now the other states know what to avoid. But no one does this, they want all-or-nothing plans forced onto all 50 states from Washington, DC. We say we value diversity, but politicians really want conformity.

Individual states CAN enact a state-wide healthcare system. If a state wants it, then they can do it.

Our problem is that the Federal Government takes money away from the citizens of the states. Then, the Federal Government uses the citizen’s own money to coerce the states into complying with federal programs. Many of these federal programs were never given to the federal government to even be involved with, but under the guise of things like “general welfare,” they created agencies to attempt to regulate what the states do.

I’m of the mind that this bird’s nest of federal overreach cannot be untangled now. It really is the “new normal” and most people don’t realize that this intrusion into state affairs should never have happened. While i do agree that the states should exercise their autonomy, very few even try. After all, the federal government might withhold their citizens money from them.

I admire South Dakota and, most of the time, Oklahoma. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the governor of Florida as well. I wish ALL the states had the strength that those do.


I guess I won’t guess at what stage we are in but I am sure everyone with any common sense knows we have past some no return points given the number of diversified avenues we have created . The only problem is all these “groups” think they have achieved some sort of milestone in their movement but it really is only a method of keeping their eye off the ball.

There are many who remember, I think it was 1957? When Kruschev banged his shoe on the table and told Kennedy . " “Your children’s children will grow up under Communism. They will not know it as Communism as we will slowly feed them Socialism until one day they wake up and they are living under Communism”. It didn’t mean much as a kid at the time and I never gave it a second thought as A Purple Heart Combat Veteran in the Viet Nam Conflict. Now at 72 I realize I along with a minority of others that we are the last of a species to know America as it once was. Did we make mistakes, were there injustice. I guess but what civilization did not have growing pains but we are a society that needs laws as without laws we slip into anarchy. With that obligation we also need people to enforce those laws. NOW the problem… Who is making the laws and are we just creating more bureaucratic programs that keep the Dinosaur Political system at status quo. I realize violent action has proven not to be successful and i do not have the answer… It is funny. I said when I was 14 years old , just give me 40 acres and a 30/30 and leave me the F**** alone. It is funny, that has never changed. GOOD LUCK,


Agreed… Right now I think we cannot call it “soft”, not after Parler deplatforming, not after all media outlets treating us like “domestic terrorists”.


We passed soft tyranny decades ago…

I don’t know much about soft tyranny, but I keep reading , and watching all these reports on fighting back to take control of OUR country and there is no organization that will say ok we need to organize and stop all this piracy that is taking place in our country!

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That’s Heavy Lee, Correct, and well put! You’ve got 19 years on me, hit home though. Thanks!

I stopped looking at TV and seldom look at news online after the fraudulent election. I try to take hikes as much as I can for my physical as well as mental health. No use getting angry over something that already occurred. Too many people are like the proverbial frog slowly dying in the pan as the hot water gradually get hotter and finally boils.

Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within…” It seems now that Khrushchev should be replaced with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

At this point, the best thing I can do is to secure my home and family by prepping like I’ve been doing for several years even before Trump was elected. This video has recently been on my mind and is even more relevant than when I first saw it several years ago:

Pay special attention to her admonition after 29:54