46th POTUS announced

Well, it looks like Kamela Harris is our new president. :rofl: That is if Biden doesn’t survive Covid-19 assasination attempts. :rofl:

On a more serious note. I’ll pray for him and American as we all should.


Cheaters get NO respect from me, obviously my vote didn’t count! I’m not dead!


Indeed. Scripture decrees that we should pray for all government leaders, whether or not they were our first choice. It’s helpful to remember that Rome had some pretty undesirable leaders, and Paul still said we should pray for them.


100% this.

When Trump won in 2016, all the Dems thought we’d be in WW3 and the country would belong to Russia in a year or two.

I try to look at the bright side. Maybe all the TDS will go away and maybe members of Congress (and ourselves, frankly) can be a little less partisan now that the Orange Man is on the way out. Maybe we can start to return to a little bit of normalcy. I can hope anyway.


I see nothing but trouble ahead. I’ll be surprised if Biden lasts for any lenght of time. They’ll put him out & Harass will be #1. Dems have wanted a women for quite some time. Best guess is we’re in deep. Time will tell. God bless America


Courts overturning election and awarding Presidency to Trump is pie in the sky thinking. Also hypothetically think of the repercussions of that decision. The violence from the left would tear the US apart. Would get to the point where the right has no option but to protect themselves and their families. New civil war except instead of North vs South you’ll have Liberals vs Conservatives.
Let’s just hope that the conspiracy theorists aren’t right. Their theory is that Biden is not progressive enough and Harris wasn’t electable as Prez so they run Joe to get the Whitehouse and then get rid of Biden by whatever means be it assassination, amendment 25, impeachment for the Hunter Biden morass (insert demise here) and then its hello madame President. The US then takes a huge left turn and God help us.


The whole process makes you wonder why we bother voting. Doing so just seems to encourage the bastidges.


You mean peaceful violence, of course. Burning our flag instead of no flags. Buring down what other people have worked for instead of their own stuff. Rioting in the halls of their homes instead of in our shared streets. What has become okay to our citizens is astonishing.

Komerade Pelosi, as a friend wrote to me today, will be VP once the 25th is invoked. What’s the over/under on this? :slight_smile:

I am still having a hard time grasping that 1/2 of our neighbors want a communist/socialist regime in charge, despite what history has taught us. Off to brush up on my Mandarin…


I think unless there is something “physical” that they find in the vote counting @Don45 is right but I’m down for the fight. It seems there is a “glitch” that flipped 6000 Trump votes to Biden but did not touche the down ballot votes in ONE county. That system is used across the country. If you put your tin foil hat on and follow the money they are funded by G. Soros so never say never but yes I think the odds are thin now. Much as Obama I will wish Biden well if he lives long enough to take the oath and pray for our country. Our hope stands with the R’s keeping the Senate and winning or tieng the House which actually looks possible.




Hate to say it, but no.

Biden is not the President Elect.

The media do not declare the President, and Biden has not been certified yet, by any of the states as far as I know.

Plus there is already legal challenges.

ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, AP, NYT, and even Fox should all be ashamed of what they did.

You are correct though about Harris… Pelosi has already worked on the issue of the 25th to remove Biden… but they can sit him in a corner and let him drool and he will never know.


More than one county.

They have found it switched 12,000 votes in a county with only 17,000 voters.

And there are reports the software is used in 30 states.

Not sure if there were issues widespread, but it does raise questions.


If there is proof (and it does appear that there is proof) of voter fraud (other than the clear violations of the law where they refused to allow poll observers in and ignored a court order)… then the court would have to rule in favor of Trump.

However, the media and the left has planned for that. For years, especially the last 4… the left has tried hard to deligitimize the elections and the electoral college, they have tried to undermine the Trump election and never accepted it… and some of the clearly blatant cheating (Governor Wolf stated along with Democrat elected judges, they Pennsylvania would NOT follow their election laws regarding mail in ballots… .that is clear statement of cheating… ) is to be so obvious that Trump supporters would always dispute any declaration of Biden winning, and the media calling the election for Biden, when they have no authority, creates a situation where the left will burn down our cities if they are thwarted… but we can not allow a corrupt election… we must know for sure, and have the laws and rules followed.

It does seem like the left, Democrats, some Republicans, and the media seek violence, perhaps to collapse the system, to destroy the electoral college, to undermine confidence in the Constitution and rule of law.

I do think you are correct on the 25th… Pelosi has already been working on it, and Harris could not get elected, but she can be made President if Biden is given the election and they remove him…

He is going to mobilize truinnerashuvaduprezure,… whatever that is.


I have no idea what to expect from Biden other than increased taxes and more than likely open boarders. And if that was the most we would survive and hope for better in 2022 and then 2024.

On a personal note however those that are calling for a return to normal because the left got their way leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Because it means we can be forced to vote because we are afraid of marches in the streets and looting. I agree there is very little chance conservatives will riot, loot, burn building down or block freeways but we will remember who did. We may not take up the chant “Not my President!” but we will not comply maybe be our call to arms.

I am thinking Biden is just a stop gap for the Democrats because I believe that are looking for a socialist government and will not quit till they get one. We can only hope and pray we wake up before that happens. But till then, I will not move one step closer to believing BLM is more important than all lives, I will never accept that Antifa isn’t Communist/ Anarchist. I don’t believe any group deserves to be paid by people living today for crimes committed by people 400 years ago. I don’t believe we should be killing babies as a form of contraception. Remember 50 percent of those babies are minority children. I believe we are a independent nation and are not responsible for the sick and poor of every other nation of the world. I don’t plan on moving one step closer to the progressive point of view on any of those issues.

So what do I hope for in the next four years? The senate can stop all the big socialist ideas from ever getting to the presidents desk. The house can get flipped so things freeze till we can get someone back in office that loves America more than politics.


I’d expect an assassination. The assassin will have used an AR-15 made from an 80% receiver and was concealable because of the short barrel and folding brace/stock. The shooter will also have loose ties to a right wing extremist group.

The tragedy could then be used to push more gun control and initiate a crackdown on the opposition.

I am not condoning, suggesting anyone undertake or believe that anyone would be involved in such an act.


Due to extremely limited imagination of the Left and same patterns being followed world over for over a century, this is easy to predict. Actually, read Atlas Shrugged, a classic

  • $800 a tank of gas
  • noone can work, everyone gets wellfare
  • government takeover of one economic sector after another
  • talent flees the country, mediocrity triumphs
    etc etc.

read it… and buy the movie and watch it.


If Ayn Rand did not write Atlas Shrugged in 1950s, I’d say she plagiarized from AOC’s ingenious proposals :smile:


Read it and watched the movie on YT. I would recommend it also. :+1:


Those who control the past control the future and those who control the present control the past. I see us moving closer to a 1984 type world. Thought crime, constant spying on neighbors, even redefining words to fit your definition.


I find it difficult to see how anyone who claims to support the Constitution and the Second Amendment could support Biden and Harris, who have both stated they want to confiscate guns, both want more gun control… and both want to ban fracking and end fossil fuels, and increase taxes.

I also find it difficult to understand how people celebrate due to the media.

Biden has not been declared the President Elect… except by the fake media… who have lied and covered up for the left so much, they seem to have lost sight of reality.

We are already seeing violence and calls for violence… so self defense is going to be a more important issue going forward, regardless of who finally is declared the President Elect.