What will be different in the 2024 election?

Addressing the elephant in the room.
Great article by the GWP. We have proof of the many ways democrats stole the 2020 election. What is the plan to stop democrats from doing the exact same things again, keeping in mind the democrats DO NOT play by ANY rules. Also keep in mind that our own “Department of Justice” is now their personal enforcement arm, and the media, their state sponsored propaganda arm.


So far, nothing. The sh*tshow is likely to be as bad or worse.


I think that or most people think the democrats stand for demosarcery or how how ever you spell it i an not good on spelling, which i think they are for one party rule,[theirs] Justics for all means except them.


If you listen to the ‘Legacy’ Media, The lame stream Mafia you would think DJT had zero chance of being
elected dog catcher. The Gateway Pundit did and always does it’s job like this article shows. Tells it like it is even if it’s contrary to the party they support.
The elephant in the room is getting larger and the room is getting smaller like ‘Pudding’s SHRINK FLATION’
We are at a cross roads as to where this Country is heading and we HAVE to stop the downward spiral before we are all sucked under. Like Trump or not the current Evil Doer’s way will get a lot of American’s Killed. We won’t be able to do anything about what has past (Stolen Election, Illegal Ballot harvesting etc)
What we CAN do is not repeat those same mistakes once again. I am starting to feel that BOTH sides of the Aisle are Corrupt as sh**! and they are playing us by the old con of having a Card game in the old west and Everyone around the table is in on the Theft of the one rich player (even the dealer) and sometimes the dealer loses, or one of his co-hort’s but at the end of the day the Not so rich player leaves with the distinct feeling he was robbed!. THAT’S HOW I FEEL with these Criminals.
The EVIDENCE is OVERWHELMING on all fronts on who’s raiding the .gov till and the Main cast of criminals are NEVER called on it. It comes close, then it fades away and the same decrepit old geezers walk away smirking they phucked us all again… and I am tired of it.
My Opinion (dos pesos worth) is I hope there will be NO ELECTION at all. The enemy will be exposed for the crooks they are and a Victor will emerge to get us back on our feet.
This has to stop now. These people have no redeeming qualities left, un-save able.
The SWAMP needs to be drained and paved over. (OK, Tres pesos :rofl:)


It sure is looking that way, isn’t it? That’s probably why so many repubs have decided not to run next cycle, they are being extorted by the FBI or some other 3 letter. They’re being extorted because they can be.


How can it not be so Brother?
How can the OVERWHELMING burden of PROOF! against these Criminals
NOT lead to Impeachment?, Disbarment, Prison, the GALLOW’S! (a personal favorite)?
How can (91) counts of fictitious FRAUD and Illegalities be possible when NO ONE was hurt? (trumps NY case)
these people play by their own rules and it’s so far past Illegal it’s not even recognizable as LAW.
How can Letitia james run on the premise of ‘I’m gonna get Trump if it’s the last thing I do!’
Alvin the chipmunk is so inept he gives Lawyers a bad name …and THAT is saying something.
They have literally Civil War’d us pitting brother against brother without a shot being fired.
There is no Left and Right—they cry Extremist Right every chance they get but WE can see the FAR LEFT as just as EVIL as they claim the right is. And people by this crap.
Every time We get forward momentum they Scream CIVIL WAR! is coming Ban the Guns! People flip from the left to the right and back again so fast when they wake up they have to look at their notes where they stand that day…It’s Ludercris.
Pudding can’t even SPEAK coherently anymore, If Dr. Jill isn’t propping his scrawny ass up all the time he’d fall over! (again, and again, and again) When their time comes the Dem’s will be stunned at how badly they been conned. And I will not feel sorry for their crushed ego’s, They will deserve every
piece of misery they create–sorry that didn’t make sense.


[quote=“Don102, post:7, topic:100255”]
the GALLOW’S! (a personal favorite)

This should have started happening during and after the failed coup led by many in the 3 letter agencies during russiagate.

Ohhhhh I have quite the list…


What’s different? The importation of about 10 million illegal immigrants and their placement in key states with lax or non existent voter registration laws enhancing their ability to steal this election too.

If we don’t win in 2024 we will NEVER SEE another Republican President or Republican controlled House or Senate ever again. This means that two out of three branches of government will be controlled by the most corrupt and power hungry party in the history of this country, and those are the two branches that pick the members of the third…


The embarrassing rebellion at the Texas border! The approval and support of numerous States!! Numerous failed attempts to remove the leading opposition from the race!!! Increase lawliness and choas in the streets!! States unable to keep control!!! The conditions growing to call marshall law, nation wide!!! Guess what, no election, and they won’t have to cheat!!! That’s why the demos are worried about 2024 election!!!


Frankly I think a fair election is an oxymoron. It is about who can deceive the population the most to get the most votes. Even if it was a judge of character I don’t think the population would be able to do that. Not because we are stupid, because how can one know someone they don’t know¿



Most people know what needs to be done, but don’t want to be the first to do it.
On another topic, as far as voting goes, ALL BALLOT DROP BOXES need to be monitored, video and still pictures taken and compared between all monitors to keep those actors dumping hundreds of ballots off at a time from doing so. And after the deadline, ALL traffic into the counting areas must be stopped by any available means and methods.
Brothers and sisters, there is an actual war going on and it is past time to get in the fight. If we allow this crap to continue, where are we going to go, what are we to tell our children and grandchildren when they ask us why, when we had the chance to do something /anything to keep being able to live in a country they could take pride in, we sat on our hands and did nothing.