Doom Dominates 2024 Campaign Messaging

I read this story this morning. The 2024 campaign is shaping up to be a battle between two octogenarians each telling us that the world is doomed if the other old guy is elected. Maybe the winner will live long enough to serve out a full term.

When I suffered a lapse in personal judgement some years ago and ran for office, a campaign advisor told me that about 1/3d of my votes will come from those who are voting AGAINST my opponent, and about 1/3d of my opponent’s votes will come from those who are voting against me. This election seems to have amplified the role of negative voters who are not voting for someone, but voting against someone.

Doom dominates 2024 messaging as Trump and Biden trade dire warnings - The Washington Post


Unfortunately these days I end up voting for candidate who is not my favorite, but sometimes we must choose lesser evil.



Ain’t that the truth.


@Jerzees If Trump wins 2024,then that means he had always been the lesser evil all along, and he is going to have to refix this country to Make America Great Again! :thinking:


I believe that Trump will win the election in 2024, but the price will likely be a loss of our republic as the 2nd Trump administration will be focused on retribution and punishing his perceived political opponents, to include the DOJ, the FBI, former advisors (e.g., Mark Milley, Bill Barr) and the judiciary replacing it with pro-Trump political hacks rather than competent people.

Nothing will change as far as the border, the do-nothing Congress, the federal government printing money to fund social programs and military adventurism, or the permanent Mandarin-class bureaucracy. Trump did not drain the swamp or build a wall in his first administration, why would he do so in his 2nd term. The Trump administration will likely be focused on keeping Trump in office 'til he dies, and not on making substantive changes in things that benefits ordinary Americans.

I believe that federal gun control efforts will not be affected by a Trump presidency. He did not rein in the ATF or loosen any gun controls when he was President the first time, why would he do different in his second administration when he doesn’t need gun community votes to retain power?


That is what I’m afraid of… He won’t refix the Country and won’t make America Great Again.
I never liked politics and have no big knowledge how the people become presidential candidates… so that might be the reason I don’t understand why Republicans cannot have other candidate.

I’m using simple logic in my life and it never let me down.
So if Trump is hated by half of the Country and non popular in half of his voters… how is he going to fix this Country and make it great again? Wouldn’t it be better strategy to have smart Republican with fresh, new vision, who will be supported by more than 1/4 of voters?

Eh… enough for this year .

Happy New Year guys!

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@Jerzees As the running Republicans, which fresh , visionary candidate would fit the bill. :thinking: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Nick Freitas :us:



Most long time Republicans don’t understand that either. The Republican party I knew is dead, replaced by the party of Trump.


or between dumb and dumber!


Hey guys… Thank you for all your kindness. I thought I would open Pandora’s box with my post… but it turned that I’m not alone with my thoughts. :grimacing:

Let’s celebrate this New and hopefully better Year !

In God We Trust


A revolution will be named after you. :grinning:


January 6th? Be ready my fellow comrades. :farmer:

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A “revolution” more like this, I suspect.

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This looks more like a peaceful protest… :grimacing: :confused: :smiley:


Unfortunately the anyone under 65 vote still leaves Kamala Harris and a whole bunch of other corrupt and incompetent candidates eligible for the ballot:(

Looks like the Republicans and Democrats will be forcing me to vote for some other Independent or 3rd party candidate again. It’s been quite awhile since I was able to hold my nose long enough to choose between the lesser of two evils candidates the Republicans and Democrats keep putting on the ballot.


Reading the replies here, I’m starting to think Colorado might be on to something with striking Trump from the ballot!

It forces votes to someone other than the republican Candidate, thus encouraging votes for other parties!

Like the democrat candidate!

Or maybe the communist party, you pinko!

How about the nationalist party!? Nothing ever went wrong there!

And none of it matters anyway,… because in the end, 10 career politicians get to decide what is best for me regardless of what I say.

5.7 million of us, and our fate is decided by 10.


I’m no fan of Trump but throwing him off the ballot for a crime he has not been convicted of sets a very dangerous precedent. Also, throwing him off the ballot in States where he is very unlikely to win anyways just makes it more likely that he gets more votes in the States where he is on the ballot. This is a move that will make sure that everyone but Trump looses.


So it’s a ploy for more votes in borderline states?

I doubt that.

But hey, we will see soon enough!

My vote is for a giant space rock, or maybe the Yellowstone caldera erupting.