Trump 2024 Re-election Fund

Just for fun, I was thinking of starting a 2024 campaign fun for Trump.

If Biden wins, Trump could run in 2024 and I want to see heads explode as they think he would run again.

If Trump wins in a few weeks, then I will be able to watch even more heads explode as they figure he would actually try for a third term, which he would never do.

I won’t collect any money or give a place to send a check, I would just put out there that we are starting a Trump for President 2024 campaign fund. Many folks will believe that and the ones that have TDS will have their heads explode as they absorb this information. Wouldn’t this be a fun project to watch?


How much do you need to get started? I’m looking to explode 100,000 every hour a ballot doesn’t get counted till after Nov 3rd 2020 and another 100,000 for every $1,000. they received from China in the past 47 years? That should cover the entire campaign :money_mouth_face:

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I’m in! I have been posting Trump 2024, Trump 2028, Trump 2032. I figure we can go thru Don Jr. Eric and Ivanka. taking turns. :us:


A Harris/Biden win might just be the last election in this republic. Just sayin.


We will have to make sure that doesn’t happen. :us:


Hell yeah!:+1::us::us::us::us:


If President Trump does not get re elected next month, I wouldn’t count on any other elections being held ever again. They don’t vote in Socialist regimes, once the dictator assumes power, there’s only one way to bring him or her down…, if we let the dictator in, in the first place, we got what we deserved! Furthermore since they are going to executively ban all our guns in the first hour, I’m buying this!

No magazines, no scary looking parts and fortunately they DON’T qualify as a firearm!


I remember when Reagan floated the idea of getting rid of the 22 amendment. :grinning: And “operation chaos” a while back… I say Trump 2024! :wink:


I have been wearing a Re-Elect Trump 2024 “AMEND THE CONSTITUTION” button on my ball caps for the past 2 years. You should hear some of the comments.


Good, bad or both?

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I have not received a negative comment on the Button’s or the ball caps that I have worn every day and every where that I have been for at least the last 2 years. I have ordered and given out around 100 TRUMP Ball Caps in the past 2 years.


Great to hear, sir👍 Keep up the good work🇺🇸

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I said this 4 yrs ago, donald drumpf* would be president again…president of ukraine!..if he manages to flee America that is.

*President Donald Trump’s ancestor’s name was Drumpf/Trumpf. His name has always been Donald Trump, he did not change his name. ~Dawn

@Ben_Blanc… How have you been… I was almost beginning to miss the ‘spirited’ provocations…

In your scenario the United States becomes a colony of the CCP… I hope you’ve done your research on how they treat minorities (of all types - race, color, or religion)

Bet you weren’t planning on becoming a biological transport and storage mechanism for a CCP party leaders new kidneys… were you?

Stay well


I haven’t laid down any scenario pertaining to America, this is a false narrative…it’s just my opinion on what will happen with donald.

I haven’t peddled ANY politics.

I understand many of us have different views, why are you so upset though?

I see plenty criticism about the opposing candidate, even flat out disrespectful name calling, yet i do not let it upset me, or feel the need to lash out on them, granted i am not a Biden supporter, but still.

Again, it’s just my opinion of what will happen with donald.

Plan B

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Well played. Goodbye

My initial post has been flagged inappropriate…even though it is not, this is very concerning. I understand we have different opinions but please keep in mind if it can happen to some of us, then it could happen to us all. What happened to our right to agree to disagree?

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